New Moon in Aquarius

February 8th AQUARIUS NEW MOON: 99 Ways to Be Different (or 99 Ways to Be You)

This is one of the most highly-activating lunations in a while!





Vibrationally speaking, it will be exact on February 8th at 9:39am EST, at 19 Aqu 15’, though we will feel its effects for the next few days.




Why should you care?


Well, if you’ve been looking to get into a wise action mode, while exercising your own path of individuality, you will appreciate this New Moon’s non-conventional wisdom.




The Aquarius New Moon of Inner Freedom propels us into action by a dynamic square from Mars, the activator, the mover, the energy bringer.




In Aquarius, we are the hungry-for-knowledge-ingenious- abstract-thinkers.


We are the reformers of new ways and new methods, and innovators of the uncharted territories of science, technology, human freedoms, and equalities.  In addition however, this New Moon brings a gift of inspired action and not just abstract theory.




It’s certainly a New Moon of wise truth seers and truth seekers.



This is also a powerful New Moon to gain awareness about how to release a need for applause, approval, and acclamation.


In Leo, we need applause to self-affirm our self-expression.



In Aquarius, we are free of a need to perform, entertain, and be liked/loved/admired in a place of the ultimate individualistic freedom.



Aquarius needs no applause, though it does have an essential need too – for truth, for the ultimate truth regardless of the consequences.


Yup, we are talking a radical non-conformity here.


New Moon in Aquarius





This is why people with strong Aquarius are often perceived as strange, crazy, or a bit out there.


Or closer to Truth than others (who subscribe to the average) are willing to admit?


This is a 9 Universal Year of Infinite Reach, so each month we ideally need to take enlightened action to support that.



Each month’s goal needs to be in service of your big goal this year.




Here are 9 go-getting ways to align with the energies of this powerful highly-activating New Moon:





 1) Start a group (or a movement) and/or join a group


Start a new group (Think Tank, Mastermind, Facebook community, Meetup group, networking group, sisterhood), or reengage in your existing groups in a new way.  Aquarius is about doing things in a different way, in a way that we have not been conditioned to, until this month.  It’s a new condition, or rather a new decision.


It’s about trailblazing a new path, for yourself and for others.


Or awakening new awareness around the existing pathways.


So create new conditions.


Create a new belief around what is possible for you this month.


Move forward with what makes you feel alive.  Even things that frustrate and anger you can serve you this month, if you choose an enlightened filter. (Hello, New Moon square Mars)


Remember that Aquarius energy is not about belonging, as it is about serving a higher ground.


If none of the groups out there resonate, then create one.  Highly-conscious leaders, community and group builders have always served the planet in a big way, in particular right now, and this doesn’t mean that you need to be of the group to be in the group.  You do need to embody, however, a huge desire to serve a purpose for the highest good of all concerned – including you!


Don’t confuse belonging, safety, and nesting instincts of tribal consciousness with advancing group consciousness (of affiliation and common purpose) and towards a higher ground of innovation, authenticity, freedom, and equality.



In Aquarius, the journey has never been about belonging (no, that would be a different classroom).


The idea here is how NOT to belong and still fulfill your purpose in the world.  Even more so.  It is to be in the world, but not of the world.


In Cancer, we seek our familial hominess and safety of our nest.


In Aquarius, we are connecting the dots of our unique quirks that make us sooo un-like our family.


We are also creating a very unique sauce of unfamiliar freedom-new age-and-equality-based affiliations.


We are making friendships with those who are not convenient friends, because they are likely the most quirky independent non-conventional thinkers out there. As a result, they are most likely to be on the leading edge of new schools of thought.


Aquarius is most of all about freedom to be you.






2) Start a body movement practice


Have you been feeling an urge to reactivate your exercising or movement routine this month?


Whatever feels like movement and progress to you:  is it dance, is it a stretching routine, regular exercise, or something new you create on your own?


This type of very uniquely wired energy does not strive on perfectionism and getting all conditions just right.


It favors starting now, for a different tomorrow.  It prefers less fuss and perfectionism, and embracing inspired action that feels like a movement forward.


If we don’t channel it in a form of a movement, creativity, or enlightened action, it may show up in our life in other weird ways.  This is why it is important to work with the energy proactively, rather than reactively.






 3)  Start any “NEW” practice



What would be *new* and fresh to you?


With Venus/Jupiter trine {of optimism and confidence in love} in earth signs of that which is physical and touchable, and Mercury in Capricorn, we are practicing our muscles for creating tangible results.


Start something that helps you feel uniquely in your authentic power.  Like a new you is being born or awakened.



Like I am going to finally do “this” differently.





4)  Design an abundance ritual 



This could be anything you choose to remind you that the infinite well of the Universe providing abundantly, never ever dries out.


This could be anything that reminds you daily that the Universe is an abundant place and it’s got your back.



For me, I love asking questions and receiving answers daily, instantaneously.  For example, journaling or using colored cue cards to write down my daily intentions and expansive questions that I tune in to stay in the flow.




I love asking/downloading guidance as a daily abundance ritual so much, because I have found that it truly is a divine well that never ever dries out.



I feel creative, expansive, light, energized and so excited to ask every time that I am always open to receive…and integrate what comes through.


Whether I am living 100 yards from the front line, in the middle of a war zone (1992-1995 back home in Bosnia), looking for a business advice in 2014-2016, or whether I am writing my next blog now, the continuous stream of infinitely wise consciousness is always with me.


Just as it is always available to you.

 Infinite I AM




Or using Peppermint oil in my morning lemon/honey water.  This simple habit helps me to feel abundantly vibrant and energized in the morning. By using only one drop of Peppermint essential oil every morning I am reminded that the well will never dry out.  (Each bottle contains 250 drops, plus I usually have a couple of bonus bottles in my sacred e/o inventory, just because :))


What daily abundance practice can you implement this month?


Even if it feels different, crazy out there, but most importantly uniquely and/or rebelliously yours?





5) Start or a participate in a challenge



Whether it’s 28 days to dance or 30 days to love or 7 days to be… something that enlivens you – this is the month to do it!


To challenge yourself and activate you desire and intention to move forward with your goals and plans.


Is there a part of your life that does not feel active or vibrant enough?


Invest some energy in re-energizing it and see it expand!



It is a natural law.  Expansion follows where intention flows.





6)  Breath in ease and grace


And funny and weird.


And breathe out doubt.


Wherever you are looking for someone else’s stamp of approval, a permission slip, or an authorization to go ahead with what you already know you need to do, let that go today!


Affirm:  I release any personality projections and other people’s expectations that no longer reflect my own values, my authenticity, and my true freedom within.



Draw one step closer to Truth, release another layer of conformity, of trying to be like.  Now.





Breathe in love.Breathe out Breathe in balance.Breathe out blame.Breathe in lightness.Breathe out judgement. (4)









 7)  Journal these three questions…and put it into action!



What needs to change?






What would feel sooo liberating to call in right now?






What is so meaningful for me to activate this month, even if it’s perceived crazy, weird, so out there, or out of the norm, by others? 



What is the norm anyway?  Remember it’s always just a perception projected through someone else’s inner filter, reflecting their relationship with love, but not a divine truth!  Someone else’s filter and not-whole perception of you is not your divine truth.


Your divine truth only you have access to.



Tune in, receive, align, be it, do that, today.






8)  Do something out of your ordinary


What will you do differently moving forward?


It is a great time to do something out of the ordinary routine (that will challenge your own thinking, habits, beliefs, or have people say:  wait, what?)


 Affirm your quirkiness and unique voice to the world – and own it – without a need to please those around you!


Aquarius is a sign that has a paradox (of the most objective detached perspective) built in.  It’s one of the human signs of the zodiac, yet those with strong Aquarius soul signature may on occasion feel the least human.  And, here is another paradox:  while at the same time having an instinctual sense for – what is the most humane (thing to do) in any situation.  (Even at the expense of not-belonging).


In Aquarius, we are drawn to express our individualistic nature, to think in ways we have not been taught.  To feel in ways we have not been conditioned to feel.  And to continually re-invent ourselves intellectually and emotionally.


In Cancer, we seek safety and acceptance.



In Libra, harmony and compromise.



In Aquarius, we seek none of that, but whatever it takes to find and express our truth regardless of the consequences for speaking out, for calling it as it is.  Aquarian souls (with any personal planet or rising sign in this humanitarian sign) are shaping communities and movements out there, likely spirit-heading many of them, yet they may be forever not drawn to be tied to any of them.  Doing their own thing altogether.


The Moon in Aquarius is another way of saying:

I am an individualist, the independent, emotionally free one.

 Anonymous woman by the sea with hoops







Aquarius’ role is to ensure that conformity is never the answer to our next step in evolution. 



Conformity to expectations.  Conformity to established patterns of behaviour.  Conformity to the charted paths of thinking based on our cultural programming.  Parental programming.  Conformity to safety.  Conformity to “let’s just do it because it will make things easier this time”.


This is where we challenge ANY indoctrination that no longer serves the highest good of all.


But we’ve done it like this for the last 2000 years– So what?


But this is the way it’s supposed to be…  – Says who?


But it says in the xyz book this is the formula for the best result.



Really?  And does it make sense to YOU?  What say YOU? What does YOUR truth tell you?






9)  Adopt a liberating belief (of your Inner Genius)


How would it feel to free yourself from ONE limitation and/or inhibition this month?


To stand firm in your uncompromising and undeniable truth as an expression of your unapologetic individuality!



To stand firm not in the programming of your culture, or your parents, or the society you grew up in, but the inner alchemy genius that YOU unashamedly gave birth to as a result of your very own journey of life’s choices.


And many lifetimes of choices, many lifetimes of freedom and/or loss of freedom of your pure most authentic expression.


Your soul’s journey of individuality to this very incarnation is yours to lead and choose, to celebrate and enjoy, to embrace and course-correct {if/when YOU deem true, to you}.


Wishing you a magical New Moon of Freedom and New Liberated Awakening!






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Many many blessings of love and wellbeing!



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer





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