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Your Star Guide to Sustainability: Happy Solstice NEW MOON in CAPRICORN of Dec 21, 2014

Happy Solstice New Moon, Beautiful!


Happy Birthday, Capricorn!


Are you setting your powerful New Moon intentions this week in order to joyfully embrace the new and abundant 2015?



Are you ready to be supported to a higher ground, whatever that desired higher ground may be for you in the next 12 months?


The Sun entered Capricorn at 6:04 pm EST today.  It is known as the December Solstice point, which marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere, while the longest day and the shortest night in the Southern hemisphere.  In addition, the New Moon in Capricorn followed just a couple of hours later at 8:26 pm EST on December 21st at 00 deg 06 min of Capricorn.


The solstice is celebrated in many cultures around the world as the return or the rebirth of the sun.  It is generally celebrated as the time of inner reflection where we honour our stillness within, in some cultures “ward off the spirits of darkness”, and in most it is a time of celebration with others.  For several days around the solstice point the Sun appears to be standing still in the sky (noontime elevation does not appear to change from day to day).  Either way it is the time we are invited to connect with nature’s cycles and sacred breath of the cosmos, to powerfully set new intentions and welcome more light in our life as the New Year approaches and the days a bit by bit become longer.

Most importantly to release what no longer serves.


[box type=”download”] Have you felt a sudden or a growing urge to make your dreams real and visible?[/box]


We are ending the year with a powerful New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of maturity, toughness and integrity, and often times extremes too.  With 5 celestial players in this cold winter sign (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto), we may foresee that the weeks ahead in the Northern Hemisphere may be surprisingly chilly, frosty and/or stormy, with severe extremes in weather and temperatures.  This may be at least until the Full Moon in Cancer in 2 weeks and/or until the new lunar cycle starts again in 4 weeks.


Have you felt a sudden or a growing urge to make your dreams real and visible, establish a manageable work-life routine, or set new expectations around discipline and productivity?


In Capricorn territory we learn how to fully embody personal responsibility.  Also how to act from the place of self-reliant poise, regardless of whether one receives an external form of approval.


Here are some suggested powerful actions for this Capricorn New Moon:

  1. Release:  I don’t have enough time to [create what I most need in 2015].
  2. Release:  I don’t have enough resources to [sustain what is most important to me].
  3. Release:  I am not strong enough (or I can’t follow through).
  4. Release: I don’t have what it takes to be successful at creating a [insert your dream here].
  5. Embrace:  I am willing to take 100% responsibility for the life I am creating.
  6. Embrace:  I am taking full responsibility for my own wellbeing and happiness.
  7. Embrace:  I am finding freedom in creating a structure and a regularity of scheduled activities.
  8. Create an inspiring vision board for 2015 with your most ambitious goals pictured.
  9. Write a letter to your Inner Parent/Teacher (The one who provides you with daily wisdom and inner resources; or perhaps to the one that doesn’t.]
  10. Adopt a belief that feels like a liberating truth.  
  11. Start a work project that activates the energy of commitment for you in a public way (the more publicly we commit to a goal and/or when we share our accountability with more than one person, the more likely we are to achieve it).
  12. Listen to what your mind says, but pay greater attention to what your soul is guiding you to create or commit to now.
  13. Write a list of 10 things you want to create in 2015, then a list of 10 things you are willing and ready to release.  Where do you start?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters in the next two weeks is that you activate the energy of commitment to those goals that matter to you most.  If your mind says otherwise, go back to action # 1-4.


Are we willing to take a full responsibility for what we have created in our life so far, including our wellbeing, happiness and success?


If in your heart of hearts you are not willing to take the full 100% responsibility for your life and everything you are attracting, but perhaps only 70% of it, then I invite you to reflect deeply as to what particular fear is lurking behind the remaining 30% of the results you are creating?  Is it God, your spouse, your destiny, government, your health? Who do you believe to be in charge of that part of your life?  And what would happen if you took the responsibility for everything you have created, including your health, your income, and your happiness, effective today?  What would you do differently in 2015 from this perspective?


[box type=”download”] Do we have a stable and reliable support system that we can depend on no matter what?[/box]


Saturn, the Lord of Time and Karma, the Great Architect and Builder, is overseeing the activities of the planets in Capricorn at this time.  It encourages us to schedule and commit to energy investments and goals that really matter in order to create a healthy foundation and sustainable structure in our life.  Saturn’s path to abundance is through sustainability.  It will always point us to an area of our life where a lack of self-discipline and/or strategic planning will lead to lack of abundance, discontent, frustration, and burnout – the path that’s not sustainable long-term.

To receive further clarity, you can start by looking at these three questions:


1)      Where in my life am I called to take greater personal responsibility for my happiness and success in 2015 (e.g. relationships, work, health)?

2)      Where in my life must I learn to more consistently tap into the available reserves of inner strength, and be more self-sufficient, self-reliant, or overall more efficient? 

3)      What structures that I invested in 2014 have not yielded satisfying results for me that I can now joyfully let go of?


Saturn favors tradition and a calculated approach.  Capricorn is the Elder and the Hermit of the zodiac – the Wise One – conservative, serious, and dutiful.  In the tangible realm of physical world, the Capricorn is the one who is most in alignment with the law and order of principles and standards in our life and society.  Are we allowing enough support in our life?


Do we have a stable and reliable support system that we can depend on no matter what?

If not, this is a great time to commit to creating one.


Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and Most Joyous and Prosperous 2015!

Many blessings of sustainable abundance and success,


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That’s it!


Hope this serves, resonates, and delights you in taking abundant action now so that you can rejoice in embracing 2015 with more clarity, confidence, and ease!


Wishing you a season of delight and joy!


Many blessings to you and yours,



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What direction you ask? The FULL MOON in GEMINI on Dec 6, 2014 at 7:26 am EST

If you have expanded your zone of uncomfort in November, you are now ready to make a conscious movement forward in December.


What direction you ask?





To a higher-vibrational reality, your soul says.


To a more peaceful place, your mind says.


To a better-feeling heartmindspace, you say.


Any of these resonate?


If so, read on.


Here are some suggested powerful actions for this Gemini Full Moon:

  1. Release:  I don’t have enough connections to create a lifestyle I desire.
  2. Release:  I don’t know how to language what I do best.
  3. Release:  I don’t have time to read any more.
  4. Release:  I am overwhelmed with information overload.
  5. Embrace:  I am free to move in any direction of my choice most joyfully and abundantly.
  6. Embrace:  I am clear now and have written down what is important to me for 2015.
  7. Embrace:  I am reading enlightening new information 20 minutes each day and taking in what feels good to my mind and my soul.
  8. Embrace:  I consciously choose what information I tune in to and I unsubscribe from letting in the information and energy that does not uplift me now.
  9. Create an inspiring vision board for 2015 that embraces a variety of choices and experiences.


[box type=”download”] Most importantly expect to be delightfully surprised this month.[/box]


10. Reconnect with your siblings, cousins, and close neighbours between December 6th-21st.

11. Create a short trip plan for an outing with your loved ones before holidays.

12. Write a letter to your Inner Thinker (The one who witnesses and perceives your life daily, what does he/she sees as she/he witnesses your daily successes and/or struggles?  What say you in response now?)

13. Write a card, email, or make a phone call to your brother, sister, or cousin expressing 3 things you appreciate about them.

14. Adopt a belief that feels like a liberating truth. 

15. Start a dialogue and talk to three people that have walked the path you are embarking on.

16. Book a speaking engagement.

17. Write a blog article.

18. Listen to what your mind says, but pay greater attention to what your soul is guiding you to embrace and do.

19. Write a list of 10 things you want to create in 2015, then a list of 10 things you are ready to release.  Where do you start?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters most in the next two weeks is that you feel you’ve got options and that life is full of possibilities.  If your mind says otherwise, go to action # 12.


Most importantly expect to be delightfully surprised this month.


Choose to be willing to be in awe of life’s every moment.  Like this one.


Satisfy your curious mind – but consciously!


Seek to feel your life as a treasure hunt of the most magical choices and places, and then less magical choices and places, if you so prefer.


Which ones will you embrace and what doors will you open is absolutely and entirely up to your brilliant self.


Curiosity without consciousness and choice will turn into confusion and overwhelm.  Hunger for knowledge and more information without awareness and timely implementation will eventually turn into frustration.


However, you are forever in charge of how much life, scarcity, or abundance, you are letting in.


Ready to make the most of it?


Read here about 4 Levels of Prosperity Mindset to Help You Shift this month.


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Many peaceful blessings to you and yours,




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4 Levels of Prosperity Mindset to Help You Shift

If you are ready to shift from scarcity and struggle to embrace the next level of prosperity, here are some clues as to where you are at and how to distinguish your progress on the prosperity mindset scale.  Every level is directly linked to a particular income and lifestyle level.

Can you match which income level correlates to each money mindset level listed?




Yuppee, our money mindset is directly linked to how much money + investments is in our bank account at the end of each month and that means not just how much money we are making.  It’s directly linked to how much money we bring in minus the money we spend on essentials, needs and comfort, how much of it we give away and let go of, plus how much we are willing to invest in our growth.

Very importantly how much energy and other resources we have available to live and enjoy the lifestyle we desire.  We may have all the money we think we want, but if we are energetically spent by the end of each day, unfulfilled and empty, or not holding on to the harmonious, equal, and loving relationships that most matter to us, this is also a huge direct representation of our prosperity mindset level we are vibrating at.



3 Critical Clues You Are NOT Choosing to Shift from Scarcity to Prosperity (LEVEL 1)


1.      Economy is to blame

It must be the recession, many critical responsibilities and daily dramas that require your attention that are to blame.  You truly believe this, have created many stories to justify attachment to working-hard-for-your-money consciousness, and likely designed your whole life in order to accommodate for the scarcity of money, time, energy, health, harmony, opportunities, and luck.  This attachment of course serves, because it makes it easier for your ego-mind to survive another year of status quo busy-ness.  Whoever said we were ready at this point to step into our purpose, commit to a visible result, and thrive anyway?  [Alternative:  We could choose to be ready though, but have we been given a “permission slip” just yet?]


 2.     “I am a survivor” story. 

“I am a survivor” or “I am tough” story is a scarcity-based story because it no longer serves your most optimal self-expression.  It was very relevant back then when you were facing the immediate danger of having to defend from abuse or bullying, or war, or danger, however a survivor story can keep people stuck in a victim mentality and existential anxiety for years after the immediate danger to health and safety is no longer present.


A part of you may be convinced that, since you have survived, this alone already makes you worthy of God’s love, therefore who needs all the ease and abundance in life when I am a good-hearted survivor and fighter, right?  As long as I am a good person, and seen that way, all is well. And if God who cares about me really exists, perhaps he will send someone to rescue me anyway (e.g. a large windfall of inheritance, an unexpected gift from God/Savior/Prince Charming, a large payout I deserve and am overdue for, etc.)


 3.     Choosing fear vs. freedom from fear.  

If your mind is fearful of hearing the truth that you are free to create your rich and fulfilling life today, after everything you have overcome, then you are stuck in scarcity and not ready to claim your free life just yet.  This fear-based mindset will serve you until it longer does, and when it no longer does, you will know because it will become clearly evident to you that something radically has to shift.  And that something is not the economy, or your boss, people around you, but primarily you, your money mindset. (When that happens, you are ready to move on to Level 2).


The word “investment” makes you cringe, just as does the word “money” or “joy” or “wealth” or “true love” or “riches” or “wellbeing” or “massage” or “fitness”, even “happiness”, “highest potential”, “integrity”, “personal responsibility”, “consistent results”, “joyful success”, “vacation” or “time and financial freedom”.  Especially when it’s other people’s.


In the meantime, bring light and truth to your needs for a quick fix of escape therapy – whether it is spiritual, entertainment, social, or shopping therapy, and unwillingness to ask for expert help + letting in more support consistently.


3 Clues You Are Ready to RELEASE Scarcity Mindset (LEVEL 2)


 1.     Pain.

You are ready to release the pain and victimhood mentality, and you feel “there’s got be a better way”.  Your close friends and immediate family tend to manifest a lot of relationship and health emergencies, so that your schedule is well-filled with rescuing others from a crisis after crisis.  There is hardly anyone who hears your pain or needs anymore, because as soon as you start talking about you, the story shifts to all about them.  Of course, since you are not comfortable asking for help in the first place, setting healthy boundaries, or asking for what you truly need, who can blame others for picking up on your telepathic signal that says:  “I am a superwoman and don’t need anyone’s real help.  Bring it on, everyone, the energy shop is open for free business!”.


 2.     Confidence.

You are confident in your talent, however unsure whether you have what it takes to make it happen in the “real world” in the long run, whether you are truly wired for a lasting success, and whether the Universe’s got your back to see you thrive and happy for a lifetime, even beyond what you hope or imagine.


3.      “Who do you think you are?” story. 

The prospect of living a freedom-based lifestyle excites you but your mind keeps repeating “but what if you fail” or “but what if you succeed in this and fail at that”, therefore you keep believing that all those amazing things are reserved for a special bunch who has earned some good karma, or was born into it, or were randomly lucky, and you are not special enough to claim it for yourself for longer than one lucky break or opportunity.  You want to give yourself a permission to invest in yourself but the money is likely not there, or it is there however it has no permission to move in direction of a worthwhile investment – you and/or your business.  It has your explicit permission to move in direction of expenses and money drains, both fixed and abundantly variable, which appear to be increasing by day.  Why?  Because your ego-mind is realizing you are ready to shift, and will amp up any scarcity programs that can prevent you from reaching the next “unknown” level.


Perhaps you invest annually half of what feels comfortable to receive guidance from someone who you feel likely knows more than you do and who appears to have walked the path you would love to embark on.  However, you tend to choose guidance that doesn’t require you to take 100% responsibility for your life just yet.  You give your power away to your destiny and others who appear to know better, because you are unsure when you will be willing to make a conscious choice, commit to a path, and take consistent or any action in alignment with it.  You prefer to believe that there is a destiny of largely pre-determined consequences.


3 Clues You Are ALMOST Ready to Embrace Abundance & Prosperity Mindset (LEVEL 3)


 1.     Tolerating discomfort.  Your tolerance for accommodating discomfort in your life due to misalignment with your purpose is now lower than it was last year.  You have done some great inner work in the last 12 months and beyond, however you have learned how to cope with making it through a working week without feeling the dread of not living your purpose, not making the impact that you know you are here to make, and not earning your worth. [Once that Happy Friday or that “day off” can’t come soon enough, that’s a huge sign from your soul your tolerance for discomfort is getting very low and you are sooo ready to embrace what feels better, the next level of prosperity.]


2.      Fear to disappoint.  The fear that you will disappoint or alienate those who love you, or that you will be burdened in some way for having it all, is now lower than 10 but still greater than your willingness to thrive.


3.      Willingness to thrive.   Your willingness to thrive is high, it may be 7 or even 8, however the fear – that you will disappoint or alienate your loved ones or friends, or that you will be burdened by undesired responsibilities, or even worse have what you most love be somehow taken away from you, that fear may still be 9 or 10, in which case right now you are choosing the lifestyle that needs to prove your fears right.  This is because you are most emotionally devoted to that particular fear-based belief, which is therefore given almost unlimited power to rule your life.  You are almost ready to shift to creating your ultimate lifestyle but not quite ready for a breakthrough, your mind says.  [This is your time, your soul says, but the ego still feels almost-ready.]


You invest periodically and exactly the equivalent of what feels comfortable, or slightly less of what your spouse, family, or the invisible inner critic would approve of, to receive guidance from someone who has hopefully walked the path you are embarking on or at least may share a useful insight or two.  The breakthrough is right in front of you, waiting to be chosen, however you may feel it is close yet constantly out of reach.  What is going on, you wonder, how much more do I need to shift to deserve a rich life?



3 Clues You Are READY to Embrace Wealth Consciousness (LEVEL 4)


1.      Choosing ease, joy, wellbeing, and abundance as a way of being

You are no longer prepared to struggle, undercharge, undervalue yourself, and work hard for your money in order to evolve.  You are willing to do what it takes to create your own luck.  This means managing your energy and mindset daily, designing the life you truly desire, and taking consistent action to manifest it.  It also means being more strategic about how you leverage your time, money, and your energy.  You associate with people who embrace abundance mindset and who live a well-balanced life in service to others.  You are ready, willing, and committed to apply and share all your practical wisdom and divine gifts and talents, without another moment wasted in giving your power away to distractions and excuses. [Our loved ones and friends will always need our attention, but the question is who is the creator of our life, we or not-we;  and who is responsible for other’s wellbeing and happiness?].


Your tolerance for struggle, dysfunctional drama, wasteful spending as well as scarcity behaviour, is very low and you are ready to embrace ease, joy, and abundance today!  You are willing to make consistent effort and create abundant consistent results most harmoniously.


You are no longer prepared to give most of your work away for free in order to prove that you are a good person, that you are needed, and in order to fit in the salary bracket of people who always blame outside circumstance for why they can’t create abundance:  government, their spouse, their children, their lack, life emergencies.  [Giving back is important but when it becomes excessive and starts perpetuating or proving your martyrdom or scarcity story of lack of money, time, and energy in your life, this is a clue you need to shift your money mindset another vibrational level up.]


2.      Living your purpose and making more impact

You are ready to step into your purpose fully and the thought of living another month, never mind a year, tolerating a job or a career that is not a full expression of your purpose makes you want to make a conscious choice, take inspired action and create aligned results today and every day!


3.      Daily choice, daily effort, daily decision.  You are choosing abundance and wellbeing on every level and in all areas of your life. You are also well-aware that this has to be a conscious choice, thus daily choosing and embodying what you want to create, and releasing distractions.  This includes consciously and intentionally choosing to stay present in your body for your day-to-day life.  You make 2-3 conscious decisions every day that will activate a greater flow of abundant aligned results in your life and business.


You monthly invest in your growth and business 2-3 times more than your ego feels comfortable with and you work with a mentor who has successfully walked the path you are embarking on.  You are here to make a huge impact in lives of other people, create a lasting wealth and most optimal wellbeing.  Your tolerance for discomfort is very low, while your tolerance for uncertainty, freedom and magical possibilities is high.  You are ready to create a prosperous life and business you love.  Congratulations!


What are YOU choosing for yourself in December 2014 and January 2015 and where are you on the prosperity mindset scale?

To your wellbeing and abundance, xo Milada




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