Astrology for Business 1:1 Mentorship & Coaching


Astrology for Business 1:1 

In these transformational calls, you will receive and be guided to remember with more ease, clarity and confidence:


  • Your past-life pattern that needs to shift to embrace deeper self-trust, clarity and confidence on your path

  • Your soul purpose, gifts, aligned money channels and the healing keys to creating more joyous abundance in your life and business

  • Intuitive guidance on your 2-3 key questions (+ energetic support to help you shift, focus, ground your energy, raise your vibration)

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to my most common questions

  • Q: Are you currently offering 1:1 sessions?

    A: I am currently offering  a limited number of  1:1 Astrology for Business and Akashic Records sessions monthly for new and returning clients and focusing on serving the clients who are studying AND coaching with me on a longer-term basis.  

  • Q: How can I book   a 1:1 session with you?

    A: You can book a 3-session Astrology for Business intuitive coaching package in the link above while availability lasts

    (click "Buy Now").   


    If you are a new client, you can email my team at to inquire about any available individual sessions for new clients only.

  • Q: How are the  1:1 sessions conducted?

    A: All my Astrology for Business intuitive coaching sessions are conducted by phone or your computer web call.



  • Q: What is the best way to follow your work?

    A: You can follow me on Facebook and/or sign up for my weekly astro newsletter for the latest updates.

  • Q: Do you offer free discovery calls?

    A: No, I am not offering  discovery calls at this time due to a consistent stream of new and returning clients and client referrals.  The best way to get a sense of my work and whether we are a fit is friend me on Facebook and follow my astro updates and videos and sign up for my newsletter.  

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