TAURUS FULL MOON of October 27, 2015: Coming Back to Earth

Another supermoon coming up on October 27th!



 It will be exact at 3 Taurus 44′ at 8:05 am Eastern.



Can you feel it?






Are you feeling the urgency…



…to produce, economize, optimize, and preserve what is essential and vital?





We have an extraordinary surge of energy available to us in the next week, inspired also by the astro meetup in Virgo of Venus/Mars/Jupiter.



It is a very practical down-to-earth energy that needs to be brought into the physical in order to fully serve:


: into your body


: your garden


: your land


: your property


: your bank account.




Furthermore, Mars will be reaching and re-activating the exact degree of the Sep 13th Solar Eclipse (which occurred) = 20 Virgo.




This means we need to fully integrate and take action on…


….whatever learning is available through the frequency of this degree:




1) Our relationship with Earth, food, body, water, land, resources, and our impact on the nature (Taurus supermoon, Virgo meetup, Saturn/Neptune)




2) If climate change conversations and initiatives come up:



* can we really take the truth in and


* feel what changes we feel called to create in our life and


* or participate in?




3) If food production, state of agriculture, renewable energy, energy saving, preservation of trees, seeds, land, and green living, are topics and issues that



‘other people need to worry about and take action on’


for you


and on your behalf 










::  then we are still x steps away from reaching the evolutionary point where a critical shift occurs towards sustainability.



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4) If you are still grappling with strategies on how to balance out the most optimal expenditure of your own energy, this is your supermoon.




5) If you would like to learn how to ‘spend modestly’, this is your time to tune into.




6) If ‘re-purposing energy and resources’ is a concept foreign to you, then you really need to tune into the next few days to get more out of it, and so that the energy would not show up in weird ways in your life.




7) If you are simply feeling that you are reaching a culmination point in the next 3-4 days, and you need to make a healthy decision, you are in tune!




8) If you have fears around ‘what will happen if I lose control of this’, breathe deeply and relax more in the next week.




9) If enjoyment, sensuality, abundance, and fulfillment are not fully and consistently present in your body and your life, tune in…and within….to the blessed essence of this week’s cosmic inspiration.










Supermoons tends to pull a surge of energy and emotion. 


In Taurus, we are looking for a solid footing in our life, a financial foundation rooted in the day-to-day practicality (e.g. budgeting).



We may be also looking to make a critical decision around our net worth/self-worth or investments.



We are also seeing a culmination of our efforts seeded around October 13th.



We may be craving more peace and tranquility and more communion with nature, nature’s essences, trees, around this time.  And also simplicity.





Very importantly, Saturn and Neptune are now coming together in a dynamic aspect.


This may bring up phobias and fears to the surface for many and a feeling of inner structures dissolving to create space for the new.



Where do you need to create more structure in your life?


AND at the same time…


Where do you need to allow more flow?


Where do you need to allow the old patterns that no long represent your true essence to be dissolved?


Where do you need to allow the loosening of the rigid boundaries of attachment to the illusion of security?





If we are very rigid about how things “must be”, it will be more difficult to navigate the season of tremendous down-to-earth learning and practical spirituality.



Hope it is a deeply illuminating and fulfilling one for you :)




Milada Sakic

Transformational Teacher
Healer & Astrologer






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