Milada Sakic


Astrology for Business 1:1 

In these transformational calls, you will receive and be guided to remember with more ease, clarity and confidence:


  • Your past-life pattern that needs to shift to embrace deeper self-trust, clarity and confidence on your path

  • Your soul purpose, gifts, aligned money channels and the healing keys to creating more joyous abundance in your life and business

  • Intuitive guidance on your 2-3 key questions (+ energetic support to help you shift, focus, ground your energy, raise your vibration)

Astrology Courses 

  • Horary & Electional Astrology (Fundamentals)

Milada Sakic

"Milada is an excellent astrologer. She studied from Ron Bippus and carried on his teachings after his passing. She is an excellent astrologer and prominent through her activities in the CAAE. She is seemingly tireless and enthusiastic.


It has been a blessing to have worked with her. I recommend Milada Sakic without any hesitation or reserve.


She is knowledgeable, perceptive, inspired and efficient!"

Robin Armstrong

Professional Astrologer & President of RASA School of Astrology

"My experience with Milada Sakic was absolutely unique and unforgettable. Her deep knowledge and expertise in astrology along with her reading of Akashic Records shifted my beliefs and decision-making attitude

Milada's path is to help people to enjoy their life journey, to show the way of wisdom, to feel the pure spirit of soul creation and development of "who we are".
She is practicing a very contemporary way of teaching in our new age times – it's like a discovery."


Veronica Kvassetskaia

Visual artist -

"The rich storehouse of information I have accrued, thanks to Milada, has deepened and enriched my love of the Cosmos and our interconnectedness with it.


I have also gained the confidence I sought to apply horary techniques in my personal life and my professional practice.


Thank you so much, Milada"





Michelle Suzanne

Soul Centred Astrologer

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