How will you know if learning how to access the Akashic Records is meant for you?

There are 3 more spots left for my Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification – LEVEL 1 course coming up next weekend on September 28th and 29th

How will you know if the course is meant for you?  If you are looking to achieve your highest potential in this lifetime, in the most harmonious, joyous and abundant way + seeking to access your inner wisdom effectively & consistently for both healing and divine guidance + receive support and fulfillment beyond imaginable.

Healing & growth opportunities are limitless in your Records, whether you are looking to learn the method for your own self-healing (Level 1) or facilitate the deepest level of healing and awareness for others in their Records  (Level 2 & 3) and teach the method (Level 4).

Email me at if this resonates.  I am so very excited for those of YOU who feel guided to receive this level of information at this point in your life!!! It has been a miracle-rich and life-changing experience for me that continues beyond anything I ever imagined was possible for me just few short years ago and I so wish this level of fulfillment for YOU too!!!  But this of course depends on YOU, your personal choice and whether you give yourself the permission to embrace your most exalted path.

Many brilliant blessings to you,


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