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Aries New Moon - Milada Sakic

ARIES NEW MOON (March 27, 2017) + MEGA RETROGRADE SEASON of April 2017

Happy Aries New Moon!



Have you heard the latest and greatest from the cosmic realm?



The new moon is coming up on March 27th at 10:57 pm EDT.



Yay!  It will be an empowering and energizing moon.



In addition, we have a rare mega retrograde season coming up in April, which will be supporting a review, reorg, and restructuring of the systems that no longer support our long-term growth in a sustainable way.



In yesterday’s Facebook Live video message, I shared how you can re-energize and re-align with this New Moon and create meaningful and sustainable success in your life and business.



Here is what I talked about in the Aries New Moon video:



+ energetic alignment tips to help you navigate this highly-energizing New Moon in Aries without projecting blame, giving up, or overeaching yourself (e.g. making promises and commitments you can’t keep)



+ what the mega retrogrograde season ahead is asking of us to embrace in the next 30 days, such as face the gravity of our circumstances and take personal responsibility for what we are creating in our life



+ the Saturn/Galactic Centre alignment of March-May and why you should care, especially if you are a spiritual leader looking to amplify your reach in the next 90 days 



+ why we need to get to the bottom of things in April to create a solid support system, build our credibility, and lean into our discomforts so they don’t become distractions that turn into energy, time, and resource leaks





Enjoy and brave New Moon blessings to you and yours :)






Business Astrologer

Healer & Teacher


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New Moon in Aquarius

February 8th AQUARIUS NEW MOON: 99 Ways to Be Different (or 99 Ways to Be You)

This is one of the most highly-activating lunations in a while!





Vibrationally speaking, it will be exact on February 8th at 9:39am EST, at 19 Aqu 15’, though we will feel its effects for the next few days.




Why should you care?


Well, if you’ve been looking to get into a wise action mode, while exercising your own path of individuality, you will appreciate this New Moon’s non-conventional wisdom.




The Aquarius New Moon of Inner Freedom propels us into action by a dynamic square from Mars, the activator, the mover, the energy bringer.




In Aquarius, we are the hungry-for-knowledge-ingenious- abstract-thinkers.


We are the reformers of new ways and new methods, and innovators of the uncharted territories of science, technology, human freedoms, and equalities.  In addition however, this New Moon brings a gift of inspired action and not just abstract theory.




It’s certainly a New Moon of wise truth seers and truth seekers.



This is also a powerful New Moon to gain awareness about how to release a need for applause, approval, and acclamation.


In Leo, we need applause to self-affirm our self-expression.



In Aquarius, we are free of a need to perform, entertain, and be liked/loved/admired in a place of the ultimate individualistic freedom.



Aquarius needs no applause, though it does have an essential need too – for truth, for the ultimate truth regardless of the consequences.


Yup, we are talking a radical non-conformity here.


New Moon in Aquarius





This is why people with strong Aquarius are often perceived as strange, crazy, or a bit out there.


Or closer to Truth than others (who subscribe to the average) are willing to admit?


This is a 9 Universal Year of Infinite Reach, so each month we ideally need to take enlightened action to support that.



Each month’s goal needs to be in service of your big goal this year.




Here are 9 go-getting ways to align with the energies of this powerful highly-activating New Moon:





 1) Start a group (or a movement) and/or join a group


Start a new group (Think Tank, Mastermind, Facebook community, Meetup group, networking group, sisterhood), or reengage in your existing groups in a new way.  Aquarius is about doing things in a different way, in a way that we have not been conditioned to, until this month.  It’s a new condition, or rather a new decision.


It’s about trailblazing a new path, for yourself and for others.


Or awakening new awareness around the existing pathways.


So create new conditions.


Create a new belief around what is possible for you this month.


Move forward with what makes you feel alive.  Even things that frustrate and anger you can serve you this month, if you choose an enlightened filter. (Hello, New Moon square Mars)


Remember that Aquarius energy is not about belonging, as it is about serving a higher ground.


If none of the groups out there resonate, then create one.  Highly-conscious leaders, community and group builders have always served the planet in a big way, in particular right now, and this doesn’t mean that you need to be of the group to be in the group.  You do need to embody, however, a huge desire to serve a purpose for the highest good of all concerned – including you!


Don’t confuse belonging, safety, and nesting instincts of tribal consciousness with advancing group consciousness (of affiliation and common purpose) and towards a higher ground of innovation, authenticity, freedom, and equality.



In Aquarius, the journey has never been about belonging (no, that would be a different classroom).


The idea here is how NOT to belong and still fulfill your purpose in the world.  Even more so.  It is to be in the world, but not of the world.


In Cancer, we seek our familial hominess and safety of our nest.


In Aquarius, we are connecting the dots of our unique quirks that make us sooo un-like our family.


We are also creating a very unique sauce of unfamiliar freedom-new age-and-equality-based affiliations.


We are making friendships with those who are not convenient friends, because they are likely the most quirky independent non-conventional thinkers out there. As a result, they are most likely to be on the leading edge of new schools of thought.


Aquarius is most of all about freedom to be you.






2) Start a body movement practice


Have you been feeling an urge to reactivate your exercising or movement routine this month?


Whatever feels like movement and progress to you:  is it dance, is it a stretching routine, regular exercise, or something new you create on your own?


This type of very uniquely wired energy does not strive on perfectionism and getting all conditions just right.


It favors starting now, for a different tomorrow.  It prefers less fuss and perfectionism, and embracing inspired action that feels like a movement forward.


If we don’t channel it in a form of a movement, creativity, or enlightened action, it may show up in our life in other weird ways.  This is why it is important to work with the energy proactively, rather than reactively.






 3)  Start any “NEW” practice



What would be *new* and fresh to you?


With Venus/Jupiter trine {of optimism and confidence in love} in earth signs of that which is physical and touchable, and Mercury in Capricorn, we are practicing our muscles for creating tangible results.


Start something that helps you feel uniquely in your authentic power.  Like a new you is being born or awakened.



Like I am going to finally do “this” differently.





4)  Design an abundance ritual 



This could be anything you choose to remind you that the infinite well of the Universe providing abundantly, never ever dries out.


This could be anything that reminds you daily that the Universe is an abundant place and it’s got your back.



For me, I love asking questions and receiving answers daily, instantaneously.  For example, journaling or using colored cue cards to write down my daily intentions and expansive questions that I tune in to stay in the flow.




I love asking/downloading guidance as a daily abundance ritual so much, because I have found that it truly is a divine well that never ever dries out.



I feel creative, expansive, light, energized and so excited to ask every time that I am always open to receive…and integrate what comes through.


Whether I am living 100 yards from the front line, in the middle of a war zone (1992-1995 back home in Bosnia), looking for a business advice in 2014-2016, or whether I am writing my next blog now, the continuous stream of infinitely wise consciousness is always with me.


Just as it is always available to you.

 Infinite I AM




Or using Peppermint oil in my morning lemon/honey water.  This simple habit helps me to feel abundantly vibrant and energized in the morning. By using only one drop of Peppermint essential oil every morning I am reminded that the well will never dry out.  (Each bottle contains 250 drops, plus I usually have a couple of bonus bottles in my sacred e/o inventory, just because :))


What daily abundance practice can you implement this month?


Even if it feels different, crazy out there, but most importantly uniquely and/or rebelliously yours?





5) Start or a participate in a challenge



Whether it’s 28 days to dance or 30 days to love or 7 days to be… something that enlivens you – this is the month to do it!


To challenge yourself and activate you desire and intention to move forward with your goals and plans.


Is there a part of your life that does not feel active or vibrant enough?


Invest some energy in re-energizing it and see it expand!



It is a natural law.  Expansion follows where intention flows.





6)  Breath in ease and grace


And funny and weird.


And breathe out doubt.


Wherever you are looking for someone else’s stamp of approval, a permission slip, or an authorization to go ahead with what you already know you need to do, let that go today!


Affirm:  I release any personality projections and other people’s expectations that no longer reflect my own values, my authenticity, and my true freedom within.



Draw one step closer to Truth, release another layer of conformity, of trying to be like.  Now.





Breathe in love.Breathe out Breathe in balance.Breathe out blame.Breathe in lightness.Breathe out judgement. (4)









 7)  Journal these three questions…and put it into action!



What needs to change?






What would feel sooo liberating to call in right now?






What is so meaningful for me to activate this month, even if it’s perceived crazy, weird, so out there, or out of the norm, by others? 



What is the norm anyway?  Remember it’s always just a perception projected through someone else’s inner filter, reflecting their relationship with love, but not a divine truth!  Someone else’s filter and not-whole perception of you is not your divine truth.


Your divine truth only you have access to.



Tune in, receive, align, be it, do that, today.






8)  Do something out of your ordinary


What will you do differently moving forward?


It is a great time to do something out of the ordinary routine (that will challenge your own thinking, habits, beliefs, or have people say:  wait, what?)


 Affirm your quirkiness and unique voice to the world – and own it – without a need to please those around you!


Aquarius is a sign that has a paradox (of the most objective detached perspective) built in.  It’s one of the human signs of the zodiac, yet those with strong Aquarius soul signature may on occasion feel the least human.  And, here is another paradox:  while at the same time having an instinctual sense for – what is the most humane (thing to do) in any situation.  (Even at the expense of not-belonging).


In Aquarius, we are drawn to express our individualistic nature, to think in ways we have not been taught.  To feel in ways we have not been conditioned to feel.  And to continually re-invent ourselves intellectually and emotionally.


In Cancer, we seek safety and acceptance.



In Libra, harmony and compromise.



In Aquarius, we seek none of that, but whatever it takes to find and express our truth regardless of the consequences for speaking out, for calling it as it is.  Aquarian souls (with any personal planet or rising sign in this humanitarian sign) are shaping communities and movements out there, likely spirit-heading many of them, yet they may be forever not drawn to be tied to any of them.  Doing their own thing altogether.


The Moon in Aquarius is another way of saying:

I am an individualist, the independent, emotionally free one.

 Anonymous woman by the sea with hoops







Aquarius’ role is to ensure that conformity is never the answer to our next step in evolution. 



Conformity to expectations.  Conformity to established patterns of behaviour.  Conformity to the charted paths of thinking based on our cultural programming.  Parental programming.  Conformity to safety.  Conformity to “let’s just do it because it will make things easier this time”.


This is where we challenge ANY indoctrination that no longer serves the highest good of all.


But we’ve done it like this for the last 2000 years– So what?


But this is the way it’s supposed to be…  – Says who?


But it says in the xyz book this is the formula for the best result.



Really?  And does it make sense to YOU?  What say YOU? What does YOUR truth tell you?






9)  Adopt a liberating belief (of your Inner Genius)


How would it feel to free yourself from ONE limitation and/or inhibition this month?


To stand firm in your uncompromising and undeniable truth as an expression of your unapologetic individuality!



To stand firm not in the programming of your culture, or your parents, or the society you grew up in, but the inner alchemy genius that YOU unashamedly gave birth to as a result of your very own journey of life’s choices.


And many lifetimes of choices, many lifetimes of freedom and/or loss of freedom of your pure most authentic expression.


Your soul’s journey of individuality to this very incarnation is yours to lead and choose, to celebrate and enjoy, to embrace and course-correct {if/when YOU deem true, to you}.


Wishing you a magical New Moon of Freedom and New Liberated Awakening!






P.S. My Astrology Constellation on Facebook is growing beautifully and it’s almost reaching 100 members – wowza!  I will be offering a free e-course soon – and perhaps unlock a free prize or two :) – that I know you will love, once we reach the milestone 100 members.  Join us so you don’t miss out, if this resonates, and share with your best of friends too!



P*S  The early bird for the Soul Journeys® Akashic Records – LEVEL 1 is coming up February 12th – check it out here and join us!  I look forward to connecting with you in divine timing, brilliant soul!  If you are reading this, I know you are here to model what is possible for lots of people who are looking to reach their full divine potential and make a huge impact in the new paradigm world.



Many many blessings of love and wellbeing!



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer





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How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians

How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians – The Month of Healing December 2015

Happy December, Beautiful!




I am calling this month, December 2015, the Month of Healing due to the highly-transformational cosmic alignments I wrote about in my previous posts.  This means it’s a really powerful month to heal and deepen your spiritual connection at whatever level you choose this for yourself, so that you can create more wellbeing and abundance in your life in the next year and beyond!




Do you know who is on your expert angelic support team and how to connect with them?







 How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians




Here are some high-vibe tips to help you amp up your connection with your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Record Keepers, and the Beings of the Purest Love and Light:




  • Declare to be connecting with the beings of the purest love and light. There are many levels of guidance and dimensions we can connect to.  Choose to go to the highest possible level available to you, as close to Source as possible, also knowing that you need to choose to become more love and joy every day, and a fuller expression and a fuller embodiment of your divine essence.  This is so that you can show up a high-vibrational channel and a vibrational match to what you are calling in:  Love, Light, Truth.



  • Send your awareness to your heart. Send gratitude.  Radiate gratitude.  Become gratitude.  Gratitude is vibrationally similar to joy and grace, so choose either, or lightness.  (Alternatively, ask and declare to release what is holding you back from embracing that fully.  Sometimes that is all you need to do in the moment, release, release, release thought patterns that do not support your joy in that precious moment).




  • Stay in your heart very gently, as if landing there, and curious of what frequency and flavour of love/energy will come through. You are vibrationally expanding rather than “in waiting” or expecting something to prove your worth.  You are already worthy and ready to expand into love and gratitude for yourself and for beings who are here to support you, your loving partners on the journey.




  • Remain open to receiving love, light, and truth. Allow it, don’t will it.  Like opening your arms to hug a beloved.  Don’t expect the beloved to show his/her worth to you, or to show your worth to you, this would surely quickly block the connection until you choose to breathe in more love.  Simply expect to connect with the energy of love, lightness, expansion, gentleness, beingness, awareness.




  • Choose to be in the awareness of all that is coming through and receive all the energetic support available to you at all times, from your forever Guides and Guardians.




  • Stay in your body. Feel your body.  Welcome yourself to your body.  Welcome any sensations coming through, even if you are suddenly aware of any numbness.  Just notice it and internally….breathe, chuckle, create space for any new awareness to come through by staying connected to your body consciousness and breathing expansively.






I AM Creative Bliss





  • Choose to be in the awareness of the sensation of connection. It may feel like indescribable love or joy, or a very gentle bubble of lightness and lightheartedness around you and in your heart. It may feel like a gentle flutter. Or warmth.  Or an expansion of your energy field.  Or something very unique to you.  A shift in vibration.





  • Then open up to receive: words, images, symbols, energetic support as it comes through, without judgment or attachment to what way it needs to come through.  Perhaps only one, two, or three words or energies will come through at first.  Know that ONE anchor word, image, symbol, or healing code can be as precious and energetically charged as a full paragraph or chapters of guidance.  How much more would you be able to receive and integrate if you allowed the fullness of ONE energy to come through more fully?  Only one or more.  Most joyously.  Think of it as a healing breath of lightness and illumination.





  • Send more gratitude through as if radiating it from your heart, through your heart towards you (yourself) and towards all who are open to receive it in that moment





  • Allow pure love to come through by choosing to be the most loving channel you can be. If you are not feeling the energetic support and connection, it is likely that you are overly attached to what you believe needs to come through.  Know that when you are choosing to connect to the Beings of Purest Love and Light (such as your Akashic Record Keepers or Guardians of Your Soul’s Records), it is only love that can come through.  It is energetically and mathematically impossible for anything else to come through than pure love and compassion (loving kind acceptance of the totality of who you are and non-judgement in a compassionately detached way).




  • Feel free to ask your questions! The infinite stream of the most loving consciousness and energetic support is forever available to you. It will never run out. You cannot exhaust it by asking questions. In fact, you can only expand it by asking more expansive choice-love-and-action-oriented questions. Ask away. Your Guides are your most loving extension, you are their most creative extension.




  • Do not apologize for asking or for being who are you (verbally, telepathically, or energetically, such as when energetically embodying the “I am less than” energy!). You are not required to become less and certainly not worthy more by becoming less. You are encouraged to become more love, to offer more self-love so that you ask your questions from the place of unconditional love and grace, rather than the place of non-acceptance and resistance.  From the place of self-forgiveness.  Self-grace.  This is how you are sure to connect to more of who you truly are – your Highest All-Knowing Self – who has a direct link to your highest level of guidance!  This also trains you to take action from the place of love and compassionate detachment.


  • Take action based on the insight received in the best way you know how. Take inspired action daily.  This will amplify the clarity of messages received and they will become more actionable wisdom in addition to “You are loved and protected” guidance that we receive when we embody some type of lack – of confidence, energy, worthiness, self-love.



Intro to Akashic Records

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Are you eager to step fully into your own healing and manifesting power in 2016?




Join me, Milada Sakic, transformational teacher, intuitive healer, and astrologer, on MONDAY DECEMBER 7th at 7:30pm EST (Eastern) for a spiritual activation and a group clearing experience to help you embody more love, grace, forgiveness, and joyous expansiveness!




I will introduce you to the soul-level healing wisdom of the Akashic Records, share what information can be accessed in your Record, and most importantly why accessing the Records (also known as the Book of Life, or the Book of Knowledge) can maximize your life experience as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey.




The Akashic Record, which is the etheric library of light-coded information, is vibrating the purest and highest love, light, and truth.  It holds an infinite well of sacred information about your soul and its creation story through all dimensions, planes, and times.  This sacred information is always available to you for your alignment, highest good, evolution, and the deepest level of healing.




You can register for this December 7th free call HERE:









Looking forward to sharing with you on December 7th!




Many brilliant blessings












Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer




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Mars in Libra

MARS in LIBRA: November 12, 2015-Jan 2, 2016 – The Diplomat, The Strategist, The Summit Convener

Just as the world leaders are coming together in a series of summits this and last month, their efforts are powerfully supported by the current cosmic climate (including the now exact Saturn/Neptune square activating a control/loss of control dilemma of choices over the most pressing world issues).




Who can you come together with in the next 30 days to reconvene and collaborate?




Mars rules our will, stamina, courage, action, and how we express our assertiveness…and energy in its most raw form.




Mars in Aries would be ready to take on conflict and sprint forward without waiting for others to catch up, however in Libra it is encouraged to cultivate more graceful manners, with a whole lot more diplomacy and strategy to creating alliances gathered around a common goal.





Mars in Libra



Launching overly assertive or aggressive campaigns during Mars in Libra is more likely to get one kicked out of the sandbox and sent to “the anger and manner management bootcamp”. It’s as if the collective soul and collective consciousness is more in tune with the art of teamwork and getting along.



Although, we can also see that the pressure to come to an agreement and compromise will likely come to a head between now and December 12th during the intense Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square of tremendous power to bring about a deep-reaching transformation and change.






Can we expect some overreactions during this time?






It helps though that Mars is in a strategic Libra during this, sometimes difficult to manage, transit.




How we manage our own power and our own energy in December will be a critical contribution to our and the lives of those we are connected to.





Nonetheless, it is easier to compromise during this time when working together to put aside our differences and reach a common goal, and with these very potent alignments in the next few weeks.



Shall we dare hope to co-create a historic palpable shift in our consciousness?





Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer






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You mean what is the purpose of life- It is Joy. What is the reason for life- It is JoyWhat is the basis of life- It is FreedomWhat is the result of life- It is Expansion (1)

GEMINI FULL MOON of November 25, 2015 and the SACRED SQUARE of Saturn & Neptune – When the Training Wheels Disappear

The Full Moon in Gemini is here to support the fine-tuning of what we are here to master and teach:



how to best share our soul-aligned message that was seeded in the emotional depth of the Nov 11th Scorpio New Moon.



The Full Moon at 3° Gemini 20’ will be exact on November 25th at 5:45 pm EST.



It has been an intense month in the world.



Have you unearthed another layer of the “I can’t” resurfacing?



…mirroring the collective fear (and resulting pain) of what it means to be a foreigner, an outsider, or the misunderstood one?



The Full Moon is delivering the message of the sacred boundaries/boundlessness represented by the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square, now loud and clear.


The sacred square will be intensely in effect until December 5th, but felt throughout December.



It is time to embrace the paradoxes in your life that allow you to ask some really heart-expanding questions.  And to ask those unlearned questions beyond the self-limiting view of your own immediate reality.


“Both will bring to the surface many fears, phobias, and numbing addictions that are ready to shift, so that we can see them for what they appear to be.”





Saturn respects morals and ethics, hierarchies, boundaries, rules, regulations, and also lawmakers and limitations!



Neptune simply says: All is One. There is only energy. Go beyond I. Where I becomes We. And beyond beyond. Nothing is constant but ever-changing. There is flow. And everything in between.



Saturn will help bring a reality check to any dream (or really to the fear and the excuse behind it) that has been afraid for too long.



Think of the specific life dreams that you have put on hold because of “not feeling ready” or “not having enough” (time, energy, money).



Neptune helps erode and wear down every unbending belief that is evolutionary outdated.



Saturn will hold accountable many magical stories (and wishes) that have no solid grounding and firm footing in your existing reality.



Neptune softens any rigidity that has hardened in a dogmatic and judgemental attitude of self-importance (Saturn in Sagittarius).



Both will bring to the surface many fears, phobias, and numbing addictions that are ready to shift, so that we can see them for what they appear to be:



our own past-borne stories of “I can’t” packaged into the excuses of “I won’t”.




You mean what is the purpose of life- It is Joy. What is the reason for life- It is JoyWhat is the basis of life- It is FreedomWhat is the result of life- It is Expansion (1)





Don’t Forget to Question Your “Fear Guru”



This is the time when we will be challenged to release our co-dependency to anything (that promises to bring false security) outside of us.



If we desperately hold onto, or attempt to compulsively control the sense of false security, we may see those artificial safety structures around us suddenly dissolving.



Or we may proactively choose to let go of the training wheels and safety nets that no longer serve the highest growth.



Seek to go directly to Source within for inspiration.



Allow in what supports an expanded view of your reality.



Release whatever supports a limited fearful view of the world.



Ask:  What does one need to believe deep down in order to choose to make oneself wrong (and believe someone else more)?



And release…









When That Which We Absolutely Believe No Longer Works



Beliefs have a purpose, to keep the existing reality in place.



But what happens when you desire to change the existing reality?



Then we need to release one belief and replace it with another.



Let’s release a fear-based program.



Such as any self-defeating views of the world (e.g. I am unlucky, I am a victim of my unlucky circumstances; it is fate; the world is doomed to suffer).



You are meant to challenge your inner world as you know it.



To evolve beyond what you have been taught.



And to grow faith in life.


24856096_woman holding the sun_BB





Giving Back in a Big Way



This month we are invited to give back most abundantly, and to do that while letting go of the egoic need to compulsively advertise our good deeds.



Whatever you had given in service monthly, shared, contributed, given back in the past, let’s double or triple that for December 2015.



In my Astrological Timing Keys audio for October-December, I suggested launching significant projects earlier in November rather than later in December…



…unless you are putting out tons of free offers.



For most of November and December, we will have several planets hanging out in the not-so-comfortable territories – in the signs completely opposite of their natural rulership and very foreign to their natural affinities, thus very very very mind-and-heart expanding to their comfort and familiarity zones:



Jupiter in Virgo since August 2015, Venus in Scorpio as of December 5th, Mars in Libra since November 12th, and Mercury in Sagittarius November 20th-December 9th.



This is a highly-transformational time for our personal and collective growth.



We are invited to stretch ourselves to the greatest depth of our human experience, to the new unfamiliar dimensions where we get to truly understand what it means to be overcoming, yet to be of service and not attached to the outcome, while continually growing:



what it means to be a foreigner



or an outsider




…for a moment, or two, before you finally release your resistance to growth, towards your full self-realization, richness of experience, highest potential and joy, most abundant and exalted path of service, while continually developing a new and better comfort zone  :)



…as an infinite being of light that you are!





Are you willing?







Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer




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TAURUS FULL MOON of October 27, 2015: Coming Back to Earth

Another supermoon coming up on October 27th!



 It will be exact at 3 Taurus 44′ at 8:05 am Eastern.



Can you feel it?






Are you feeling the urgency…



…to produce, economize, optimize, and preserve what is essential and vital?





We have an extraordinary surge of energy available to us in the next week, inspired also by the astro meetup in Virgo of Venus/Mars/Jupiter.



It is a very practical down-to-earth energy that needs to be brought into the physical in order to fully serve:


: into your body


: your garden


: your land


: your property


: your bank account.




Furthermore, Mars will be reaching and re-activating the exact degree of the Sep 13th Solar Eclipse (which occurred) = 20 Virgo.




This means we need to fully integrate and take action on…


….whatever learning is available through the frequency of this degree:




1) Our relationship with Earth, food, body, water, land, resources, and our impact on the nature (Taurus supermoon, Virgo meetup, Saturn/Neptune)




2) If climate change conversations and initiatives come up:



* can we really take the truth in and


* feel what changes we feel called to create in our life and


* or participate in?




3) If food production, state of agriculture, renewable energy, energy saving, preservation of trees, seeds, land, and green living, are topics and issues that



‘other people need to worry about and take action on’


for you


and on your behalf 










::  then we are still x steps away from reaching the evolutionary point where a critical shift occurs towards sustainability.



Soul Evolution Kit

Download your FREE October-December timing keys & alignment tips audio HERE:


{AUDIO} 14 Astrology Abundance Alignment and Timing Keys for Oct-Dec 2015





4) If you are still grappling with strategies on how to balance out the most optimal expenditure of your own energy, this is your supermoon.




5) If you would like to learn how to ‘spend modestly’, this is your time to tune into.




6) If ‘re-purposing energy and resources’ is a concept foreign to you, then you really need to tune into the next few days to get more out of it, and so that the energy would not show up in weird ways in your life.




7) If you are simply feeling that you are reaching a culmination point in the next 3-4 days, and you need to make a healthy decision, you are in tune!




8) If you have fears around ‘what will happen if I lose control of this’, breathe deeply and relax more in the next week.




9) If enjoyment, sensuality, abundance, and fulfillment are not fully and consistently present in your body and your life, tune in…and within….to the blessed essence of this week’s cosmic inspiration.










Supermoons tends to pull a surge of energy and emotion. 


In Taurus, we are looking for a solid footing in our life, a financial foundation rooted in the day-to-day practicality (e.g. budgeting).



We may be also looking to make a critical decision around our net worth/self-worth or investments.



We are also seeing a culmination of our efforts seeded around October 13th.



We may be craving more peace and tranquility and more communion with nature, nature’s essences, trees, around this time.  And also simplicity.





Very importantly, Saturn and Neptune are now coming together in a dynamic aspect.


This may bring up phobias and fears to the surface for many and a feeling of inner structures dissolving to create space for the new.



Where do you need to create more structure in your life?


AND at the same time…


Where do you need to allow more flow?


Where do you need to allow the old patterns that no long represent your true essence to be dissolved?


Where do you need to allow the loosening of the rigid boundaries of attachment to the illusion of security?





If we are very rigid about how things “must be”, it will be more difficult to navigate the season of tremendous down-to-earth learning and practical spirituality.



Hope it is a deeply illuminating and fulfilling one for you :)




Milada Sakic

Transformational Teacher
Healer & Astrologer






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Canada Nation

Congratulations, Canada: The Era of Change Starts Now

Loving that Canada’s next Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is elected on a super liberated Capricorn Moon (as shared in my recent social media posts), while a mature Liberal Capricorn himself!



Dare I say mature?



Astrologically speaking, Canada is entering a historic phase in its growth and evolution of consciousness.




Congratulations Canada – the era of change starts now!



…says the revolutionary Uranus super close to Canada’s Aries Ascendant.



For those wondering if there will be a real change with the new leadership:




YES YES YES – massive progressive changes in the general prosperity, governance style, foreign relations, and beyond :)




Trudeau has a soul of a fighter with his natal Moon in Aries.



He was also born on a day of what I call a Muhammad Ali aspect, Mars/Pluto opposition. (Muhammad Ali had a square; another world leader has a trine, can you guess who?).


We often see it in charts of people who channel their tremendous power into martial arts and/or boxing, due to so much tremendous energy and raw power they need to find an outlet for.



You get someone who has extreme willpower and phenomenal resilience and is not afraid to stare down and look their opponents and fear in the eyes. (Sun/Mars/Pluto T-square and Saturn/Pluto trine)





Trudeau will definitely not be pushed around.



And yes, with three planets in Sagittarius, his enthusiasm for “sunny ways” is genuine.


And yes, he will advance equality in human rights across the board with his natal Venus and North Node in Aquarius too.


Canada has 16 Aries 54’ rising, while Trudeau’s natal Moon is at 17 Aries 17’.


Need I say more, he will be one of the beloved Prime Ministers!


Transiting Uranus is right now at 18 Aries retrograde moving back towards Canada’s Ascendant in November, December, and January 2016 – buckle up, Canada and the world.




We are in for a ride of our life!





P.S. What challenges may he face in his leadership term?


Stay tuned for my upcoming posts to find out more and connect with me on my Facebook fan page or the personal profile HERE  :)



Milada Sakic


Transformational Teacher
Healer & Astrologer



Justin Trudeau







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39524213_space nebula supernova

[AUDIO] 14 Astrology Abundance Alignment and Timing Keys for October-December 2015

We have some extraordinarily exciting astrology coming up in the next two weeks, especially towards late October, and I wanted to make sure to share the valuable timing keys with you!


My *free* Soul Evolution Kit (Audio # 1 of 3) has been updated with alignment tips and timing keys for October-December 2015.


You can sign up to receive it HERE:



14 Astrology Abundance Alignment and Timing Keys for Oct-Dec 2015


In the free audio, as a gift to you, I share:


+ New and Full Moon alignment tips for October, November, and December

+ Super exciting astrology of late October with Venus/Mars/Jupiter conjunction in oh-so-productive Virgo

+ Saturn square Neptune – old-patterns-and-phobias-begone of late October and November

+ Mars entering Libra of negotiation and strategic partnerships on November 12th



Wishing you a blissfully expansive October!


Once again, if this resonates, you can sign up to access the valuable timing keys audio HERE:


{AUDIO} 14 Astrology Abundance Alignment and Timing Keys for Oct-Dec 2015


To your joy & expansion,





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5161214_dancer_martial arts_moon_feel the inner oomph of your intention

Super Full Moon Aries Lunar Eclipse of September 27, 2015 – Courage: Aries Empowerment Mantras

I’ve created a 7-min audio  message for you on this powerful:


Super Full Moon Aries Lunar Eclipse!



Simply click the arrow in the orange circle of the SOUNDCLOUD post below and enjoy!






Photo:  Elena Ray





You can listen to it at any time you are looking for an infusion of courage and empowerment to triumph over any fear or obstacle.



Listen in with an open heart, paying attention to your breathing and the sensations in your body, especially as you repeat the mantras in the second part of this message.


Many blessings of courage and confidence to you!







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7858961_purple galaxy nebula

THE ECLIPSE EQUINOX: The Holistic Shift of September 2015 – How to Return to Wellbeing

The Solar Eclipse New Moon at 20 º Virgo of September 13th has powerfully activated a sense of urgency to shift our frequency and our reality.


It is energetically paired up with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 4/5º Aries on September 27th EDT.


This week, we have Mercury in Libra turning Retrograde on September 17th (until October 9th) and Saturn moving into Sagittarius on the same day!


The Equinox is coming up on September 23rd, when the Sun moves into Libra of balance, grace, and equality.


When we have a number of cosmic elements ushering in a shift, it is very likely that you, and most people you know, will in some way be energetically busy and tuned in.


With Jupiter in Virgo/Neptune in Pisces opposition exact this week:


We are expecting to see an increased sensitivity, genuine altruism, kindness and compassion to the suffering around the world (human, animal, nature, and beyond).


At the same time, there will likely be an added focus on the global climate issues, agriculture, food production, nature, forests, water, and the wellbeing of  our oceans.


We can also look forward to a revived interest, innovation, and significant improvements and shifts in the field of holistic and integrative medicine – healing modalities, holistic practices, and therapies that consider the overall wellbeing of the whole person (body, mind, spirit) and multi-dimensional energy bodies, rather than just one part of the body (e.g. naturopathic, homeopathic, herbal medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, vibrational medicine, color and sound therapies, etc.)


On a personal level, it is an invitation to return back to wellness and practical down-to-earth natural spirituality and “green” living:


how do we return to wellbeing, while remaining connected to nature and our spiritual roots.



Ready to purge your bias and prejudice, or thinking you have none?


Think again, says Saturn as it moves into Sagittarius on September 17th.



Are we ready to embrace unity consciousness just yet, together?



Vibration doesn’t lie. 



We either have become it, or we are still becoming it. 



Saturn in Sagittarius shift [read more here] is collectively a resource of tests and lessons on personal and collective biases, judgements, and prejudice.


It will bring to the surface all that heavy (and likely uncomfortable) baggage attached to our fear of the foreign and unfamiliar (people, culture, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, belief system and beyond).


Think about things and people that you are quick to judge.  That you have already decided everything there is to know about.


There is your bias.


It is a huge opportunity now to master:


how to become comfortable at integrating unfamiliar experiences in our life.



In the meantime…



Here are the 8 Things to Return to in September in alignment with the Eclipse Equinox energies this month:



1) Wellbeing


Perhaps it’s time to have that physical check-up booked.


Or seek an intuitive and practical answer to:


How do I return to a healthy ritual (read: habit, routine) this month?


This month may bring lots of fears and anxieties to the surface for many.  And they are all resurfacing in perfect divine timing, as we have become more attuned to paying attention to our body and spirit!  Can you feel it?


KH photography_15-1



2) Natural


Virgo favors effective natural solutions to wellness.


With Sun in Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo this month, the time is now to embrace more of wholesomeness and “green” sustainable living in every area of our life.


What one step you can take this month to return one tidbit closer to organic natural living?


This is not exclusively about buying organic non-GMO foods, without looking at your whole lifestyle – holistically.  Such as, how many toxic chemicals do you surround yourself with, how many toxic chemicals do you put on your body, in your body, and around your body.


The same goes for your home, community, planet.


There is no one way, so trust what is calling you to act on now:


Schedule “green” projects aligned with wellness, nutrition, fitness.


Start a healthy mind-body practice:  a healthy diet, detox, a new workout routine.


Pay attention to your digestion and pay attention to your tummy.  It will give you valuable information about what is healthy or not healthy for you.



3) Self


Lead by example.


If you need to see a change in your life, and the life of your loved ones and your community, model by your own actions what you need to see in others.


By September 27th, we are becoming more empowered, courageous, and fearless, towards the Lunar Eclipse in Aries.


But we need to choose it and follow up with a system of inspired actions.



4) System


What system is calling you to create more orderly connection to, in your life and business?


What does it mean to be efficient in what YOU do?


What would be the most optimal, most desirable, most favorable, best, most ideal solution for what you are looking to create by the end of the year?


Survey your ideal audience.


Then choose a verifiable metric to measure your progress by.


When it comes to your health and wellness, perhaps measure your iron or glucose levels now and in six months.


When it comes to your business, choose an analytic to measure what matters to your bottom line.  Whether it’s the number of social media followers, subscribers, visits to your website, choose one and implement action steps to improve the analytics based on your desired goal.


Or perhaps measure how long it takes you to complete specific tasks that someone else may be able to do for you a lot more effectively (and more joyously!).






5) New Beginning


Give yourself a permission to turn a new page this month.


To recalibrate.


Then, with Mercury Retrograde in action between Sep 17th-Oct 9th:


To reflect, redirect, and revise.


To change your mind, if necessary.


Start anew.


There is always another day, another season, and another reason to thrive.



6) Conscious Change


Seek the change before it seeks you.


Seek it and participate in the process of change and evolution of circumstances consciously.


This does not mean creating a crisis, chaos, and drama.


This means being in the awareness of what needs to change.


And taking the first step to be the change you want to see in YOUR life – in your family, in your relationship, in your workplace, in your community.



7) Productivity



This could be anything from starting an exercise routine that will help you move energy and energize you for the rest of your day.


To taking a scheduled break every hour, or a full lunch break.


To taking high-vibrational supplements.


To blocking your social media during your high productivity times in the mornings or whenever you most need your creativity peaks.


What productivity strategy can you implement that will help you shift from bogged-down-with-worry to energized-with-creativity-and-aliveness?



 8) Source


This September is a phenomenal month to connect with your intuition and your spiritual guidance team in a tangible way:  your Guides, angels, directly with Source, whatever level of guidance you would like to connect with.


This could be a really magical time for you to deepen your faith in your inner guidance, and as a result, receive so much energetic support, practical actionable wisdom, and information revealed that you have perhaps thought has been hidden from you.


Well, it has not been hidden; it’s just that your funnel of consciousness has been in the process of opening up to receive more, to receive more love, more light.


Mark September 27-28th on your calendar next for the extra special day of connection, when the veil between the physical and spiritual will be so thin, it will be easier – to decide, align, and receive!


You are now ready to receive more!


Are you willing?


EnJOY :)






Do you have several lucrative events that you are triumphantly launching this quarter and the next?


Have you been putting your heart, soul, expertise, and powerful intentions into your business, and feeling like the “Mercury Retrograde” is periodically interfering and slowing things down?


Are you looking for expert guidance to provide you with *timing keys* to creating empowered results in abundant alignment with cosmic energies of ease, action, and flow, while releasing hassle and lukewarm returns on your time and money investments?


This month, I am offering 3 – 75-min astro consults at the special price until September 23rd – CLICK FOR DETAILS & PURCHASE HERE!


Check out the Astrology Abundance Timing Keys (3-session package) – first 10 people only!


If you are interested in purchasing other Astrological & Akashic Records readings from me this month, in a similar 3-package, please email for details on how you can take advantage of this offer as well :)


Looking forward to sharing the magical timing keys with you and so much more!


To your abundance





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