Are YOU Serving Your Ego or Your Soul?

Wearing the badge of “Stressed” & “Busy” certainly most definitely serves us.  However it serves our ego.  Not our soul.

Let me explain.

Our ego identity is a left-brain (simplified, one-dimensional, 3D focused) version of who we are.  This version is a limited personality construct.  Its purpose is to help distinguish “You” from “I” and also to keep us comfortable in the familiar and easily digestible 3D experiences + safe from whatever is perceived to be pain(ful) and hurt(ful).  This regrettably often translates into fear from growth and resistance to change.  Resistance to anything really.

The universe at large on the other hand is a limitless right-brain (multi-dimensional or non-linear) version of our eternal self (our soul).  The multi-dimensional means the one that doesn’t recognize limitation of time/space linear realities.  It also means fearless.

Our soul doesn’t analyze its purpose and its path every step of the way.  Our fear-oriented ego/mind does.  Can you imagine if the Sun analyzed its movement across the sky on a daily basis.  If it questioned its purpose regularly.  Somehow, by a miracle of divine creation, it manages to complete its job perfectly, without being busy or overwhelmed.  It doesn’t get exhausted or tired.  Yet it regularly shows up fulfilling its eternal soul’s purpose.  And thank God for that!  I mean nothing in nature around us analyzes, dissects, questions and schedules things like humans and yet everything else in nature appears to be in greater balance than we are.  So something doesn’t add up here.

How busy is the ocean sustaining the life as we know it?  I mean, how busy has God been from the dawn of time maintaining planets and stars in their natural celestial perfectly ordained positions?  Can you imagine if the Moon started getting hectic all of a sudden with “too much to do but not enough time for self-care”?  What kind of energy do you think would be transmitted to us, from our archetypical “Mother of the Universe” knowing that movement of all fluids on Earth is intimately connected with the cycles of the Moon (such as water in our bodies, oceans, blood, sap levels in plants)?  Can you imagine if our Lunar Goddess got harried with everything BUT its purpose?

It may not be easy to take a critical look at our daily routine and identify where we are keeping ourselves busy with “too much to do” + away from Who We Truly Are.  It is in fact scary to do that if our whole sense of self-worth is wrapped around busying away and tending to things all day every day that “no one else can do but us”.  Or no one else can do “like us:)

The truth is the Universe doesn’t judge what we focus our attention to or what we channel our intentions and desires into.  It provides unconditionally:  the how (= support + tools).  We supply:  the what (= desire + choice + intention).

If you say so, responds Universal Manager to you, after having received your “busy” signal telepathically transmitted into the ethers, let me help you fulfill your busy purpose and if you’d like offer you few more “busy” responsibilities to be added to your plate?  Like attracts like.  What we focus on expands.  Whatever we believe in we will make happen.  We supply the what (of what we want).  The Universe provides.  Period.

(Now what we want is not always what we really need, but that’s a whole other story).

Our dear ego seeks safety and status quo.  It also seeks recognition and self-importance (because they provide security and shelter from change or whatever “the unknown” the change may bring).  Our soul on the other hand seeks growth, joy, expansion, creativity, experiences, fulfillment and bliss.  Being busy is fine and likely a reality for most of us today, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of thriving~ meaningful work~happiness~healthy productivity and creativity.  As long as it doesn’t get in the way of our soul experiencing the fullness of life.  And not leading to overwhelm and resistance to embracing and living our soul’s purpose fully.

What are you choosing to invest your energy in and say “Yes” to on a regular basis? 

Has that investment created desirable results that you are looking for?

 Is that investment of energy bringing you considerably closer to your ideal lifestyle + happiness and resulting in a greater alignment with your soul’s purpose? 

 There is no judgment here about what is right or wrong for you.  This is only about where we choose to invest our energy and about visible results we are creating.  You can start by answering the three soul-revealing questions above.  And then choose to take a conscious break (a minute, an hour, a day) or simply slow down your pace.  Then if you wish you may contemplate about which of those “busy” activities you could start letting go of.  Pick just one to start with.

I decided about 12 months ago I would no longer strive to be busy.  I would strive to be happy.  To be peaceful and whole.  To be in harmony and in flow.  In order to achieve that I had to choose clarity in what I said “Yes” and what I said “No” to.  I recognized that when I used to be “busy with everything” there used to be a blurred line between my Yes and my No.  I had to learn to say (and demonstrate in my actions!) a simple and straightforward “No” in order to be able to wholeheartedly say “Yes” to what really mattered. It works the other way around too.  If you lead by your wholehearted “Yes”, you will find that you will simply have no desire or yearning to focus on the “NOs”.

It feels complete.  It feels like fullness without unnecessary complexity and overwhelm.  Wholeness found in simplicity and life uncluttered.

Is our purpose to be busy or to be happy?  Is our purpose to be frantic and disconnected from Source, or joyful, balanced, aligned and connected on all levels?

When will it finally serve us to wake up from our Soul Purpose amnesia and reclaim that which our ascended guardians are hoping we will embrace?  They rejoice in our joyousness.  They fulfill their purpose when they help us remember ours.  Yet they can’t make choices on our behalf.

How about you?  Are you choosing busy OR peaceful and in alignment with your purpose?  What are you choosing to wholeheartedly & expansively say Yes to right now?  What are you choosing to undoubtedly & unconditionally say No to?  And perhaps delegate?

Many brilliant blessings to you and yours,


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