Mars in Libra

MARS in LIBRA: November 12, 2015-Jan 2, 2016 – The Diplomat, The Strategist, The Summit Convener

Just as the world leaders are coming together in a series of summits this and last month, their efforts are powerfully supported by the current cosmic climate (including the now exact Saturn/Neptune square activating a control/loss of control dilemma of choices over the most pressing world issues).




Who can you come together with in the next 30 days to reconvene and collaborate?




Mars rules our will, stamina, courage, action, and how we express our assertiveness…and energy in its most raw form.




Mars in Aries would be ready to take on conflict and sprint forward without waiting for others to catch up, however in Libra it is encouraged to cultivate more graceful manners, with a whole lot more diplomacy and strategy to creating alliances gathered around a common goal.





Mars in Libra



Launching overly assertive or aggressive campaigns during Mars in Libra is more likely to get one kicked out of the sandbox and sent to “the anger and manner management bootcamp”. It’s as if the collective soul and collective consciousness is more in tune with the art of teamwork and getting along.



Although, we can also see that the pressure to come to an agreement and compromise will likely come to a head between now and December 12th during the intense Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square of tremendous power to bring about a deep-reaching transformation and change.






Can we expect some overreactions during this time?






It helps though that Mars is in a strategic Libra during this, sometimes difficult to manage, transit.




How we manage our own power and our own energy in December will be a critical contribution to our and the lives of those we are connected to.





Nonetheless, it is easier to compromise during this time when working together to put aside our differences and reach a common goal, and with these very potent alignments in the next few weeks.



Shall we dare hope to co-create a historic palpable shift in our consciousness?





Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer






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