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Congratulations, Canada: The Era of Change Starts Now

Loving that Canada’s next Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is elected on a super liberated Capricorn Moon (as shared in my recent social media posts), while a mature Liberal Capricorn himself!



Dare I say mature?



Astrologically speaking, Canada is entering a historic phase in its growth and evolution of consciousness.




Congratulations Canada – the era of change starts now!



…says the revolutionary Uranus super close to Canada’s Aries Ascendant.



For those wondering if there will be a real change with the new leadership:




YES YES YES – massive progressive changes in the general prosperity, governance style, foreign relations, and beyond :)




Trudeau has a soul of a fighter with his natal Moon in Aries.



He was also born on a day of what I call a Muhammad Ali aspect, Mars/Pluto opposition. (Muhammad Ali had a square; another world leader has a trine, can you guess who?).


We often see it in charts of people who channel their tremendous power into martial arts and/or boxing, due to so much tremendous energy and raw power they need to find an outlet for.



You get someone who has extreme willpower and phenomenal resilience and is not afraid to stare down and look their opponents and fear in the eyes. (Sun/Mars/Pluto T-square and Saturn/Pluto trine)





Trudeau will definitely not be pushed around.



And yes, with three planets in Sagittarius, his enthusiasm for “sunny ways” is genuine.


And yes, he will advance equality in human rights across the board with his natal Venus and North Node in Aquarius too.


Canada has 16 Aries 54’ rising, while Trudeau’s natal Moon is at 17 Aries 17’.


Need I say more, he will be one of the beloved Prime Ministers!


Transiting Uranus is right now at 18 Aries retrograde moving back towards Canada’s Ascendant in November, December, and January 2016 – buckle up, Canada and the world.




We are in for a ride of our life!





P.S. What challenges may he face in his leadership term?


Stay tuned for my upcoming posts to find out more and connect with me on my Facebook fan page or the personal profile HERE  :)



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