How To Set Yourself Free

I am hearing from MANY of you this week about truths and pains that were activated (for release) in your life in the past couple of weeks. Some truths & questions spoken and many unspoken, especially since the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of October 18th. It was a powerful one!!! Coupled with Mercury Retrograde + the upcoming Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse of November 3rd it is reminding us to slow down and remember the truth of Who We Are and Who We Are Meant To Become. To speak our truth and most importantly to BE our truth.

What does that mean? If inner and outer realities are escalating and we feel pulled to point our finger at the outer trigger as the cause of our difficulty, instead thank the outer trigger for bringing this truth to your awareness about THAT which needs to be released within. THAT which is holding you captive inside. Where? Exactly in the area of your body feeling the tightness + heaviness + unease.

Step 1: Simply ask to be set FREE in that very moment of unease by breathing love + forgiveness in this area of your body. Ask to be set free.

Step 2: Remember to bless it. In gratitude. Bless THAT and THAT and THIS. Everything in your life that is brought to your awareness by ease, grace OR unease. And people that bring that awareness to you.

Step 3: THEN speak your truth.

Result? Freedom from unease. Also known as Awakening. It is time.

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2 thoughts on “How To Set Yourself Free

  1. Amazing how we find exactly what we need at the right time. Your words hit home like no other because I’ve been pointing my finger at the outer trigger (subconsciously) for so long even though I thought I was past it. Thank you for the reminder of what I need to release.

    1. Glad this post resonated, Vesi! When we grow in awareness and release whatever is holding us back inside, it is amazing how triggers that are outside of us have lesser and lesser power over us. Of course, there is always a new level of growth, and as we raise our frequency, the triggers become more and more subtle on one hand and actually more powerful on the other due to the Law of Polarity in action, yet they are always a direct reflection of our inner state of emotional freedom + integrity + alignment to our purpose. Thank you for your comment!

      Many blessings to you,

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