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PISCES FULL MOON of Aug 29th – 8 Alignment Mantras for the Pre-Eclipse Musical Moon

We are heading into quite a transformational season!


Two days till the Full Moon in Pisces on August 29th, two weeks before the September 13th Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo, followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on September 27th, three weeks before the next Mercury Retrograde starts on September 17th and Saturn’s movement into Sagittarius on the same day!


Both Venus and Pluto are also changing direction and turning direct in September.


You bet we are ready for a shift!



The eclipses tend to highlight an area of our life that we


have long procrastinated on.



Are you ready, even if not all the pieces of the puzzle are available yet?


The eclipses are like a powerful universal marker, timer, highlighter, spotlight, focus light, healing light, amplifier, accelerator, transformation catalyst, and restart button – all at once!


This season holds a tremendous opportunity to release the old way of doing things, allow in more life and light, and draw closer to your purpose, your flow, your alignment, your wellbeing.


The eclipses tend to highlight an area of our life that we have long procrastinated on.


And then encourage us, with a sense of urgency and purpose, to release stagnancy and embrace progress.


The sooner we tune in, the earlier we come into alignment.  The more we procrastinate to the point of creating more dis-ease in our life, the more we are telepathically asking the Universe to intervene.


So we end up attracting and creating a healing crisis of sorts – completely unnecessary!


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Perhaps you have convinced yourself you don’t have enough time, money, or energy to take inspired and decisive action in that area, however if it’s something that is essential to your wellbeing, joy, and purpose, it will likely come up during this time to be looked at more consciously :)


The Full Moon in Pisces is almost here on August 29th


and will be exact at 2:35 pm EDT (Eastern Time).


This is a very intuitive, dreamy, and musical Moon.


We may feel an increased need to express ourselves through any soul-restoring activities – such as yoga, dance, music, sound, creativity, dreams, etc.


You may feel a strong need to channel more of who you truly are into the world.


To be of service, in a very purposeful practical way.


With the Pisces Moon and Virgo Sun, I feel we are setting the stage for the powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo coming up on September 13th, which will be very much highlighting radical self-care for many…


…in order to be able to focus on your most meaningful work, especially when it comes gaining new awareness about what causes you stress, overwhelm, anxiety, panic, dis-ease, addictive habits, self-sabotaging habits, phobias, analysis paralysis.


And what is behind the need to focus on lots of detail, or neglect the details, and fear the worst case scenario.


This comes with a tremendous opportunity to release the illusions about the anxieties that are not you.  They are simply signaling to you what you have decided about your relationship to those “anxiety-triggering”  things and energies.  Or really, what is really going on behind it.


I feel this Moon is a very musical one, a creative one, a magical one.


But also inspiring you to adopt a healthier routine – how can I be healthier, how can I have a healthier routine, how can I finally feel like I have a process or a system in place of self-care rituals that will work for me most optimally!




Here are 8 energies, along with 8 suggested mantras, to work with during this time.


If any of these symptoms and needs come up, know you are not crazy, you are in tune:



1)      Change.  Movement.  Shifts.


An extraordinary need to change patterns, habits, living or working environment, move energy, press a restart button on key relationships, including your relationship with yourself, release an addictive or self-sabotaging habit, or simply allow in a new and fresh perspective!


If you are not feeling it, but your loved ones are, don’t be alarmed.


Simply check in here if you may be resonating more with another one of the 8 energies listed here.  Or perhaps your relationship with the energy of change needs to be redefined.  If the thought of it unsettles you, then align yourself with another energy that feels more like what you most need right now (read on).


Miracle Mantra:  I move through life with ease and grace.  I AM Grace.


I am ready to release my need to [insert what no longer works for you], for my highest good and healing.



2)      Expansion.  Goals.  Direction.


An extraordinary need to shift things and plans around, even if it’s just days right after you told yourself “I will/could never do that”.


Don’t be surprised if your 2015 plans take a sudden unexpected turn in the next few weeks, even a quantum leap of change, in either direction:




Choose it as long as it feels – more you:




You may be resonating with a 180 deg shift in direction, or it may suddenly sink in how and why your 2015 goals were too small for who you are actually ready and eager to become this year!


Either way, allow in the latest expansion of who you are becoming, without judgement or the need to control how things “must be”.


Miracle Mantra:  I expand most joyously in the direction of my wellbeing.  I expand most harmoniously in the direction of the most abundant flow.


I am growing to become [insert what comes through as you speak this mantra], most joyously, most harmoniously, most abundantly.



Happy Moon in Pisces



3) Light.  Balance.


Earth.  Balance.  Water. Balance.  Air.  Balance.


An increased need to take in more light and sun energy.  Interestingly enough, this could show up either as a need for more sun’s energy, or an unexplainable allergy or oversensitivity to sunlight.


Simply notice in whichever way this shows up and choose to tune into the knowing available around the balance of elements, if unsure.


Miracle Mantra:  I AM Light.  I AM infinite being of Light and Ease.



4)      Peace.  Harmony.  Rest.


An above average need to take rest or balance your sleep patterns, waking time, sleep time, how much rest do you need, how much activity do you choose to fill your life with joy.


Miracle Mantra:  I AM Peace.  I am becoming Harmony.

My alignment with my inner peace [healer, wisdom keeper, source] is my priority.



5)      Alignment.  Misalignment.


It may show up as a lower tolerance for energies that are not your truth, an expression of your own voice, and for energetic interference of any kind (e.g. other people offering their opinion or advise when you are not looking for one).


Miracle Mantra:  I AM calling in NOW and powerfully requesting my energy, all my soul’s aspects, and all my energies to come home now, and other people’s energies to flow to them, for my highest good and healing, and the highest good of all.


My energy feels like…[insert what comes through and continue to work with this until you feel a shift; or choose something else that feels better].



6)      Flow.  Ease.  Rejuvenation.


An unusual need to take in more water (especially this week of the Full Moon in Pisces), but into September as well.


Miracle Mantra:  I am FLOW.


I AM easily flowing from here to my alignment with my soul and my wellbeing available for me here [insert whatever goal is important, that you wish to become]



7)      Sound.  Voice.  Rhythm.


An increased need to integrate a harmonious sound into your vibration – such as a vibrational harmonic that feels healing, peaceful, rejuvenating, restoring, balancing to your soul.


Listen to music that sings to your heart, create and tone sounds that fill your body with harmony, then move your body along with it!


Explore and find your own soul’s rhythm.


Miracle Mantra:  I AM divine sound.  I AM divine design.


My energy sounds like…[insert a word, image, sensation that comes through]

My soul’s sound feels like…[insert a word, image, sensation that comes through]



8)      Nutrition.  Digestion. Wellness.


A surprising need to take in more nutrition – this will be especially highlighted after September 13th, the first eclipse New Moon in Virgo.


So if you start feeling like you are all of a sudden becoming a health junkie, don’t be surprised – you are in tune!


Take water and nutrition in more consciously, for example, being aware of your state of mind, or your thoughts, when you are taking your vitamins and drinking your water.


Miracle Mantra:  I am tuning into my body right now and allowing in clarity about what it needs to feel nourished now.


What I most need right now is…what my body most needs right now is…


Don’t overthink this!  Simply notice which of the energies your awareness is drawn to explore here and go with it!


Above all, trust, trust, trust your own awareness – that is YOU!


To your JOY,




The September Shift

I have been receiving many questions about what is coming up in September and have decided to offer a complimentary call to help you navigate this time with more ease.


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–  What key dates to keep in mind for your project timing purposes


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I look forward to sharing with you on September 2nd!


Many blessings of healing and miracle manifesting


To your abundance,




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