June 2014: What in the Heavens is Going On?

“Managing our life is about managing our time & energy daily. Your life is shaping up as a direct result of this, including all relationships and outcomes.”~Milada Sakic


Just when we thought we were finally ready to go full steam ahead by late May, we may be nudged to slow down again in early June.  What in the heavens is going on?


Well, Mars (the Braveheart) has been back direct since May 19/20th, which should have helped with getting a major move-forward project off the ground.  However, Mercury (the Head of Information Transfer) is ready to start another 3-week retrograde journey through early Cancer and Gemini.  This means that slow-downs, technical & information glitches, cleanups of re-evaluating, re-organizing and repetition, will be IN once again between June 7th and July 1st.


Wow, the Universe must be getting us ready for something really big ahead in the second half of 2014!!!  Are YOU preparing or contemplating a major personal or professional transition?  That explains it!!!


Cancer’s shadow is about running to safety of mother-like familiarity and invisibility, which usually equals to unflustered day-to-day predictability.  Cancer is about those self-defence mechanisms we put in place to feel secure.  This unfortunately, when taken too seriously or to the extreme, may turn into boredom rituals of emotional numbness.


How do we move out of that shell, you ask?  Well, we walk into the territory of the Gemini archetype – of curiosity and new experiences.  We remain in motion (forward).  We don’t try to sort things out but retain a sense of childlike wonder.  We just notice, observe, perhaps inquire to better understand, and allow our mind to grow from the new experiences.  However, on the other hand the Gemini’s shadow may tempt us too into creating…emotional & mental overextension.  Too much to see and take in creates information overload + overstimulated mind.  What a perfect “excuse” not to take action!!!


On the other hand, this Mercury Retrograde may be eagerly revealing to us those misunderstandings and misalignments in the area of life where we may be attached but not invested enough?


[box type=”download”] The key here is: We need to keep activating and investing WHILE we are waiting!!! [/box]


Here is what happens.  When we are truly invested, we are willing and committed to do the work necessary to produce desired results on one hand, and prepared to forgive and let go on the other. When we are attached however, we are “in waiting” of a specific outcome. Sometimes this actually translates into not be willing to do the work necessary to produce the result.  And often times unfortunately not willing to release or let go of that which is no longer vibrant.  Because our ego says, if we are attached enough to a specific outcome, we WILL eventually manifest it.  Right?  Wrong!!!


This is because, while attached, we may prefer waiting for the perfect timing or perfect opportunity that matches our imagination.  However, this often leaves us static, stuck, or “in waiting”.  Imagination is not pointing to the exact outcome, but a possible or a probable one, just as a buffet of choices available on our lunch menu offers tasty options to be chosen from.


The key here is:  We need to keep activating and investing WHILE we are waiting!!! By taking a ritualistic, inspired, and which may appear imperfect to our ego’s safety-oriented judgement – ACTION.

Otherwise, we may be waiting for an eternity.


Are you invested enough in realizing your full potential?


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Hope to see you soon!



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