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Life Decision Question (Horary Astrology) | CAD $247 per question
Do you need assistance in making a life decision such as purchasing a house/condo, moving, or accepting another job?

Horary provides you with a focused answer to a straightforward and clear personal question that you are emotionally and/or financially invested in.  The Universe is friendly and answers are available to us in every moment if we only knew how to receive them!

It is important to capture the best "horary moment" when the question first came up or when a situation or opportunity presented itself to you.  Alternatively, just email me whenever the question becomes most relevant to you.

Once I receive your inquiry via email, I will clarify the question with you and will provide you with a horary answer to help enlighten your decision-making process.
Astro Timing Project Launch (Electional Astrology) | CAD $347.00 per elected date
Are you starting a new project of long-term importance and significant emotional and financial investment?

Selecting a date and time that is harmoniously aligned with the nature of the project and your intent helps you achieve successful desired outcome, and accelerate and amplify its fulfillment and success potential. 

Electional astrology is invaluable when choosing the best timing to begin any new venture: from marriage to new business or website launches, buying or selling a house, signing a contract, completing a test, job interview, and much more!

Package of 3 elected dates: $741 when paid in full ($247 per elected date)

Monthly payment plan: 2 payments of $390

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