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Aries New Moon - Milada Sakic

ARIES NEW MOON (March 27, 2017) + MEGA RETROGRADE SEASON of April 2017

Happy Aries New Moon!



Have you heard the latest and greatest from the cosmic realm?



The new moon is coming up on March 27th at 10:57 pm EDT.



Yay!  It will be an empowering and energizing moon.



In addition, we have a rare mega retrograde season coming up in April, which will be supporting a review, reorg, and restructuring of the systems that no longer support our long-term growth in a sustainable way.



In yesterday’s Facebook Live video message, I shared how you can re-energize and re-align with this New Moon and create meaningful and sustainable success in your life and business.



Here is what I talked about in the Aries New Moon video:



+ energetic alignment tips to help you navigate this highly-energizing New Moon in Aries without projecting blame, giving up, or overeaching yourself (e.g. making promises and commitments you can’t keep)



+ what the mega retrogrograde season ahead is asking of us to embrace in the next 30 days, such as face the gravity of our circumstances and take personal responsibility for what we are creating in our life



+ the Saturn/Galactic Centre alignment of March-May and why you should care, especially if you are a spiritual leader looking to amplify your reach in the next 90 days 



+ why we need to get to the bottom of things in April to create a solid support system, build our credibility, and lean into our discomforts so they don’t become distractions that turn into energy, time, and resource leaks





Enjoy and brave New Moon blessings to you and yours :)






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