Finding Your Inner & Outer Collaborator (read: Partner): LUNAR ECLIPSE LIBRA FULL MOON of April 4th, 2015

“Without commitment, life is nothing but a long wait.” ~ Steven Forrest (The Inner Sky – Libra The Scales)


As of April 4th, we are invited to work with the energies of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra (14° Libra 24’) which was exact at 8:06am Eastern Time.



To quote one of my all-time favorite astrologers, Steven Forrest:

“Libra represents the capacity of the mind to gain conscious control over the nervous system.  The Scales symbolize that part of ourselves that is bothered by nothing, offended by nothing, shocked by nothing.  It has signed a perpetual peace treaty with chaos. (…)  And that tranquility must be achieved through the action of the will on the structure of consciousness.  Numbness and inattention do not count.”


How?  Libra must learn to recognize the early symptoms of emotional imbalance.”


The Full Moon is also aligned with the Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-Square.  This means that our path to finding the inner and outer equilibrium will likely require a dilemma to be resolved.


Dilemma between closeness and distance, involvement and detachment? Very likely.


Dilemma between “how to have my needs for interaction met” vs. “satisfy my need for freedom”?  Perhaps.


Independence vs. co-dependence?  All that and more.


Either way, we are invited to find our inner collaborator this month.


[box type=”download”] “Without commitment, life is nothing but a long wait.”[/box]


To master collaboration in a way that does not compromise our freedom to act independently.


Yes to more commitment!


No to co-dependence without equal contribution.


I know, we have not been necessarily taught how to effectively release the all-or-nothing energy when it comes to our relationships, yet to still choose decisively, without showing up wishy-washy and non-committal.  Because who is served with that?  No one!


“We cannot keep our options open forever.  But Libra may try, and in that attempt it meets its shadow”. ~Steven Forrest


So how do you decide what you say yes to this month?


[box] “We cannot keep our options open forever. But Libra may try, and in that attempt it meets its shadow”.[/box]


Here are 12 powerful ways to work in alignment with the Full Moon in Libra energy this month:


  1. Journal:  How will my life/biz look like when I embody more emotional balance?
  2. Start:  A calming and centering mind-body practice
  3. Say yes to:  A relationship or a collaboration proposal that honours your unique individuality
  4. Say yes to:  A strategic connection that is perhaps different than what you’ve done in the past, but allows you and the other party a liberated expression of your unique essences.
  5. Release:  I don’t have enough balance in my life.
  6. Release:  I don’t know how to calm down when (or find peace when)…
  7. Release:  I just can’t commit to making a decision related to…
  8. Release:  I release all distracting options that I am meant to look at later (e.g. 3 steps down the road). 
  9. Embrace:  I joyously embrace the option most obvious to me that is a doable stretch (e.g. movement forward from my current comfort zone).
  10. Embrace:  I have every faith that my inner peace always leads me in the direction of my highest good.
  11. Affirm:  I am a joyous embodiment of equilibrium. I am equilibrium.  Equilibrium is me.
  12. And breathe this in:  Love, grace and forgiveness.  And with that:  self-love, self-grace, and self-forgiveness.  And I release all that is preventing me to breathe in more self-love.


How am I personally embodying my inner collaborator this month in the most harmonious way? I am working with the energy of the Full Moon by choosing to partner with several amazing people this month!

I will share with you more very soon :)


And what action are YOU taking to find your inner collaborator and inner equilibrium this month?


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To your wellbeing,



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