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Your Relationship to Abundance & The Great Unknown: Rediscovering the SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON in PISCES

After a prelude to the eclipse, it is here!


What does this mean for you?


A better question may be:  what do YOU need it to be?



I believe the very last degree of the zodiac 29 degrees of Pisces, is about The Great Unknown.

We are becoming more aware of our relationship with (the energy of) Uncertainty.

And any emotion as a result of that:  anxiety, panic, frustration, confusion and overwhelm, or joy, excitement, exhilaration, knowing, and positive expectation on the other spectrum.


How much uncertainty can I tolerate in my life before I start creating resistance to my expansion?


What if the quality and ease of your relationship to the Unknown is directly proportionate to how much abundance you are allowing in your life today?


What if the exact Abundance you are eagerly waiting for comes from the place of the Unknown?  Hmmm….


That point of surrendering that feels like becoming one with the Great Ocean of all that is, without losing thyself.  This is where you let go of the desire to control the outcome so that you not are trapped by the manifested result.  Our attachment to form begone.


As a powerful creator, we are intentional.  But not attached to the outcome (hopefully!).


What does surrender look like?  I hold a container that I need filled by the Universe as a grocery bag when going shopping.  Or a food order in a restaurant (my intention).  However, if the restaurant is out of the gluten-free pasta that I love, I do not despair.  I adjust my flow and make a different choice.  The choice that is still in alignment with my original intention.  So, was my intention only to hold space for the gluten-free pasta?  Or, was there a bigger intention behind my craving?  Such as to nourish my body? That’s it.


So we need to be very intentional about our big WHY behind anything we are doing, but HOW is that going to come to us, we surrender to the co-creative process between us and the Universe.


We may want it to be sunny tomorrow for our family and friends BBQ.


But what if it rains?


It’s never about the rain.  It’s about your intention behind it and your state of being (your mindset) on a rainy day.


Then, the Sun enters Aries today.  We are back at the beginning of the zodiac circle – 0 degrees Aries.  The Sun dances forward to the first degree of the zodiac marking the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.


At 29 Pisces we become the one with Superconsciousness.


At 00 Aries we experience ourselves as an individuated self.  This is where we are born anew again.


Is this about the dance between beingness and formness?  Feminine and masculine?  Letting go of the need to control, followed by the need to experience ourselves.


Both experiences and expressions are available for our evolution (being and doing), one is not better than the other.  Planetary alignments do however highlight for us the energetic support available in the moment, should we choose to attune to it and allow it into our awareness.  To become one with the cosmic expression, the natural rhythm of ebb and flow.   This is how we effectively contribute to raising of the consciousness on the planet.  Interestingly enough, this in turn contributes to our own wellbeing.


Just like noticing that it’s going to be sunny today.  And rejoicing!  Or noticing it’s going to be rainy today.  And rejoicing!  On both days there is a constant.  It is our own state of consciousness and our own state of surrender (or our own state of disagreement and resistance to it).


Here are some questions you need to answer to get most of out of this season:


1. Consciousness and Change.

What needs to change in my life right now?


Where do I desire more consciousness or change right now?

Another word for consciousness is light, illumination, presence or awareness.  Attentiveness to what matters most (to you).


2. Poor Me.  Where am I still holding onto the “poor me” mentality to justify why I should continue to play small in 2015?  Or what particular excuse do you hear yourself using the most about why you are not creating the results you desire?


Everywhere where you have taken on the belief that holding onto the “poor me” mentality will keep you more safe in your current comfort zone, are you willing to let that go today?


3. Surrender + Faith.  What particular decision requires you to have a quantum leap of faith this month?  This is your blessing in disguise, your greatest healing opportunity.  Write 10 reasons how procrastinating on making this leap of faith has actually served you for the past few months/years…until now.  And then everything changes.


Here are some suggested powerful actions for this Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon season, the next 30 days:

  1. Journal:  How will my life/biz look like when I surrender my need to control the unknown?  What if the breakthrough I am looking for is just behind the next leap of the unknown, the next leap of consciousness?
  2. Release:  I am not wise enough to…
  3. Release:  I need to repeat this lesson one more time before I can thrive.
  4. Release:  I keep repeating the same mistake over and over and over again.
  5. Release:  I don’t know how to release my compulsive need to control the outcome (or have a guarantee) before I make any decision.
  6. Embrace:  I surrender all my “how-to” worries right now to my Superconsciousness.
  7. Embrace:  I have every faith that my innate wisdom always leads me in the direction of my highest good.
  8. Embrace:  I become more (me) in surrender to the flow.
  9. Re-envision your 2015 goals (yes, make them BIGGER now, your Highest Self says!)
  1. Adopt a belief that feels like a liberating truth. 
  2. Schedule specific time daily between March 20th and April 18th when you will journal your dreams, dance, write poetry that comes through the stream of your consciousness.
  3. Acknowledge that you don’t need to have all the answers right now. Sometimes it is more helpful that way.

Where do you start?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that between March 20th and April 18th (Aries New Moon) you establish the bridge between your Wise Self and your Conscious Self, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.  Because it is.  It feels like every part of you is communicating together in unison.  This is how your Truth is leading you to create what you most need in 2015 and beyond.

Many blessings of joyful surrender and abundance to you,





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Intro to Your NEW MOON in PISCES SOLAR ECLIPSE of March 20, 2015 Star Guide: Your Prelude to Greatness

OK, change makers, we are here and not a moment too soon!


After March 2015 the world will never be the same.

YOU will never be the same.


The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces (29° Pisces 27’) is coming up March 20th at 5:36am EDT.


It is at the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, so a very dubious degree indeed!


What area of your life is being activated as we speak (by 29 deg Pisces, if you know your chart) and how are you planning to get most out of it?


If you are feeling antsy, edgy or under pressure this week, as if something big is about to happen, resolve, or unlock, but you are not quite sure what it is, consider yourself activated!


If you are feeling emotional, exhausted, or out of focus, consider yourself reminded as to what requires your attentiveness (even if it’s not about more action)!


If you are feeling in panic or crisis mode this week, all of which have you in shock or scratching your head in wonder or revelation, consider yourself ready!


Ready for what?  For a leap in consciousness, of course!


By the way, I would recommend postponing, wherever possible, significant first-time project launches until after March 20th.  Days leading to an eclipse tend to be energetically wobbly, as well as the two weeks between the eclipses (the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14 deg Libra 24 min is coming up on April 4th).  The eclipse of the Sun (or solar eclipse), has a funny way of inspiring us to reset or restart that which we launch during this time or just prior, especially projects of a significant emotional or financial investment, where longevity and harmony are paramount.  Unless the aim and desired result IS transformational, that is.  Then – go!


[box type=”download”] Then ask The Great Unknown: what message do you hold for me? I am listening.[/box]


I will share more tomorrow about the precious transformational potential of this eclipse.


In the meantime, plug in today to what feels right, the best way you know how.

Seize looking for outside validation or “a sign”.

This is the time you want to look within, connect with your heart, and embrace the uncertainty to the fullest.

Then ask The Great Unknown:  what message do you hold for me?  I am listening.


And then, this is very important, you ask:


What needs to change?


Where do I need to be more fully conscious? 


Hint:  I believe that one of the energy upgrades available to us this week and culminating on March 20th is about the finding your highest – most delicate yet wisest – point of SURRENDER without losing thyself (the Self).

This I call your relationship with the Great Unknown.

Super scary or  super transformational?  The choice is always yours.


To your quantum leap in faith,


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