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Happy NEW MOON in AQUARIUS + Mercury Retrograde: Meeting Your Future Self and Creating Miraculous Out of Ambiguous

 “Don’t be afraid, don’t be daunted.  Just do your job.  Continue to show up for your piece of it, whatever that might be.  If your job is to dance, do your dance.  If the divine, cockeyed genius assigned to your case decides to let some sort of wonderment be glimpsed for just one moment through your efforts, then “Olé!”  And if not, do your dance anyhow.  And “Olé!” to you, nonetheless, just for having the sheer human love and stubbornness to keep showing up.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert



The New Moon in Aquarius (00° Aqu 08’) is coming up January 20th at 8:13am EST.


We are starting a new manifestation cycle of outside-the-box New Moon intentions.


Yup, not your everyday ones, but your most creative most out there (you know, the-who-do-you-think-you-are) Future Self plans.  Ready?  Let’s do this!


Also as it happens…


The first Mercury Retrograde of 2015 officially starts on January 21st at 10:55am EST at 17°Aqu 05’.


A very special month it is to break through whatever box is holding you back from thriving and doing things differently this year!


Do you know who designed your box?  Do you know what THE box says?  Cause this would be an important awareness puzzle piece this month.


Allow your Truth to share with you what Non-Truth you have subscribed to that no longer serves.


If you have worked on your “I am not safe enough to create” archaic beliefs earlier this month, now you are ready for a new level of freedom – to meet your future self.


If you have not released your “I am not safe enough to create” belief as it relates to your most essential 2015 goal, then I recommend to go back to my January Full Moon Star Guide, or listen to the January 10th virtual circle where I shared an energy clearing around “I am not safe enough”, as well as an Abundance Activation for those looking to amp up their abundance attraction in 2015.


[box type=”download”] Aquarius says: Don’t buy into it! No one can predict you…[/box]


The Aquarius Moon is about…


…all the necessary skills, attitudes, and knowledge we require to be pursuing our own path.  The essence of the Aquarius archetype is about experiencing freedom from all inner limitations by stubbornly trusting our own Inner Genius (read:  Genie, read:  Truth).


Outside-the-conformity-box thinking is breaking out of a mold that you have been taught to believe is yours to fit into – a position, a title, a role in the family or community.  Even “how much you are worth” and “what you are worthy of” type of “predictive boxes”.


Aquarius says:  Don’t buy into it! No one can predict you, if you choose a highly-conscious path of self-individuation!  If they are still able to predict your future, you are choosing non-authentic conformity.


Before entering the future-oriented and reform-loving Aquarius territory, we are invited to release the old and archaic values and ideas, embrace the new, the different, the progressive, the liberal, and most importantly – to experience the inner freedom from the opinions of others.  This is in order to pursue our own path of self-realization, whether it’s our greatest dream, a unique idea, or simply an expression of our individuality.  (Do you know how that feels?)


[box type=”download”] Have you ever heard the word “sanity”?[/box]


Then to find the place within where only one opinion really matters, the one of your own Inner Truth Being.


You may finally know it this month since we are experiencing an opportunity to learn the “individuality lesson” during a valuable Mercury Retrograde cycle, which is all about re-learning and re-evaluating.


Can you feel the physical information transmission slowing down as we embark on the first Mercury Retrograde cycle of 2015 (January 21st to February 11th)?


Unforeseen “glitches” on the information highways are common during this time to help us recalibrate energetically.  And mentally.  And creatively.


Have you ever heard the word “sanity”?  Yup, that is a good inner place to locate and align with this month, before you embark on launching your spring 2015.


Watch for any intentions that tempt you to declare:  I am going full steam ahead “no matter what”.  In these energetically wobbly conditions that favor unexpected turns in direction, it may feel as if you’ve got one vortex of energy in your reality moving in one direction and another in the “other” direction.


The purpose is to rejuvenate and reinvigorate any stagnant and outdated thinking that you have been taught to take on rather than fully integrating, rather than truly understanding, rather than knowing.


It is also helping us to activate our abstract learning capacities, to learn to create miraculous out of ambiguous.  The creative thinking with Mercury in Aquarius is at its best.  You know the intuitive visualization discipline that you employ to visualize, communicate, and align with your Future Self?  Dat one.


[box type=”download”] Allow loads of patience and flexibility with information and traffic transfers during this time![/box]


It is generally an invitation to rethink our rational and logical decision-making and engage alternative ways of thinking, problem-solving, intuiting.  On the other hand, anything that requires a reason-able and systematic application of your logical left-brain transactions will appreciate a double-check.

Allow loads of patience and flexibility with information and traffic transfers during this time!


Most importantly…


Slow down and reflect, and give yourself the permission to reinvent!  Yup, this is the month when I say to you:  Go ahead and re-invent the wheel!


If you are more comfortable with pragmatic thinking and foreseen results, take a strategic break in February to unplug, plan, reflect and organize your project launches for the spring.


This is YOUR month to gain extraordinary insight into the innovative co-creative processes of the human mind, group consciousness, the Universe, and beyond!


[box type=”download”] I release (masks of) conformity, expectations, and any cultural programming that prevent me from making my own choices to become a sovereign human being. [/box]


Here are some suggested powerful actions for this Aquarius New Moon + Mercury Retrograde season:

  1. Journal:  How will my life/biz look like when I allow my true individuality, my own essence, and my personal truth to thrive?
  2. Release:  I am not unique or special enough to…
  3. Release:  I don’t know (many/enough) people that can help me to…
  4. Release:  I don’t know my Truth.
  5. Release:  I can’t see my future.  I don’t see anything when I visualize my Future Self.
  6. Release:  I release (masks of) conformity, expectations, and any cultural programming that prevent me from making my own choices to become a sovereign human being. 
  7. Embrace:  I embrace my own individual vibrant essence.
  8. Embrace:  I nurture the friendships and affiliations that are in alignment with my Truth.
  9. Embrace:  My Truth is obvious and crystal-clear to me.
  10. Embrace:  I see a brilliant future I am creating right now.  I see my Future Self as clear as a bright joyful day – the most creative and abundant extension and expansion of my Present Self.
  11. Embrace:  I am free to be my quirky self.
  12. Re-envision your 2015 goals (yes, make them BIGGER now, your Future Self says!)
  1. Adopt a belief that feels like a liberating truth. 
  2. Schedule specific time daily between January 21st and February 11th (Mercury Retrograde cycle) when you will unplug from emails, texts, and social media and instead commune with your Multidimensional Self!  (e.g. morning meditation, lunch time, creative thinking time, etc.)
  3. Acknowledge yourself with conscious gratitude whenever you take conscious action to step outside the box of conformity this month.

Where do you start?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that between January 20th and February 3rd (Leo Full Moon) you establish the bridge between your Present Self and your Future Self, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.  Because it is.  This is how your Truth is leading you to create what you most need in 2015 and beyond.  Back to your authentic self.  Choose it now.

If your mind says “later” or otherwise, go back to action # 2-6.

Many abundant blessings of inspired creativity and truth integrating to you,





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Happy FULL MOON DANCE in CANCER– January 4, 2014 at 11:52 pm EST – From Umbilical Attachment to Functional Inner Freedom

The Full Moon in Cancer is coming up today January 4th at 11:52 pm EST.  We are experiencing the results of what we set in motion on about December 21st during the Solstice New Moon in Capricorn (and all that has led up to it in 2014).


What is ONE thing most critical to become a reality for you in 2015?



If the results of what you are creating, experiencing, and attracting this week do not appear to be in alignment with your deepest intention for 2015, then this is the time to…






Creative life energy and consciousness


Into your most essential 2015 intentions




How the Universe is supporting you in accomplishing that this week, you may wonder.


Well, it is the time of the year when our limiting ideas around safety, family, home, privacy, tribal, domestic issues, nurturing and mothering on one hand, and then work, personal responsibility, discipline and parenting on the other, are more likely to resurface eager to be released.


If there is a crisis on about January 4/5th with conflicting family/business or parental/work demands, how are you resolving it, how much personal responsibility are you taking for creating the situation you are in, and most importantly – what self-care strategy is your go-to plan when things get bumpy?


Cancer Moon is about a cozy nurture of what is most important to us, as in feeling the deep familiar connection with your inner nesting place of warmth.


Or it may be the month of acutely feeling the absence of it.


[box type=”download”] It is more likely that the change has already started[/box]


The Full Moon dance between Cancer Moon and Capricorn Sun is closely aligned with the T-square involving Uranus-Pluto as well.  Therefore, with the current astrology in the sky, we are encouraged to review “what needs to change” about how we are taking care or not taking care of ourselves – our inner self, our inner child, our precious inner adult functional self.


It is more likely that the change has already started and you simply need to follow through or realign with your own Inner Nurturer to stay in alignment with your big 2015 plans.


Is your relationship with your Inner Great Mother (Cancer) a harmonious and supportive one?  Meaning, does your Inner Nurturer, YOU, meets your daily needs when you are in need of essential support, or is your Inner Nurturer quick to deny your needs?


Your Inner Being is always available to support you; however it is your relationship with it that defines whether you feel supported or not right now.  This depends on whether your functional adult self is more comfortable acting out of a need-denying (I can’t have X until I have Y.  Or I can’t have A now because B) or need-satisfying pattern.


[box type=”download”] In the process of letting go of your outgrown “safety cords” [/box]


The Sun, in ambitious Capricorn, is engaging and challenging revolutionary Uranus and working together with powerful Pluto.  Do pace yourself; avoid power struggles and all-or-nothing energy.  However, you can access a tremendous soul power and make a considerably huge transformational impact this week, should you choose to work with this energy constructively.  It is about accessing the consciousness and awareness necessary for a deep-reaching transformation in matters that are deeply important to you.  It is also about having access to surprising bursts of liberating energy.  Just choose channeling shifts and bursts of energy effectively so they do not become outbursts, that reach does not become overreach, and that your reactions do not become overreactions!


This is an energetic pattern of the deeply stirred energy that is looking for a release and that does not thrive on any limitation, perceived or repressed. This is especially so if you’ve got any planets or angles in Cardinal signs between 9-19 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.


Either way…


FEEL the energy (offered to you as a solution) before making decisions.


This is your week to get things moving towards a greater


Emotional freedom


From any umbilical attachments


That you have outgrown.


In the process of letting go of your outgrown “safety cords” (read:  training wheels) that no longer support your highest good and your necessary process of individuation…


Choose wellbeing first, so that you always know what wellbeing set point to return to.


Be consciously open to grow, learn, and shift abundantly.  This means to choose it at your own terms, rather than at “what happens, happens” terms.


Then remember to come back home, to your soul’s central, to yourself daily.


Return to wherever you spring forward from into the world after getting your strength back daily.


Then go out, take your action, and share your wisdom in the world again.


[box type=”download”] How will my life/biz look like when I allow more meaningful support in 2015?[/box]


It is this ebb and flow of life’s creative cycles, found in many earthly-divine rhythms all around us, that you are here to embrace most joyously.


Here are some suggested powerful actions for this Cancer Full Moon:

  1. Journal:  How will my life/biz look like when I allow more meaningful support in 2015?
  2. Release:  I am not safe enough to [create what I most need in 2015].
  3. Release:  I am not supported.
  4. Embrace:  I understand how it feels to feel safe.
  5. Embrace:  I know how it feels to feel supported.
  6. Create an inspiring vision board for 2015 that includes your trusted support system.
  7. Write three inspiring mantras, affirmations, or prayers that you would like to refer to when things are not flowing as you’d like them to in your day-to-day.
  8. Adopt a belief that feels like a liberating truth. 
  9. Write three things you can do in 2015 when you are feeling in misalignment and whenever you feel something needs to shift (e.g. going for a walk, 5-minute dance or exercise, 15-min meditation, etc.)
  10. Acknowledge with conscious gratitude one thing that needs to change this month.
  11. Acknowledge with conscious gratitude one thing that needs to change this month.
  12. Acknowledge with conscious gratitude one thing that needs to change this month.

Where do you start?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that between January 5th and 20th you choose to receive further clarity, or even better you offer further clarity.  And this based on your own wellbeing and abundance set point, as to what action you would like to powerfully co-create with as of January 20th with the next New Moon cycle.  If your mind says otherwise, go back to action # 2-5.

It is this ebb and flow of life’s creative cycles found in many earthly-divine rhythms all around us that you are here to embrace most joyously.


Many abundant blessings to you and yours,



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