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In the moontime...

THE RETROGRADE ZEN-EFFECT: Sacred Purpose Alignment with Mercury + Mars Retrograde in April-June 2016

The Scorpio Full Moon of the Retrograde Zen-Effect and Sacred Purpose Alignment has arrived on April 22nd, 2016, energetically exact at 1:21am EDT.


We have access here to the essential toolbox of “all things honest and true”:


about how we are feeling about our alignment 1) with our purpose and 2) our highest worth.



And further amplified, with several retrograde planets especially between now and late May (including Mercury and Mars), we are invited to choose and allow ever more congruence with our purpose…and purposefulness.


Most specifically, we are looking for congruence and coherence around how we be a contribution and how we add and exchange value with others (Mercury Rx in Taurus, April 28-May 22).



Then, how passionately and purposefully do we aim for our highest goals and align with our sacred speed and movement (Mars Rx in Sagittarius, April 17-June 29).




In the shamanic Scorpio realm of this Full Moon there are no taboos, there is no tomorrow (only now), nothing is forbidden or morbid if it’s part of life (including the fact that we all have to face mortality sooner or later, and Scorpio knows this really really well).


There is nothing dirty, shameful, dark about life, or about anything that is a part of our life experience, teaches Scorpio.


It just is, and most intensely so, whether we like it or not, including any and all parts of our human nature and the whole range of emotion and energies, including guilt, blame, shame, greed, jealousy, possessiveness, envy, power hunger, moodiness, gloominess…to moral ambiguity, uncertainty, misuse of power, etc.




In Scorpio is where we realize that vulnerability has a purpose too.


It creates a sacred space for a deeper intimacy with self. That is, with all aspects of self. Even with our woundedness.


This is where we face the naked truth of our feelings, and then dive down 3-5 layers deep until we reach the moment of pure presence. Where nothing else exists but what is most important to you right now.


Only the present moment.


Only the present alignment.


Only you and your awareness and the sensation of life going through you.


Only the energy you have/are right now.


This is how sacred (life) is.



All you have is now, says Scorpio.




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If you only had today, how would you spend it?  Got it?  Great!  Now, are you willing to take action from that precious awareness?


…while allowing some mystery to remain.


You don’t have to know it or solve it all today.  You don’t have to get all the answers today before you choose alignment.  Some gems of wisdom will remain to be revealed and integrated tomorrow.


The key here is to get honest about it today (e.g. bring some attention to what is no longer working or feels misaligned to you), but release the need to get it all figured out today.


Allow wonder and mystery of “what else is possible” and “what else is true” for you to guide you to your next experience.





Here are 9 inspired actions and questions to get real this Full Moon and Retrograde Season:    




  1. Sacred Trust


Sharing power with others requires trust.


Allowing in more of anything requires trust.


Alignment requires trusting…the particular energy or relationship we are looking to create alignment with.


And during this time we may realize that trust is a state of mind rather than a goal or an accomplishment, just like love, gratitude, happiness, and surrender are…a journey…while it is our choice whether to move forward or take a step back, for example.



It is a journey of taking aligned action and seeing the results manifested in our life.


And we don’t have to wait until we are level 10 trusting (and trustworthy) to get started.


What if the whole journey of life is designed around amping up our self-trust and other-trust?


What if that was the purpose of life?


And what if we’ve decided things about trust and loyalty that are completely misaligned with the divine definition of trust, surrender, purpose, and sacred awareness?




  1. Sacred Language



Add sacred, enlightened, or inspired to any action you would like to bring more congruence and alignment to in the next two weeks and allow new awareness that comes up around that, e.g. if you would like to start a new movement or exercise practice, instead of saying to yourself I need to exercise today, you may say:


I need to be(come) a sacred movement today.


Or even more effective:  I am becoming a sacred movement.


During Mercury Retrograde, we are invited to slow down, breathe more, and be more conscious and aware.



With five planets retrograde at the same time, we are going several levels deeper and truer, with an opportunity to get five times closer to our aligned purpose, to our essence.


Perhaps we may need to shift from “more of that” to “sacred here” and “inner peace now”, from “read fine print” and “be careful” to “practise sacred language” and “reassess what energies you would like to play with moving forward”.



Seeking more becomes reaching for the higher ground. (Mercury Rx in Taurus)


Higher ground becomes reaching for the highest path. (Mars Rx in Sagittarius)


Highest path becomes sacred purpose. (Saturn Rx in Sagittarius)


Sacred purpose becomes sacred mundane. (Jupiter Rx in Virgo)


Sacred mundane becomes sacred responsibility (Pluto Rx in Capricorn).



And come back a full circle to where the enlightened path of sacred responsibility (personal, social, corporate) brings us back to…


the path of practical application of the integrated wisdom.  This is where “true” enlightenment, we realize, has many different paths.


None better than the other.


Only what’s more effective for our soul’s growth in reference to how much love, light, wholeness, and freedom we have integrated last.  What serves our soul best on this evolutionary path of evolving together with many other dimensions co-existing with us at the same time.


And what can serve everyone connected to us at the same time.




Sacred simply becomes that which is in alignment with our highest joy, highest worth, and/or highest self in that moment.  Or whatever worth and excitement and self-awareness we have access to in that – yup, you got it – sacred moment.


And perhaps somehow, should we choose to, continue reaching for that:


Highest congruence.


Highest coherence.


Highest commitment.


Highest consistency.




  1. Sacred Purpose


What am I most congruent to right now?


What would I like to be most congruent to this month?



Again, get really honest about what comes up.


If you don’t like what comes up and start doubting it, choose to surrender to this awareness available to you right now and know that you can shift that today, right now, if you bring more awareness, love, and divine truth to it.




  1. Sacred Review


Pick one meaningful process in your life and business that you would like to bring more flow to in the next 30 days.  Be more mindful about things you are tolerating that are simply not working effectively any more.


Review.  Reassess.  Re-inquire.


Mars in Your Natal Chart

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  1. Sacred Affirmation


I choose to live in alignment with my purpose and that looks like this:


[insert 3 actions, emotions, experiences that describe you in action and emotion when you are your most purposeful self].




  1. Sacred Clarity


Journal your answers on the following:  On the scale of 1-100, how aligned do I feel to my sacred purpose right now?


If the number you hear or see if less than 100%, you will then ask next:  what is behind the remaining 25%, and be open to receive the answer in whatever way or shape it comes through:  word, image, sensation…

or numbness or nothingness, or anxiousness and doubt;


If doubt comes up, you will write down:


Behind the remaining 25% is self-doubt…


there is the next tidbit of truth to shift and align with what would feel like a more sacred, enlightened, liberating, loving truth to you.




  1. Sacred Energy


During Mars Retrograde between April 17-June 29, we have an opportunity to grow more in awareness and alignment with our energy resources.  It’s a renewable resource, but also can appear to be limited if we are not choosing wellbeing first.


All energy is sacred, however the frequencies we choose to partner with, how we become it and manage it, is our choice.  Think Dalai Lama; or a Kung-Fu master; or a Tai Chi, Reiki practitioner;  or an Energy Healer who works and lives in the awareness and union with the universal energy that created everything and flows through everything.


Think YOU, when you are choosing to be mindful of the energies that surround you, how to work with it, and how to be in the awareness of its aliveness and fluidity.



Cause if you don’t have your energy and your wellbeing, what else is there?




  1. Sacred Simplicity


Ask “back to basics” questions during this time:  If I had to do just one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?  In order to align with my highest excitement, I feel it would be about…


Or, if could delegate one thing today and for the rest of the year, it would be this…



Or think YOU, when you are being more mindful of how you are putting your energy out, where you are investing it, and how you are in continuous balance-dance with it.




Astrology Constellation

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  1. Sacred Action



Anything can be sacred action when you add conscious awareness, illumination, excitement, inspiration, life, and divine truth to it (or in the absence of believing that we have a direct access to our divine truth, we simply add more human truth to it, it works beautifully too, until we start seeking more love, ease, grace and how to release resistance to joy).


And sometimes we need to slow down to accomplish that.



And sometimes we need to speed up to accomplish that (mindfully and holistically).



There is no perfect formula for what will be more sacred and aligned for you, only what feels more in alignment to your wellbeing, your practice, your business, your community, today.


Because everything is in a constant evolution, including your truth, including your purpose.


Compare these two answers:



  • What sacred action do I need to partner with in the next 14 days?


And if any resistance or lack of clarity is coming up around the first question, then go into:


  • What sacred action would I love to be able to take in the next two weeks? (before the May 6th Taurus New Moon)



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