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Happy Taurus FULL MOON of November 17th!!!

Happy Taurus FULL MOON of November 17th!

This Full Moon is aligned with an intense + very powerful fixed star, Algol ~ 26º Taurus.  Algol’s offerings are often feared when misunderstood, because its energy is often feared to be mishandled by human beings.  Why is that?  Well, it may be because, as human beings, we are still learning how to properly harness the Creative Source energy, the inner power of our soul, and how to best direct it, when coupled with (different levels of) purity of our purpose + intention.

Even if we were not born with Algol conjunct or opposite a personal planet or angle in our natal chart, we can learn from these universal activations, and from those who were born with access to this powerful archetype:  where we must face what we most fear in our human nature.

We often find Algol highlighted in the charts of people who are powerful energy movers & manifestors.  I also find that these people often have very charismatic voice, a powerful message to share, and/or who in their work (and life) are likely to serve by having to have tough conversations or exchanges with others (those tough or painful conversations that everyone else would rather avoid, e.g. about societal “taboos”, or taboos and extremes of human nature).  Their message and their truth however does need to come from the highest place of integrity = seat of their soul, rather than their ego, so that the powerful creative force behind it is properly directed, understood, and more easily collaborated with.  They also need to communicate in a timely manner, to inform others around them about their plans, before they simply start “moving” energy and pulling/pushing/resisting and controlling people & situations.  Rather than wait for the pent-up energy to amplify and act out.  This is also to avoid the opposite of what we want being set into motion by the sheer intensity of our emotional power capable of pulling people and resources in “our” direction.

Therefore, the motivation behind setting this powerful energy into motion needs to come from the place of emotional honesty and needs to be channeled into a purposeful, meaningful and productive direction.  Meeting our inner ogre is a necessary path to emotional rebirth, in order to create an alignment between our feelings and our actions. Otherwise, our inner ogre will act out at times unforeseen (often in self-destructive ways) to pull down whatever is not in alignment.  WHEREver it is that we are not honest enough about our motivations and/or not taking responsibility for our emotions & our behaviour.  For both our truth AND the illusions we bought into, that are no longer supporting our new reality.

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse of November 3rd activated a collective desire to explore many (read: multiple) layers of truth.  We all had access to this energy model.  Depending on where in your birth chart that 11º Scorpio falls, it will have highlighted the particular area of your life yearning for a deeper level of emotional honesty.  And no, this is not just about a perceived verbalized directness of “Let me be honest with you and tell you what has been on my mind that’s been bothering me”.  That would be way too easy for the axis of truth-seeking in the realm of Taurus/Scorpio playground.  This is about digging one or preferably two layers deeper than you have been allowing yourself prior to November 2013.  It is about extracting any negative emotion, both destructive and self-destructive, toxic or no longer useful, that has been emotionally keeping you imprisoned – such as guilt, shame, greed or jealousy, and allowing it to be “seen” by your conscious mind.  Not with judgment, but with a sufficient dose of compassion and unconditional love.

Now, two weeks later, whatever layer of truth you have managed to unearth in the past few weeks, you may be wondering if the time is now to have that tough conversation.  About money & personal vs. shared resources.  About inner and outer peace.  About what really matters to you right now.  About what you value and need.  About what is essential.  For survival of your soul.  That which is primal and fundamental.  That which comes first.  ONLY THEN CAN your ego take an appropriate shape necessary to protect your existential truth and safety helmet (your Soul).  Rather than shaping your soul to fit your ego.  That would certainly be impossible.  It would not be a fit.  It would not be workable.  Remember that your Soul came into being first.  Then came your ego + the 3D reality.

Ready to have that tough conversation you know you need to have soonest, with your boss, your client, your friend, your sibling, your loved one, or Self?  Watch for my next blog post coming up by tomorrow.

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