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Your Sweet Spot of Inner Equilibrium

Our inner work is never complete.  We are never done transforming and healing, because there is always a new level of expansion and growth.  Yet, without a practical application of integrated truths, and without sharing, the inner truth-seeking may just become an escape route and excuse for egoic self perpetuation.


Spirituality is meant to be about discovering the essential truths about Who We Really Really Are, and then applied/offered in greater service to ourselves and others.  The Universe also shares universally integrated truths for the benefit of our collective consciousness.  It doesn’t hog the universal wisdom.  The wisdom is available to all who choose to tune in.  For example, the ultimate invitation with any Taurus archetype activation is coming back to simple senses and naturalness of life (e.g. food, nature, human touch), security and stability, and tangible comfort.  (Check out my previous blog post for more information).


Whenever we have a Scorpio archetype activation (of November 3rd and in effect for the next 6 months), we find it becomes easier to dig for truth, however it also becomes way too easy to dig and distract ourselves from taking an inspired action.


Insight about our true feelings is great.  Realization about our core motives is important.  Awareness about choices we have been consciously or unconsciously making is crucial.  However, spiritual insight & awareness not followed up by an aligned + inspired action in the physical vicinity of our creative intentions and desires may have us descend into vacuum & void of continuous spiritual onion-layer-peeling.  We need to remember to come back to the surface every once in a while, take a breath, ascend and integrate the new-found truth in our day-to-day life.  And see our desires manifested, and our preferences clarifiedFollow through and take responsibility for the choices made.


What may act out in our life during this Taurus Full Moon (the week of November 17th) is an area of our life that is looking for more peace and comfort.  The area of your life that may feel hot or cold, almost as an overheated engine that just stopped working and is stubbornly not moving.  Or a cold mechanism that is fueled by an internal pressure cooker of energy, but not quite gets a healthy start.  It is also about giving voice to the unspoken, to whatever repressed emotion/need we may have been swallowing down rather than dealing with (due to the Full Moon’s alignment with the fixed star Algol – see previous post).


Before you have that tough conversation, I am going to invite you to check in with yourself to identify the Sweet Spot of Your Inner Equilibrium and remain in your conscious power, rather than act from a disempowered place of victim consciousness (“poor me”).  This may help break the cycle of dysfunctional relationships or “Dreaded Drama Triangles” (Persecutor/Rescuer/Victim):


1)    Point of Creative Source or Inner Flame – this is your point of inner source, inspiration and passion that drives you into action and creation.


Exactly where are you getting your energy from, do you know?

Where do you go to within to inspire & activate yourself out of lethargy and into aliveness?


When you find this point of your inner flame or fire, it feels like you are turned on by your own serendipitous life.  You feel content and satisfied daily.  You feel gratitude hourly.  You feel nurtured by daily miracles of life regularly – e.g. a smile of your loved one, a cup of warm tea, a day free of scheduled tasks. You feel healthy and well.  You feel whole.  Most importantly you feel empowered to take inspired action and live in alignment with your purpose and keep moving forward in the direction of your heart’s desires.


Frustrated inner passion will act out as anger or frustration on one side, or apathy/numbness on the other side of the spectrum.  We may feel we need to overpower, control, irritate or anger (others) in order to “get things moving” or to “get” energy from others (“No one is listening to me.  I am the only one who cares/gets it done properly around here!).  We feel hungry for “something” that will fill us up.  We look for external stimulation.   When really what we need is reconnecting with our own inner fuel, awakening our Point of Inner Passion. Right?  We can’t inspire others into change, unless WE have activated (=turned on + nurtured) ourselves from within. 


2)    Point of Balance or Equilibrium – your Point of Inner Equilibrium is where your Point of Passion intersects with Point of Integrity (desire to be whole on every level of your being).  It is about recognizing your limit and knowing your Sweet Spot in the vicinity of healthy boundaries.  When you find it, it will feel like you are surely aware of polarity of choices available to you, however you choose the intensity level that satisfies your mind + soul + body + all your senses in every moment…or most of the time.  You invest your energy wisely, and you partner with people who honour fair energy exchanges.  You claim your energetic space without apologizing and set healthy boundaries in your life around time, wellbeing, responsibilities, money, etc.


Frustrated inner balance may act out as all kinds of and versions of victimhood of overwhelm and exhaustion (“I am sick and tired!), busy-ness of perpetual doing disconnected from BEing or purpose (“I am completely exhausted and don’t even know what I am doing any more…and for whom…does anyone appreciate it?”), confusion or depression (“No matter what I do, can’t keep up.”), as well as susceptibility to accidents and dis-ease (“I hardly even ate today, just running around all day getting all this stuff done…for others.”).  We feel yearning for a painless escape route, but we keep ourselves busy with “things” that fill up our schedule.  Are we waiting to attract a crisis to make effective changes?


3)    Point of Integrity or Point of Inner Knowing – is the Point of Wholeness, where Wellbeing meets your Purpose, Truth & Wisdom (the Know-How) to get There.


When you find this point within, you feel anxious-less.  You feel in flow.  You feel that you know the exact next step to take on your path, as if continually guided by an unseen whisper, softly speaking in your ear just what you need to know next, without overwhelm, rhythmically and meaningfully.  Yet retaining enough surprise to keep you wondering and growing.  You will feel that you have resources to rely on, wisdom to depend on, even when your computer breaks down, electricity is out, and all your friends and trusted advisors are asleep.  Most importantly when you look within yourself – you very much like what you see!   When you look around yourself, you feel connected and in sync with your life and others who grace it with their presence.  You feel blessed.


When our Point of Integrity is out of synch with our soul, or we are out of touch with our Point of Inner Knowing, we feel lost and alone (“Does anyone really care?). We feel hungry for more and more direction and information (“I don’t know what I need to do.”)  We feel disconnected from our soul, our reality, our loved ones, and friends, as if we have been thrown on a deserted island and no one can hear our cries, no one can really understand us, help us. (“It’s too complicated.”). As if we cannot be helped, or as if we do not deserve to be supported (“I’ll figure it out on my own, I don’t want to bother you with my issues.”).  This of course is an illusion that serves us by pointing to a way out – that we need to reconnect with our Point of Integrity, with our Point of Inner Knowing, with our Inner Wisdom or Divine Guidance.   


May you embrace your passionate Inner Scorpion and your loving Inner Taurus, and somewhere at the intersection of Truth and Comfort, you find your inner peace, today.  And keep it.


Many brilliant blessings to you and yours!


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