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9 Ways to Love: LEO FULL MOON of Jan 23, 2016

As we move from the results-oriented Capricorn New Moon energy of January 9th, we are nudged to explore a thrilling creative playground of the culminating Leo Full Moon on January 23rd, exact at 3 Leo 29’ at 8:45 pm EST.




This is a very creative Moon, and perhaps not so let loose out-of-control creative, as it is…




…set it free creative (Saturn trine Uranus approaching).




As we allow the heart-centered Leo energy to come through fully, we need to be in the awareness of the transiting Mercury energy pull, stationary direct at 15 degrees of Capricorn.  It is in an exact alignment with Pluto, the Shaman, in a surprisingly dynamic square with the rule-breaker Uranus of a new awakened electrified awareness and unburdened individuality.




What is asking to be expressed...






Venus also enters the achievement-oriented Capricorn just hours before the full moon.




The Leo Full Moon is ruled by the polar-opposite Sun in the individualistic and always-needing-to-be-special-even-if-they-send-me-away-because-I-am-different-cause-truth-is-truth-is-truth Aquarius.




Leo energy and essence requires a creative fun playground to thrive.




Leo is charismatic as it is confident in its light.




Leo spontaneously celebrates self.




Capricorn is self-disciplined and with that…self-censored.




Both Leo and Capricorn love tangible and love a form of expression, love to share their creative process and what is possible to be built and birthed when we surrender to it fully.




Leo needs and craves applause (seeking approval outside), while Capricorn needs recognition (anchored in the inner integrity of self-respect).




Leo is stylish and elegant in its desire to impress.  Capricorn is impressive in its deep-seated need to do purposeful work and show you why the step-by-step progress (or “the climb”) is important.




Leo must show itself.



It must perform and express the essence of how it feels to be full of itself, that is full of life.  Some may call it an ego-centric perspective, but for Leo (as it is for our inner joy child) it is a transcendence of oneness that is the goal here.



In oneness, we are pure joy.



In selfness, we are joy aware of itself.



One is not better than the other; it’s just a different way of expanding consciousness, with new levels of awareness available to us (and to all who are connected to us).




Mercury Stations in Capricorn - Jan 22-28, 2016





If you choose to tune into this intensely creative moon, even if a bit stormy one that may surprise you, you will be rewarded with brand new, exciting, and re-awakened ideas, clarity of focused thought, and plenty of inspiration to envision and plan your best year yet.




But you need to breathe it in with an open heart.  To act it out, to exaggerate if needed, so that those on the other side of the lens don’t confuse your stoic (Capricorn) appearance with cold-heartedness.




To show yourself – and share of yourself – is the higher ground here.





Here are 9 ways to love and 9 ways to celebrate this heart-opening Leo Full Moon:






 1. Map out your 2016 plans or goals until you feel you have stepped out of your heart center (when it’s no longer fun for the day, then continue tomorrow.)






2. Take on a creative practice between now and February 8th (the next New Moon). It can be as simple as a 9-min free movement flow practice (in your own style).  Or it can be using a larger sketch pad to map out your goals visually, rather than using a regular notebook or typing them out on your computer.






3. Hug those around you a little tighter, a little longer, but not from the place of fear, but from the place of “we are love and joy no matter what”.





4. Hug your inner child and let her roam for a day, or just a few moments longer than usual, while allowing a tidbit more awareness of how serious you can be and how fun you are at the same time, when you allow your inner joy, your inner youth, to come through freely. And be that.




You mean what is the purpose of life- It is Joy. What is the reason for life- It is JoyWhat is the basis of life- It is FreedomWhat is the result of life- It is Expansion (1)






5. Journal or mediate on these questions. Ask for 1 to 3 words only to come through and be with that awareness for a minute, heart-aware and full.  Or numb and wishing to feel it more fully.  It’s ok just to let it be for a moment or two until it comes through with a flutter of pure untethered joy and deeper level of clarity…or pure expression or sensation that doesn’t have to be anything in particular but a new personally experienced and embodied code for a flavor of love.




Don’t expect or invite your monkey mind to know how to tackle these questions, they are designed for your higher self that knows you better than anyone, beyond the physical egoic limited understanding of who you figure you are:




What energy am I here to express and celebrate?



What IS my primary language? 



What vibration am I here to hold?







And allow it in.





6. Focus on your heart and its energy, once twice three times a day today. Heart is where your truth resides, where non-physical and physical dimension spontaneously and freely connect.  It is where we can open or close our connection with anything.




7. Schedule in some fun. You have heard that before, but would you like to truly stop for a moment to take it in.  Take a millisecond longer today to remember one activity or one person or one creature or one energy that reminds you how to do and be that.  Go ahead and send your love to them.





Leo woman crown creative


8. Affirm these mantras spontaneously:




I AM pure love and joy.




I embrace my creativity and my inner child with ease.




It is safe to be me.  I am free to be me now.




I enjoy and delight in my unique self-expression.





9. Most of all: do you.  Worry a little less about doing it right.  There is no right in Leo, there is only playful and exciting.  Sure, we have the intense Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn with a huge window of purposefulness, urging us to zoom in on the crystal clarity of our message, and even eradicate the non-essential non-profound thought.

But Mercury is stationing now, which means we are meant to go beyond the obvious understanding of purposeful and dutiful…and superficial.




What if it was time to embrace a more expanded paradigm of purpose and practicality?




What if practicality didn’t have to imply a common ordinary sense, but a creative original sense?




What if our duty was to our soul and our joyous wellbeing first and not to our limited local awareness of self?




What if we are meant to reach for beyond clarity, or form, and cheerfully relate to alive creative consciousness that is behind the form?




Into the ever-expanding light of where pure inspiration comes from…




…where you can never run out of ideas to be (and play with, if you’d like), but only run out of ideas to bound yourself weary with.




To your eternal joy,







Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer



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When this invite reaches you, it will either land in your heart and resonate, or it will not.  Either is in divine alignment.  Trust your wise heart above all  :)


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Infinite 9 Year

Happy INFINITE 9 YEAR and CAPRICORN NEW MOON of Jan 9, 2016: A Year of Infinite Reach + Consistency

Happy New Year!  Hope you have sailed into this exciting new year of infinite potential with ease and joy!




We are starting the year with a Capricorn New Moon on January 9th, just a few days after Mercury, the Messenger, turned retrograde on Jan 5th in the first degree of Aquarius.  Mercury will be retracing its path, appearing to be moving backwards to 14-15 deg of Capricorn on January 25th.



It will be an opportunity to feng shui our life for more consistency and faithfulness to our life’s vision and our goals, from a creative and abstract inception of ideas until their full completion.



In Capricorn, we start but we also finish what we started with a dutifulness and faithfulness of someone who is excited to bring to life, build, and see to fruition those visible tangible results.



Capricorn’s guiding principle is:



I complete.  



I consistently & resolutely complete.  




At the same time this week, Jupiter started its almost 5-month retrograde journey on January 7th, thus asking:



What kind of experiences will help your grow your organic faith in life?




It is time to slow down, breathe, and focus on your alignment with what you would like to consistently create, build, deliver, and rely on this year.




This very special New Moon at 19 Cap 13’ is in a very busy, results and achievement-oriented sign that strives on being a starter, disciplined, resilient, and goal-oriented, while we have two planets turning retrograde during the same week, thus energetically inspiring us us to slow-down, remember to breathe, recalibrate our speed, and really really really tune in to the bigger “why” and “the how” behind our intentions and plans that may have been already set in motion.



So my reflection question to you is:




How can I create the most creative and joyously abundant result with a minimum energy expansion and effort this month?





Here are 9 things to be patient about and review your alignment with this month:






  1. Infinite Accomplishments.



Have you reviewed and celebrated your 2015 accomplishment list?



Look again, I bet you will find 10 more reasons to smile just by taking another 10 more minutes to remember where you started 2015 and where you are now.





In Capricorn, we like to climb those phenomenal peaks and goals of accomplishment and highest achievement; however it is also where we celebrate the energy of completion!



In addition, it is also where we attain a mastery of self-discipline, practicality, healthy common sense, resilience, diligence, prudence, consistency, and emotional maturity.



Which one of these skills and energies you would like to master and work with in 2016?



 The energy, intention and action you are devoted to being with daily (in a habitual ritual way) is your essential alchemical contribution to WHAT you claim you want (to create) in your life.





  1. Infinite Deadlines.


If you have deadlines set in stone this month, know that you may feel called to tweak or reassess them, wherever your vibrational alignment to the deadlines, priorities, and goals is out of vibrational integrity with your willingness to take inspired action on them.



However, Mercury Rx has a magical way of helping us recommit to what really matters.




And no, not everything that was critical and important last year will also be critical this year.  On the other hand, some of the last year’s priorities-in-waiting will grow into core priorities this year.  We evolve as our purpose evolves, and energies shift with us as we shift with them.





  1. Infinite Priorities.


Review your priority list.  Does it include you and reflect the essence of you (as in, what is most essential to your wellbeing, peace, and fulfillment) anywhere on the list?



Truth is, in Capricorn we realize we have lots of responsibilities and duties, but hopefully we also take the necessary time to realize how we are attracting them.

Those exact responsibilities we claim we have lots of.



If your priority list is all about what you “should” do (because because), look again until you can see an organic value in putting yourself first in order to be able to help others more, including this planet and humanity at large (as well as your family and those closest to you).





  1. Infinite Reach.


This New Moon says “be ambitious about your goals, but do it in a way that makes you feel already accomplished and already in integrity”.



As in, you can see your future self attaining it and joyously celebrating it, while it feels ripe in your gut to grow into it.



Most of all, set infinite reach goals.  It is a year of critical growth.



It is also a year you will feel more inspired to travel to distances and heights you’ve never traveled to before.



How many people would you like to reach this year?



Where and how far would you like to travel in 2016?



Geographically, intellectually, spiritually, financially.



Start planning now and even if you travel 5000 of those 25000 total miles to your next goal, you will have been 1/5 closer.



Hint:  After your set your 2016 reach goal, multiply it by 3 (it is the Infinite 9 Year after all).







  1. Infinite Alignment.


How do you show up for your alignment (with wellbeing) daily?



If your goal is to become healthier this year and increase your energy level, check in with whether this is a true priority you are willing to take action on today, or perhaps there is another more dominant intention you are ready to take on action this month.  It is the most dominant intention that will subconsciously run your life this year behind the scenes, so make sure that you are aligning your inspired actions around what is essential to you.



What are you committed to bringing to a tangible completion and achievement this year?



What are you ready to commit to and purchase that travel ticket for TODAY?

Even if you are more nervous about stretching yourself to THERE than you’ve ever ever been before!





 12 Healing Keys (2)

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  1. Infinite Faith.


Learn something radically new, including exploring other belief systems, and have faith that life will always lead you to more learning and mastery and/or more wellbeing, or both, whichever you choose for yourself (by your emotional devotion and habitual action).



The proverbial “your faith is being tested” starts now, between January 7th-May 9th of Jupiter’s retrograde journey.



World (stock) markets will feel it and some of the world’s leading currencies will as well.  We will feel it, based on wherever that Jupiter is in our birth chart and what part of our chart is being activated.



Notice, just notice, what goals you have set out for yourself in the last month and are now questioning – the goals and/or your capacity to accomplish them.



It is an imperative to unearth the beliefs you are most devoted to ensure they are the most expansive they can be and they won’t sabotage you half way to finish.

If you feel they might, what more liberating belief can you adopt today that will align you to your infinite reach goal?







  1. Infinitely Natural.


With Jupiter and North Node in Virgo this year, we are encouraged to expand our consciousness into a bigger “how-to” of living a more environmentally sustainable and natural life.



We will likely see ever more people choosing green beauty, clean energy, organic food, healthy and more natural lifestyle.  It will feel like everyone is talking about it.



Go green in 2016.  Choose more eco-friendly, healthy, natural and organic wherever you can.  Replace toxic chemicals with all-natural ingredients.  Read labels. Reuse.



Why not replace the word “toxin” or “half-healthy” with “nature’s gift” or “nutrient-packed”?





 Energize Your Essencew- Essential Oils (2)

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  1. Infinite Speed


We are aligning with infinite speed in the Infinite 9 Year.



With Mercury Rx this month, we are realigning our intentions, priorities and integrities with our natural rhythms (or our naturally expansive rhythm until May 9th, if you consider Jupiter Rx).





This is your month to choose the infinite speed you wish to move at in the next 12 months.  Be strategic but brave as well.




I expect to see masses of people, alliances, and organizations accomplishing feats thought to have been impossible in the previous 8-9 years, including huge advancements in technology, engineering, health and healing, and space travel (Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, plus Saturn sq Neptune, along with Jupiter/North Node in Virgo).



Where would like to create an infinite creative momentum in your life?




See it, feel it, take it in, move in alignment with it.







  1. Infinite Service.




For the greatest good of all, you will hear that a lot in the next 12 months and most will mean it.  Perhaps more than you have in the previous 8-9 years combined, as we are completing a 9-year cycle in this 9 Year.





This is the year where more people will wake up to their own desire to help and serve more people who need their support and expertise.



While in 2016 (an 8 Universal Year) we collectively focused on healing our money story and stepping into our personal power, in 2017 we will be choosing what we want to be known for again and claiming our area of expertise (a 10=1 Universal Year of Mastery).



Before we can claim our mastery once again, this year’s cosmic cycle suggests stretching yourself in the next 12 months to grow in a closer alignment with your infinite best self, choose natural wellbeing with ease, choose continuous learning, and believe in yourself and your lucky star, by really truly consistently stretching your zone of comfort closer to your zone of brilliance.




The possibilities for healing and manifesting are limitless.



If you are looking for more keys on how to attune to a better and brighter year, I am offering my first FREE CALL in 2016 on January 11th.



You can register {HERE} and I sooo look forward to sharing with you then.



To your infinite wellbeing








Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer




Infinite 9 Year








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