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Mercury Retrograde (May 18th-June 11th) & TAURUS NEW MOON Star Guide for Your Sun Sign – May/June 2015

It is back and you know it!


Have you noticed your electronic gadgets acting out and the physical information transmission slowing down?  Yikes!!!


Mercury the Messenger is stationing to turn retrograde on May 18th, 2015 at 9:50pm EDT at 13° Gemini 08’.  It will appear to us, as seen from the Earth, to be moving backwards until June 11th, 2015 at 6:33pm, when it will be stationing to move direct again at 4° Gemini 33’.


This is just a few hours after the Taurus New Moon activation on May 18th at 00:12am EDT (26° Taurus 55’).


Perhaps the information overwhelm is inspiring you to unsubscribe unsubscribe unsubscribe, clean up your email inbox, but also clear up your internal inbox of all the unutilized “stuff” that you’ve collected, but not really digested, since January 21st -February 11th (the last Mercury Rx cycle).


Our decision-making processes also tend to slow down during this time, or take interesting unexpected turns, especially when rushed.


It is a superb time to plan, strategize, as well as:






Most importantly to:






And ask: where do I need to be listening more?  And be more mindful of what’s going on?


[box type=”download”] Set the intention to have already learned the lesson. [/box]



Be open and flexible (within reason) to the path of least resistance that the Universe will suggest for you.  Or be tuned in to your own innate Logic of Things, without insisting to satisfy your need to know the why or the how.


Where are you yearning for more peace but have created the exact obstacles and resistance preventing you to allow in the very tranquility you say you are looking for?


Set the intention to experience more clarity.


Set the intention to experience more inner and outer peace.


Set the intention to have already learned the lesson, so you no longer need to be creating circumstances to “prove you right” “or wrong”, to continue creating information confusion, overwhelm, before realizing that you already know the exact next step you need to take.  So you can finally create more breathing space in your life.


Needless to say, we are all inspired by the Celestial Messenger to slow down our mental processes and look inwardly.  Especially wherever it is that we (or is it our mind?) feel locked in the infinity loop of indulging our monkey mindlessness and information buffets.


Watch for any intentions that tempt you to declare:  I am going full steam ahead “no matter what” in these energetically wobbly conditions that favor unexpected turns in direction, rather than being overly attached, fixated, and rigid about what you are calling in.


[box type=”download”] Read on, share with your friends and leave me a comment below if this resonated :)[/box]



Taurus New Moon is reminding us what it means to find inner peace and how that might look like for us.

How will both impact your sign?

Read on, share with your friends and leave me a comment below if this resonated :)


[Please note this information is for inspirational purposes only, and does not replace or compare to a full chart reading on an individual consultation basis, based on your individual birth data (date, time, place), which provides most relevant information specific to you, rather than your Sun and/or Rising sign alone, as a single element of your birth chart.  With that said, Wise Soul, enJOY :)]


Aries and Aries Rising


Dear Aries, some letters and unfinished writing projects may need to be rewritten (and hopefully completed!) during this time and old contracts reviewed.  With Mars in your sector of day-to-day communication May 12-June 24th and Mercury turning retrograde there, short trips, writing, speaking, and sharing may be important.  This will be a busy month of busy activity, except it is suggested to be more strategic about how you invest your time and energy, especially between May 18-June 11th.  This is a good time to complete any delayed projects that have been dragging on for a while.  Additional research may be required, so be open to the process, but aim to complete the research and review by June 11th to get the most out of this time.


The New Moon in Taurus will activate the house of finances, possessions, and self-worth on May 18th.  This would be a good month to take a new course that will help you increase your confidence and your skill set.  Beautify your home until June 5th, but avoid large impulsive purchases mid May-mid June, wherever possible.  Read the fine print before saying yes to projects that may require more than you are prepared to invest at this time, but trust your gut when you feel called to take inspired action!


Taurus and Taurus Rising


Dear Taurus, for you with Mercury the Messenger in the sector of finances and money channels, this will be a busy month for you too, and smart busy that is, if you take the time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not working with your finances.


Saturn the Taskmaster has been in your sector of joint finances since late December 2014, so a greater self-discipline is advisable and a greater attention to where the money is going and where it’s coming in. Mercury and Mars both in Gemini will activate more financial activity, but be open to some backtracking when Mercury Retrograde is around.  You may need to get by with less on the joint front or where you are expecting others to pitch in.  Key lesson here is:  self-sufficiency!


The New Moon in your sign will activate the house of health, wellbeing, appearance, and style on May 18th.  This is the most personal house, so more me-time is advisable for you at this time, and any activities that will help you feel fit and in style.  You may feel a need to start something new that will really reflect your own personal signature and also be a worthwhile investment of your time, money, and energy.  Go for it!


Gemini and Gemini Rising


Dear Gemini, with Mars just entering your sign, you may feel you are ready to go-go!


The areas of focus are your health, vitality, and your style and appearance.  If your birthday is late May, watch out for any signs of burnout and pushing harder than your health OR relationships can support.  Avoid launching new projects during Mars-Saturn challenging opposition between May 11-19th unless absolutely necessary, however if you need to focus on something that has been previously started and not completed, this is the time to get through it with a great persistence!


It’s a great time to apply yourself, make a decision, and resolve what has been weighing heavily on your for a while.  Just know your limit and remember to be gentle to yourself and others.


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the house of introspection and retreat, so give yourself the permission to take a break, especially with Mercury your ruler in retrograde motion this month.  You won’t miss out much!


Cancer and Cancer Rising


Oh-la-la, Cancer, I like that Venus is travelling through your sign for most of May and early June, which is a great time to beautify and focus on your health, wellbeing, vitality, and appearance.


I also like that Jupiter in Leo has made itself comfy in your 2nd house of finances since July 2014 and the great news it will extend extra blessings in this area until at least August 2015.


At the same the fast-movers Mercury and Mars are now in Gemini hiding away in your 12th house of not-so-visible activities.  Except Mercury is slowing down as we speak and turning retro on May 18-June 11th.  What does this mean?  A great time to take a break, or plan a pre-launch, strategize, write, and or really take your time behind the scenes and do what you need to do to get ready for some big moves.  So what you are planning away, dear Cancer?  Can’t wait to hear all about it late June (with Mars moving in Cancer) and again early July with Mercury moving into your sign as well.


Do take the much-needed time to recuperate and reinvigorate your giving spirit.


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the social life sector of friendships and affiliations, as well as hopes and wishes, however you may start feeling like it’s time to take a break from busy, dear Cancer, and I would agree so during this time!


Leo and Leo Rising


Dear Leo, Mars has just entered your house of hopes, wishes, friendships, and affiliations, so while the upcoming week may bring some frustrations with the Mars-Saturn opposition, affecting your house of creativity, children, and romance, these relationship may require some extra attention especially between May 11-19th.  Just remember that frustration is optional!


Jupiter is extending blessings to your health and wellbeing, even with Pluto asking for some radical change in your area of daily routine and anything that may contribute to lowering of your vitality, such as stress and toxins in your life and diet.


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the your house of career and reputation, so give some thought and focus on how you would like to be seen in the next chapter of your career, and whether you are joy-filled with what you are building professionally and/or in your business.  New business ideas may come that will provide opportunities to expand your circle of influence.  What you activate this month may be more visible, so it will be easier to promote and market yourself if you choose more growth and expansion.





Virgo and Virgo Rising


Dear Virgo, Mars the Mover has moved into your sector of business, career, reputation, and public ventures as of May 12th, which may help you activate more visibility and visible business-related activities in May-June.  Mercury, the ruler of your sign is slowing down and turning retrograde May 18-June 11th in this sector as well, so reassess and review business projects three times before you launch.  You may need to backtrack and reschedule, so be open to the review process until Mercury is back direct on/after June 11th. There will be some new insight and new information coming in that will help you gain more credibility and confidence.


Saturn has been activating the 4th sector of home and family matters, since late December 2014,  and especially this week May 11-19th let’s make sure not to overextend yourself between home and professional responsibilities.  Work will likely take priority with so much focus in this area of your chart, in which case you need to find a way to release the home-related worries that may be weighing you down.


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the house of travel and higher learning, so it is a good time to take up a new study or a new spiritual or education quest.  Keyword:  expand your horizons and be flexible within reason!


Libra and Libra Rising


Dear Libra, Mars and Mercury for you are in your 9th sector of higher education and travel, and now is a great time for you to apply yourself in expanding your horizons and learn something new that will really really stretch you out of your comfort and familiarity zone.


Saturn has been activating your 3rd house or learning, short trips, and siblings since late December 2014, which usually comes with some frustration, however also brings with it lots of invaluable learning that stays with us for a very long time.  The key here is:  develop effective communication and be open to new learning!


Jupiter the Bringer of Expansive Blessings (most of the time :)), has been in your 11th sector of hopes and wishes, since July 2014, so loosen up and really get clear and optimistic about manifesting all that you truly desire, because the Universe’s got your back.  Between now and August 2015, you can count on a few more blessings of what you truly need before Jupiter moves into Virgo (and then some more).


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the 8th house of joint finances and other people’s money, so with all other star alignments in place, I would say:  worry less and invest in your dreams more!





Scorpio and Scorpio Rising


For you, dear Scorpio, I see a lot of conversations about finances.  This is thanks to Saturn the Teacher and Taskmaster in your 2nd house of finances, as well as Mars and Mercury in your 8th of joint finances.


Jupiter, the Bringer of Good News is however moving through the 10th of your career, which is helpful, so you can rise to a position of more leadership or seek ways to increase your sphere of influence, should this be your wise choice.  An effective way to work with this energy is to work with a financial planner, someone who can help you manage your wealth, investments, or secure a good loan (should one be needed).  The keyword here is:  long-term sustainability.  And your key question and solution needs to be:  How can I create it with more ease?


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the 7th house of partnerships and close relationships, so you feel an impulse to collaborate with a like-minded or someone may ask you to partner up.  Get on the same page with your partner and/or collaborator and use this time to get really clear about what you want to create more of in your life this year (and less of).


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising


Dear Sag, I feel for you, Saturn has entered your sign in late December 2014 and with it lots of lessons to be mastered.  I am sure you have grown by leaps and bounds in these short few months and no doubt you will continue to reach for the next level of mastery, self-discipline and self-sufficiency.  The key lesson here is:  How can I create a sustainable success?


One thing that I hope is part of your “sustainability plan” is your wellbeing and vitality (due Saturn transit in Sag from Dec 2014-Dec 2017).  Toughening and maturing is important, however you need to find time for me-self!


Your relationships with “others” may be tested May 11-19th (during Mars-Saturn opposition), so please take a good care of yourself and those that matter to you.  With Mars just moving into the relationship sector, this is a good time to have a long conversation with those you care about, about what your individual needs and expectations are, and how would you like to be supported. Just make sure it doesn’t become a battle of me vs. you.  You are on the same team!


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the 6th house of daily routine and with that may activate all that contributes to your stress and distress, so take a closer look at what new habit you can create during this time that will create more peace and security in your life.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising


Dear Capricorn, Mars the Busy Mover has just walked into your 6th sector of work environment, daily duties and responsibilities, where it will stay until late June.  Being the hard worker that you are, this upcoming week may be a bit tough for you with Mars-Saturn in an opposing dance May 11-19th.  But then again I am not worried about YOU for a moment!  Really not!!!  Though you do need to find the time for solitude, with Saturn your sign ruler in the 12th of retreat and behind-the-scenes activities for a while, and you also need to look at what is currently contributing to your rising stress levels.  Also, it’s OK to review, rethink and reconsider your plans, says Mercury retrograde between May 18-June 11th.


Venus is in your relationship sector until early June, so I hope you are finding the time to enjoy some quiet time with your loved ones.  Your joint finances are supported with Jupiter in this sector until August 2015, so it’s a good time to invest in something together to receive a good return on your investment or secure a good loan.


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the 5th house of hobbies, romance, and creativity, so I do hope that you take out some time to play (I know I know, not an easy business for a Serious One!).  But once again, I believe in you always doing the right thing!


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising


Dear Aquarius, an interesting month indeed, with Mars entering your 5th house of romance, hobbies, and joy-related activities, and Jupiter in the 7th of relationships.  Very helpful for expanding your social circle, zone of fun, hobbies, creativity, and romance!


You are likely feeling more discerning about who you are affiliating with, with Saturn in the 11th of social connections, but I feel with Mars travelling through your zone of fun, the need for excitement and variety of experiences will prevail at least until late June.   Nurture your creativity and do not be afraid of trying out some new things!


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the 4th house of home, family matters and parents, so you may suddenly feel a need to focus on some home improvement or a family or parent-related matter.  Listen to your intuition (and any logic) any time it feels like a liberating relief!


Pisces and Pisces Rising


Dear Pisces, Mars the Busy One has just danced into your 4th sector of home, family and parent-related matters, and wherever Mars goes, the activity moves.  Saturn has been offering the lessons of self-discipline and sustainability in your 10th house of career and business since December 2014, and with Mars in the 4th sector, your balancing and opposing demands at home and work may affect you especially between May 11-19th .   Set clear boundaries!


The energy appears to be favoring going by with less and simplifying, when it comes to your career, in order to learn long-term sustainability and self-discipline, as well as facing your fears, while taking more activity in your home base.


Jupiter is guarding your 6th house of work environment and daily routine, so it should help there with bringing you the work and contracts you need to create the abundance you desire, while also expanding on what is beneficial for your overall wellbeing. It can also bring more work than we can handle at times, or highlight our tendency to overextend ourselves, so adopt a solid daily routine in your work and self-care that will serve you well between now and August 2015.


The New Moon in Taurus of May 18th will activate the 3rd house of short trips, neighbours, and day-to-day communication, so it’s a good time to complete a writing or marketing project that may require additional research between May 18-June 11th.


Please share with your friends and leave me a comment below if this resonated :)


Many brilliants blessings,


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