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The September Shift - Milada Sakic

VIRGO/PISCES ECLIPSE EFFECT SEPTEMBER 1-16, 2016: How to Remove, Clear, and Release the Energy of Fear

Almost here!



The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo is coming up on September 1, 2016 at 5:03 am EDT at 9 Virgo 21’.



The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Pisces will be culminating two weeks later on September 16th at 3:04 pm EDT at 24 Pisces 19’.



The eclipse season is when we get to clear away the excuses that won’t serve us for the next 6 months and thus reveal a brand new self, intention, practice, system, or a path ahead of us.


Think back to what was going on in your life back in 1997, about 19 years ago.


This eclipse repeats itself in the same sign and the same degree every 18-19 years.


Read on!


Here is what to do when life brings you a pair of eclipses and what you need to know about cultivating their energy this and next month:






Start a new health or wellness routine. 


This September is a cosmically super-charged time to start a new health routine, connect with your body, and get back in shape.  You will be supported in any efforts to cleanse, detox, and create more vibrancy in your body and in your life.


Furthermore, seeking help where you most need it from experts in nutrition, fitness, natural and holistic healing, body work, to create a plan for a more integrated and holistic approach to achieving wholeness, would be very much in alignment this month.


The energy of fear and dis-ease cannot thrive in a body that is in movement, in vibrancy, and in the awareness of and alignment with its own needs.



The most harmonious time for setting new intentions and taking new inspired action towards greater health and wellbeing will be ideally between 9 pm EDT on Sep 2, 2016 EDT, the day after the Solar Eclipse, until Sep 3, 2016 at 8 am EDT.


Having said that, follow your own innate rhythm and what your body guides you during this time.  This is the key.



Virgo Eclipse Key Alignment Tip:  Meditation alone won’t do it here.  Your goals have to be specific, practical, and measurable and your results – tangible.




Jupiter in Virgo - Milada Sakic






Clear the cupboards, drawers, stagnant corners, and any spaces in your home and office that need to attract new vibrant energy and discard any unused food in the fridge before August 31st.


This includes letting go of projects that don’t feel in alignment for the next 6 months.



We are starting afresh on September 1st, almost like a New Energetic Year in a way.



How can you close off the unfinished projects, tie up loose ends, open up the energetic doors and windows to invite in new and renewed energy in your life?


Creating more breathing space in your life and calling in new energy will help you to clear away the energy of confusion and find confidence and courage to bring necessary closure to where it is time.  To where it will help clear away fear, resistance, and procrastination in order to take action on what matters most to you and therefore make a way for a new perspective, new realigned path ahead of you.


A new Mercury Retrograde cycle is starting on August 30th at 29 Virgo and paired up with the powerful Virgo Solar Eclipse New Moon of September 1st will give us a powerful acceleration to get more clean, green, healthy, organized, and efficient in our life.






Establish a consistent routine with your meditation, relaxation, or spiritual practice for connecting in daily with your Soul by September 16th (Pisces Lunar Eclipse Full Moon)




<<Join me for the Free Webinar>>: 




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An unlimited replay will be available if you can’t join us live.  I will be sharing what the Records are, why to access the infinite well of your soul-level healing wisdom, and how to release the energy of fear in your Akashic Record to shine your light more brightly and live in alignment with your soul and your soul’s path.



Akashic Records Webinar Framed






Think back to what was going on in your life back in 1997. 



The same eclipse cycle repeats every 18-19 years so think back to around September 1997.  What did you learn and master in the 6-month period between September 1997-February 1998?


What was activated in your life around this time?


What worked well and what didn’t work?


What can you do differently this time?



Remember you are now 19 years wiser, and the circumstances in your life would have evolved with you and where you are in your life, however some of the similar fears, self-sabotage patterns, similar relationships to your wellbeing, Source and Others may be showing up in a different way.


Ready to clear those illusions away in a tangible way once and for all?






Find more balance and harmony in your life wherever the energy of fear, resistance, procrastination is showing up.


Work-life balance means different things to different people, however the idea is here to find a way that helps YOU experience more balance and/or alignment in your body.  Whatever that means for you, today.  It may be small steps this week that will make a way for a quantum leap next month.


Trust your intuition and trust your own pace, but challenge yourself this month out of your own comfort zone that no longer feels aligned to who you truly are.


Find a few moments on your busy day to call in more peace and harmony in your life on September 9th.  Jupiter is entering Libra on September 9th and after a year of journeying towards greatest wholeness (with Jupiter in Virgo), anchored in with the Solar Virgo Eclipse of September 1st, we are ready to expand our understanding of balance, harmony, equilibrium, friendliness, connectedness, and alignment on every level.


If you have planets (e.g. your Sun or Moon) or personal angles (e.g. your Rising Sign) in Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius, new expansive opportunities are coming your way in the next year!  I will be sharing more about this in the upcoming weeks, join us here for the latest astro updates (Astrology Constellation community on FB).




The September Shift - Milada Sakic







I expect that our abilities and opportunities to connect with evermore people worldwide and create a more open and all-inclusive world that is moving towards greater peace and equality will expand in the next year with Jupiter’s transit through Libra between September 9, 2016-October 10, 2017.


This of course will bring up new healing opportunities to the surface, while we shift the rigid borders of our own individual and collective bias and belief, judgement and fear of the unknown, during Saturn in Sagittarius transit until December 2017.  This will be especially true (time to shift and upgrade!) for any absolute beliefs that are limiting our view of the connected and diversified world right now.


We are invited to embody enduring faith and examine our own scepticism-based belief systems that may not be in contribution to the expansion of diversity and unity consciousness on the planet.  Ready to release the polarized, divisive and fear-based perspective of the “unfriendly worlds around you” and adopt a more balanced, friendly, and equality-based view of the world and life at large?


With that in mind, where would YOU like to feel more connected, engaged, and/or balanced in your social networking?


<<Join me once again for the Free Webinar>> 


AKASHIC RECORDS Introduction [unlimited replay available].


An unlimited replay will be available if you can’t join us live.  Plus the early bird for my next Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification – LEVEL 1 is coming up on August 31st.



Milada Sakic



Business Astrologer

Healer & Teacher




P.S.  Lastly, more news coming up HERE and the latest updates about my upcoming Astrology for Business webinar coming up on August 29th and the new ecourse launched in September.  Join us!




Akashic Records Webinar Framed






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How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians

How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians – The Month of Healing December 2015

Happy December, Beautiful!




I am calling this month, December 2015, the Month of Healing due to the highly-transformational cosmic alignments I wrote about in my previous posts.  This means it’s a really powerful month to heal and deepen your spiritual connection at whatever level you choose this for yourself, so that you can create more wellbeing and abundance in your life in the next year and beyond!




Do you know who is on your expert angelic support team and how to connect with them?







 How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians




Here are some high-vibe tips to help you amp up your connection with your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Record Keepers, and the Beings of the Purest Love and Light:




  • Declare to be connecting with the beings of the purest love and light. There are many levels of guidance and dimensions we can connect to.  Choose to go to the highest possible level available to you, as close to Source as possible, also knowing that you need to choose to become more love and joy every day, and a fuller expression and a fuller embodiment of your divine essence.  This is so that you can show up a high-vibrational channel and a vibrational match to what you are calling in:  Love, Light, Truth.



  • Send your awareness to your heart. Send gratitude.  Radiate gratitude.  Become gratitude.  Gratitude is vibrationally similar to joy and grace, so choose either, or lightness.  (Alternatively, ask and declare to release what is holding you back from embracing that fully.  Sometimes that is all you need to do in the moment, release, release, release thought patterns that do not support your joy in that precious moment).




  • Stay in your heart very gently, as if landing there, and curious of what frequency and flavour of love/energy will come through. You are vibrationally expanding rather than “in waiting” or expecting something to prove your worth.  You are already worthy and ready to expand into love and gratitude for yourself and for beings who are here to support you, your loving partners on the journey.




  • Remain open to receiving love, light, and truth. Allow it, don’t will it.  Like opening your arms to hug a beloved.  Don’t expect the beloved to show his/her worth to you, or to show your worth to you, this would surely quickly block the connection until you choose to breathe in more love.  Simply expect to connect with the energy of love, lightness, expansion, gentleness, beingness, awareness.




  • Choose to be in the awareness of all that is coming through and receive all the energetic support available to you at all times, from your forever Guides and Guardians.




  • Stay in your body. Feel your body.  Welcome yourself to your body.  Welcome any sensations coming through, even if you are suddenly aware of any numbness.  Just notice it and internally….breathe, chuckle, create space for any new awareness to come through by staying connected to your body consciousness and breathing expansively.






I AM Creative Bliss





  • Choose to be in the awareness of the sensation of connection. It may feel like indescribable love or joy, or a very gentle bubble of lightness and lightheartedness around you and in your heart. It may feel like a gentle flutter. Or warmth.  Or an expansion of your energy field.  Or something very unique to you.  A shift in vibration.





  • Then open up to receive: words, images, symbols, energetic support as it comes through, without judgment or attachment to what way it needs to come through.  Perhaps only one, two, or three words or energies will come through at first.  Know that ONE anchor word, image, symbol, or healing code can be as precious and energetically charged as a full paragraph or chapters of guidance.  How much more would you be able to receive and integrate if you allowed the fullness of ONE energy to come through more fully?  Only one or more.  Most joyously.  Think of it as a healing breath of lightness and illumination.





  • Send more gratitude through as if radiating it from your heart, through your heart towards you (yourself) and towards all who are open to receive it in that moment





  • Allow pure love to come through by choosing to be the most loving channel you can be. If you are not feeling the energetic support and connection, it is likely that you are overly attached to what you believe needs to come through.  Know that when you are choosing to connect to the Beings of Purest Love and Light (such as your Akashic Record Keepers or Guardians of Your Soul’s Records), it is only love that can come through.  It is energetically and mathematically impossible for anything else to come through than pure love and compassion (loving kind acceptance of the totality of who you are and non-judgement in a compassionately detached way).




  • Feel free to ask your questions! The infinite stream of the most loving consciousness and energetic support is forever available to you. It will never run out. You cannot exhaust it by asking questions. In fact, you can only expand it by asking more expansive choice-love-and-action-oriented questions. Ask away. Your Guides are your most loving extension, you are their most creative extension.




  • Do not apologize for asking or for being who are you (verbally, telepathically, or energetically, such as when energetically embodying the “I am less than” energy!). You are not required to become less and certainly not worthy more by becoming less. You are encouraged to become more love, to offer more self-love so that you ask your questions from the place of unconditional love and grace, rather than the place of non-acceptance and resistance.  From the place of self-forgiveness.  Self-grace.  This is how you are sure to connect to more of who you truly are – your Highest All-Knowing Self – who has a direct link to your highest level of guidance!  This also trains you to take action from the place of love and compassionate detachment.


  • Take action based on the insight received in the best way you know how. Take inspired action daily.  This will amplify the clarity of messages received and they will become more actionable wisdom in addition to “You are loved and protected” guidance that we receive when we embody some type of lack – of confidence, energy, worthiness, self-love.



Intro to Akashic Records

Register for the {FREE CALL}:  Intro to AKASHIC RECORDS on Dec 7th HERE






Are you eager to step fully into your own healing and manifesting power in 2016?




Join me, Milada Sakic, transformational teacher, intuitive healer, and astrologer, on MONDAY DECEMBER 7th at 7:30pm EST (Eastern) for a spiritual activation and a group clearing experience to help you embody more love, grace, forgiveness, and joyous expansiveness!




I will introduce you to the soul-level healing wisdom of the Akashic Records, share what information can be accessed in your Record, and most importantly why accessing the Records (also known as the Book of Life, or the Book of Knowledge) can maximize your life experience as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey.




The Akashic Record, which is the etheric library of light-coded information, is vibrating the purest and highest love, light, and truth.  It holds an infinite well of sacred information about your soul and its creation story through all dimensions, planes, and times.  This sacred information is always available to you for your alignment, highest good, evolution, and the deepest level of healing.




You can register for this December 7th free call HERE:









Looking forward to sharing with you on December 7th!




Many brilliant blessings












Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer




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The Most Powerful Mantra of Your Homecoming – Your Akashic Record!

Further to my previous post on The Power of Your Daily Mantras, my most practiced mantras nowadays are “I AM” mantras, OM sound, and any healing mantras, affirmations, or powerful statements of divine truth that I am guided to channel and sound in my own Akashic Record.  Or channel for others in their own Akashic Record for soul-level healing & clearing of the person’s subconscious emotional blocks.

What is profound is that, when in their soul’s Akashic Record, the person can automatically discern truth from non-truth using their physical senses and their inner knowing.  The person will feel instant affinity towards the “energetic remedy” suggested by their Higher Self, Divine Guidance, their Record Keepers, Guides.  It is enough to simply BE in the energy to receive the energetic healing, and experience energy shifts, without a need for any additional tools.  Any energetic support and transformational tools you may ever wish for are available in the Akashic Record.

One may also feel a need to release a non-truth once the non-truth (i.e. illusion we have bought into) is brought to our awareness.  This is because anything you say or bring to your conscious awareness when you are fully present in your soul’s energy, and fully IN the energy of your soul and your body, is amplified 100 x in intensity and thus goes straight to Source for fulfillment without taking any detours.


[box] You feel a warm nurture of deep inner fulfillment. [/box]


When we are fully present in our Akashic Record, there is no doubt in our mind what is healthy or unhealthy for us. We instantaneously simply know.  It feels as if our soul/body is effectively communicating with us as our most powerful guidance system, and smiling at us with relief, such as when we receive a beneficial remedy, a healthy sound, a well-designed (read:  soul-designed) combination of words and energies that are meant to uplift us and raise our frequency.

It feels almost as if, when you are thirsty or hungry and then you drink water or take food, the body instantaneously knows it has received a nutrient CRITICAL for its wellbeing and healthy development.

You feel a warm nurture of deep inner fulfillment.

The difference is that when integrating energy and information in your Akashic Record, it is integrated on every level of your being, not just physical level or just temporarily (i.e. such as by your stomach, after a lunch meal).

Your soul-body feels eager to integrate the soul-level energetic healing to bring you closer to the ultimate wellbeing & wholeness, to the truth of who you are.


[box] Once you experience the homecoming, and your soul experiences its connection with your Source of Love & Truth, in your Akashic Record, no one can ever take that away from you. [/box]


The simple process of sounding mantras, or your personal truths & affirmations, in your Akashic Record has the most gentle yet the most powerful transformational potency.  The process of “remembering” the truth of Who You Truly Are in your Akashic Records feels like homecoming.

Homecoming feels like you have arrived to your destination of inner peace and wholeness within, where you are forever connected with your Source, gently supported and powerfully guided, and you are amongst the ones that understand you and know you – your soul family.  It feels like wherever you go, you bring your home with you.  In your heart.  In your being.  In your soul.  And it is inseparable from YOU.

Once you experience the homecoming, and your soul experiences its connection with your Source of Love & Truth, in your Akashic Record, no one can ever take that away from you.  This is the most effective process of becoming more of Who You Truly Are.

Ease over struggle.  Love over fear.  Truth of who you are over illusion of who you are not. The truth of what you CAN over the illusion of THAT which is holding you back.  Namaste.

[box type=”download”] If you would like to experience your own homecoming, click below…[/box]


If you would like to experience your own homecoming, check out my updated Akashic Records classes page – The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program.

[button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program[/button]

Many blessings to you and yours,





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Divine Guidance and/or Our Brilliant Higher Selves?

I am amazed again & again at how our divine guidance team (+ our Brilliant Higher Selves) orchestrate meetings of soul groups that purposely come together around a VERY specific and so personally relevant theme, to help each other heal.  Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification – LEVEL 1 this weekend was another magical leap to living in alignment with our soul, rather than our ego. We managed to get our left brain to take a back seat for TWO FULL and intense days, so that our right brain can lead us into the BEYOND IMAGINABLE realm where healing & transformation are powerfully activated & anchored.  We opened up to an outpour of divine wisdom & energetic support, despite a natural resistance and self-doubt.


What a blessing it is to bring this wisdom to YOU and continually grow and expand alongside YOU!!!

Infinite gratitude to our brilliant Record Keepers + Guides and Huge Congrats to brilliantly courageous students who are choosing the accelerated + fearless path to wellbeing, abundance & wholeness!!!

The next ARC 1 will be coming up on January 18/19th in the Wonderful New 2014.

The ARC 2 coming up in February 2014 and ARC 3 in May 2014.

My next FREE workshop is coming up on December 14th (12-2 pm) – about 7 Abundance Rituals you must implement in your life to electrify your intuitive powers AND thrive in 2014!!!

Stay tuned for more details – soonest!!!

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What are the Akashic Records – My YouTube Video Debut!!!

Check out my YouTube video debut on Akashic Records :)

EnJOY :)


The Akashic Record, also known as the Book of Life or the Book of Knowledge, is an etheric library of information about your soul.  The Akashic Records are protected and stored by your Record Keepers, the beings of purest love & light, who fulfill their purpose by helping you to remember and fulfill yours.

Akashic Record, at the most fundamental level, is the energy of love & truth.

Now, why Love & Truth?  Why not fear and illusion?  Well simply because your soul requires love & truth in order to heal.

Now the good news is that every soul has access to their sacred and infinite record.

I teach in my workshops and classes that YOU do not have to be a saint, or perfect, you don’t have to have a special brain, special powers or special skills in order to learn how to access your inner knowingness, Your Akashic Record.

The only thing that is required is an extraordinary desire to achieve wholeness, realize your full potential and live in alignment with your purpose.

I invite you to visit my website at to sign up for upcoming transformational workshop and classes and learn about this powerful healing modality that helps you to powerfully align to your soul’s purpose, realize your potential and achieve that wellbeing & wholeness you have been looking for.

Many brilliant blessings,


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Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose – Free Workshop on November 10th!!!

Are you tired of searching for your Soul’s Purpose and ready for a clarity and implementation breakthrough?

Are you exhausted from almost-knowing or knowing-but-repeatedly-resisting your purpose + ready to finally embrace and fulfill your highest potential & create the life of your dreams?

Would you like to powerfully shift from perpetually searching to gracefully, fearlessly & abundantly living your purpose?

If this sounds like YOU, reserve your spot ASAP due to limited availability for this FREE transformational event!

I will be leading a guided visualization to help us tune into our powerful inner knowingness.  We will discover what the Akashic Records are and why accessing them can maximize your life experience, as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey. We will be focusing on how to get clarity on your soul’s purpose in your Soul’s Records.  No prior experience in intuitive arts necessary.

The consequences of soul purpose amnesia + soul purpose resistance are costly, both emotionally and financially:  intense lack of energy and loss of motivation; feeling disoriented, disconnected or withdrawn from your work, loved ones and friends; feeling lost with a deep longing to finally “find yourself”, your place in the world and “to come home”; relationship and family dramas, money struggles, eternal student/perfectionist syndrome, chronic indecision, escapism; lack of fulfillment & progress for a prolonged period of time (e.g. longer than 3-4 months).

When you embrace the totality of your purpose and not just 50% or 70% of it and allow yourself to shine your soul’s light more brightly, you give permission to those connected to you (your Family of Origin + Soul Family) to do the same.

Working and healing in your Akashic Records is the deepest soul-level healing available to you that helps you to powerfully align to your soul’s purpose and achieve your highest potential.

Join us on November 10th and learn about this powerful healing modality that enables us to experience the infinite multi-dimensional nature of our soul in order to achieve greater wellbeing and manifest connectedness with Who We Really Really Are at our soul level.

Organizer:  Milada Sakic

Date:  November 10, 2013

Time:  10:30 am -1:00 pm

Cost:  FREE

Location:  Don Mills-DVP/Steeles (exact address will be provided upon registration; free visitor parking available)

Pre-registration is necessary (space limited to 10-12 people):  Email

Visit: for more information

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How will you know if learning how to access the Akashic Records is meant for you?

There are 3 more spots left for my Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification – LEVEL 1 course coming up next weekend on September 28th and 29th

How will you know if the course is meant for you?  If you are looking to achieve your highest potential in this lifetime, in the most harmonious, joyous and abundant way + seeking to access your inner wisdom effectively & consistently for both healing and divine guidance + receive support and fulfillment beyond imaginable.

Healing & growth opportunities are limitless in your Records, whether you are looking to learn the method for your own self-healing (Level 1) or facilitate the deepest level of healing and awareness for others in their Records  (Level 2 & 3) and teach the method (Level 4).

Email me at if this resonates.  I am so very excited for those of YOU who feel guided to receive this level of information at this point in your life!!! It has been a miracle-rich and life-changing experience for me that continues beyond anything I ever imagined was possible for me just few short years ago and I so wish this level of fulfillment for YOU too!!!  But this of course depends on YOU, your personal choice and whether you give yourself the permission to embrace your most exalted path.

Many brilliant blessings to you,


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Healing & Manifesting with Akashic Records – Free Workshop coming up on Aug 31!!!

Would you like to accelerate your intuitive development and receive divine guidance effectively and confidently?  Learn how this is possible for you!!!

Working and healing in your Akashic Records is the deepest soul-level healing available to you that helps you to powerfully align to your soul’s purpose and achieve your highest potential.

We are going to talk about what the Akashic Records are and why accessing them can maximize your life experience as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey.

Join us on August 31st and learn about this powerful healing modality that helps us experience the infinite multi-dimensional nature of our soul.

Organizer:  Milada Sakic and Wonderworks

DateAugust 31st @ 11:00am-1:00 pm

Cost:  FREE!!!

Pre-registration:  Email to pre-register asap!



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