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[NEW VIDEO] Happy CANCER NEW MOON – July 15/16, 2015 – How to Allow More Support – July 2015

Happy Cancer New Moon!


Here is my new VIDEO on this beautiful New Moon in


Cancer energies!


Click HERE to watch and enJOY :)


The Cancer New Moon of July 15th at 9:25 pm Eastern Daylight Time exact at 23 degrees of Cancer. It will mostly impact anyone with a personal planet in Cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) and those with Cancer Rising.


It will also impact other cardinal signs such as Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, especially with planets and angles between 20-26 degrees of those signs.


At the same time, everyone will be impacted on some level based on where in your natal chart the New Moon will be positioned.


Here are some suggested inspired and reflective actions for this Cancer New Moon:


1. Reflect on and journal: How will my life/biz look like in 2015 when I allow more meaningful support in the next 30 days?


2. Release: I am not safe enough to [create what I most need in 2015].


3. Release: I am not supported.


4. Embrace: I understand how it feels to feel safe.


5. Embrace: I know how it feels to feel supported.


6. Create an inspiring vision board for 2015 that includes your trusted support system, your support circle.


7. Daily: Adopt a belief that feels like a liberating truth.


Hope you enjoy the video and please comment below how this resonated for you :)


Many blessings of healing



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Happy Moon in Capricorn

CAPRICORN FULL MOON of July 1st– Star Guide for Your Masterclass in Elasticity (or is it Sustainability?) – July 2015

This month holds a tremendous potential for adaptable growth.


It could be a masterclass in elasticity and sustainability, should we choose to rise to the occasion.


If you listened to my Gemini New Moon Virtual Activation call on June 15th and/or followed some of my latest social media posts, or if you simply tuned in to your own inner wisdom and gave yourself permission to expand expand expand, you know we have been blessed in June with so much uplifting energy to move us forward on the wings of our powerful intentions and aligned action.


We are enjoying the fruits of the sweet labour we planted on about June 16th and the last two weeks.


Harness the power of your June intentions and marry it


with a powerful follow-through in July.

In the first part of July, we are invited to crystallize and organize our best work charged with the energy of the hardworking Capricorn Full Moon (9° Cap 22’), exact at 10:20pm EDT on July 1st and in effect for the next two weeks.


Capricorn masterclass is about a follow-through, resilience of our iron will that perseveres.


Harness the power of your June intentions and marry it with a powerful follow-through in July.


To sustain our long climb to the highest peak of our dream, what will it take?


There is always the next peak to climb, says Capricorn.


Long-term success, whatever it may mean for you, is usually paved by strategic planning, resistance navigating, co-creating and partnering, fear transcending, elasticity training, inspired action, aligned action, gratitude work, energy work, and lots of dedication and follow-through.


(I would like to say here plenty of fun as well, but that’s not usually the language of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, unless combined with some Leo or Sag influence perhaps :))


If June was about expanding our reach in leaps and bounds, then July would like to challenge us further to expand to the core of our elasticity – to develop the muscle that flexes the hidden areas where “the smartest” resistance is hidden.




Because any growth needs to be sustainable.


What does this mean for you, if up for the challenge?


This means that your tricky (unresolved, not-made-conscious-yet) stuff will likely be triggered.


Parental karma (or “am I provided for” issues) will resurface.


Self-discipline (or “can I do it on my own”) issues will come up.


Self-worth self-love self-image, all that, you name it.


If most people embody fear and believe that financial


freedom is not attainable…

Excuses can now crystallize into rigid structures that serve no one.  Don’t let them!  Unless it makes all the sense in the world to you.


How do I know?


Because the Moon in Capricorn is not a comfortable place for Luna, especially when followed up with a meeting with Pluto (the Shaman), then Uranus (the Change-Maker).


Then our lady Venus is travelling to a dynamic square with Saturn towards July 13th (offering integration of sobriety and to surely define our commitment to self-love, before the summer is over).


The Sun in safety-oriented Cancer will be moving into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn by July 5th (how to navigate resistance to temptations of power hunger and obsession with fixed compulsive, or potentially self-destructive, ideas).


Then Mars, the Mover, will be following along by July 12-14th (which may trigger power struggles, fears of helplessness and all-or-nothing energy for those who really need to master their willpower, rather than being consumed by a fanatic cause or frustrated will) and Sun-Uranus square at the same time (should I commit or make a radical break and course-correct).


The month ends with Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio, which usually brings up trigger themes related to global economy and socioeconomic change, with personal undertones related to the money story dilemmas (to spend and invest in ourselves or to save for a rainy “just in case” day, and preparation of survival kits), but also themes related to what we are proud of and what gives us ego-superpowers (Leo) on one hand, and what scares us in our nature (or in our relationship to intimacy, sexuality, and taboo aspects of self), projected onto others and the society (Scorpio).


How can I access deep inner wisdom available to me at


all times?


A deeper understanding of how energy (or economy) of give and take works will be available to all:  the cycles of expansion and contraction, mastering the art of timing and strategic approach to growth.


Our global economy is the sum total of our global consciousness and our belief systems.  If most people embody fear and believe that financial freedom is not attainable before retirement (or ever), then this transit is usually expressed in media as fear-mongering and talks about recession.


Add to the mix the approaching Sun/Mars in Cancer (of safety) opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (what needs to change in the current power system and our perception of authority and who is “in charge of us”) and you get a recipe for the survival syndrome being triggered for many.


Perhaps we are still learning the highest expression of this very complex aspect with highly spiritual undertones, that calls for integration of the highest principles of faith and expansion of our energy and belief systems on one hand, and satisfying our need for boundaries, structure and systems on the other…the systems that can sustain us even without training wheels (Saturn).


Is this about expanding our belief in the fundamental ebb and flow of life and a deeper understanding of the cosmic cycles that drive our human experience of meaning (Jupiter) and form (Saturn), wealth (Jupiter) and poverty (Saturn), too much (Jupiter) and too little (Saturn) of what we most need.


Or simply about systems that work most optimally (personal, social, business, economical, ecological), not suffocating our ecosystem and ecology of growth and balance.








How can I access deep inner wisdom available to me at all times?


How do I embrace wealth consciousness (Jupiter) and release poverty consciousness (Saturn)? Or embrace poverty consciousness and release wealth consciousness, if that is my choice (e.g. of martyrdom, sacrifice, self-deprivation).


How do I release external formulas for success and tune into my own inner wisdom?


How can I balance growth and slimming down?


To find the sweet point of integration of learned +



intuitive + applied wisdom for YOU.



… squares are not about balance – they are about what drives us to create and make things happen.


They are about wholeness.



They are about INTEGRATION and DRIVE.


To find the drive to create with less resources, rather than throw in the towel.


To find the sweet point of integration of learned + intuitive + applied wisdom for YOU.


An equal dose of optimism and basic faith in life are needed to be integrated with a strong sense of reality.


SMART, not thrifty (or wasteful).


And that we continue to grow the wings of June, with a


good dose of spirited smart socially responsible July.

We also need to watch that wittiness does not turn into bitterness and complainism during this time (about all that is “wrong” with society).  Why?  Because we just need to have enough people to focus their attention on complaining rather than creating, and we have fallen into the trap of the exact thing we are trying to avoid here:  living between exaggerated optimism and lifeless ritual (read:  a system or a practice that no longer inspires you to be your best self, that feels like a habitual drudgery of meaningless steps that lead nowhere, or a system that no longer aligns with joy).


And that maturity + pragmatism does not turn into fear-mongering, finger-pointing and conspiracy theorism.  Because this is where we fall into the trap of giving our power away to the exact energy that we claim needs to be transmuted.


And that we continue to grow the wings of June, with a good dose of spirited smart socially responsible July.


Because July is not about quantity, but quality.


Or even more specifically:






This means that who you are, your message, and your actions need to match what you are putting out into the world.  Any integrity gaps will need to be bridged.


Strategies that worked do need to be re-invested in.


Strategies and investments that did not work and are not performing need to be released.


Could this be a universal invitation to lean operating, lean investing, socially responsible comfort, optimistic steady growth?


RE-PURPOSING (what you have already expanded your energy into)


CREATE EVERGREEN (products and value-adds)


OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE (of your investments, your website)


So, with all of that said, here are 10 powerful ways to work in alignment with the Capricorn Full Moon energy this month to create more sustainable smart growth in your life and business and less resistance to expansion:


  1. Journal: How will my life/biz look like if I committed today to what has been time-tested and true for me (and my biz)?
  2. Journal: Where do I feel most in my integrity when speaking, teaching, writing, sharing, serving?
  3. Journal: What timeless values do I truly embody and need to infuse in my message?
  4. Explore: What is my relationship with Inner Certainty?
  5. Meditate: What is my relationship with the Universal Law of Cycles?
  6. Meditate: What is my relationship with the Universal Law of Discipline?
  7. Start: Tone your body/muscles/spending/investing, optimize your website, engineer your best turn-key solution to what your client/audience needs, re-purpose re-purpose re-purpose
  8. Say yes to: Expanding your intuitive understanding of how to stay connected with your support system (physical and non-physical) this month
  9. Say yes to: Creating an evergreen offer, rather than a seasonal hit
  10. Say yes to: Creating a business system this month that will help you leverage your only non-renewable resource (your time)
  11. Release: I don’t know how to build and manifest what I need the most (e.g. a sustainable success in business, relationships, family, etc.)
  12. Release: I don’t know how to release what is holding me back.
  13. Release: I am a victim of my self-sabotaging habits. (Or furthermore:  I am a victim of my society.)
  14. Embrace: I can optimize every area of my life to align to its highest potential.
  15. Embrace: I have every faith that my integrity always leads me in the direction of my highest good.
  16. Affirm: I am DIVINE DESIGN.
  17. And breathe this in: I am fully supported by the Architect of The Universe who fully and unconditionally supports the divine architect in me to build my dream life at my own pace.


To your most optimal July!







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