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Expanding Your Zone of Uncomfort: The New Moon in Sagittarius on Nov 22nd at 7:32 am EST

The New Moon in Sagittarius is coming up on November 22nd (00º Sag 07’) and you know what that means:  we are invited to take part in a 400m hurdle run, perhaps a triple jump, or adventurously step outside of our comfort zone and say:  Yeah, I did it!  And watch me as I do it again!


Are you feeling you are in an alien zone of unfamiliar rules this month, by choice or default?


Don’t panic, this is a good thing.  Because if you are not already feeling this, you need to challenge yourself to be so in order to learn, shift, and meaningfully grow before this year is over.  Your invitation this month is not to look for a safe heaven or a hideout.  It is to explore.  To dust off your imperfectly shaped dreamy wings and fly.  To stumble and come back up with an endearing smile!


Predictability is not Sag’s strong suite – adventure is.  So we are ready to take decisive action, are we not?  However this is not just any inspired action – this is an unusual one.  Not so much strange as atypical.  Not something that we typically do.

In Sagittarius realm, we are taking unfamiliar action in a foreign territory, giving ourselves the permission to feel awkward yet free.  Because this is where we are open to different new ways of thinking that stretch our existing belief system into the unknown, into what may even feel like adventurous to us.  We are stretching our horizons and the zone of our familial creativity.

Think travelling to a foreign country that has fundamentally different tradition, customs, and even language.  How will you communicate, have your needs met, and create a wonderful experience all at the same time?


Sagittarius is a seeker and its soulfood is experience.


What is safety, if not but a guaranteed stagnation, says the Archer.


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So she walks across the threshold of her familiar neighbourhood of friends and makes some new ones.  She expands her local awareness, whether physically, intellectually, or intuitively.  Lives life as if it’s a journey to be experienced and a quest of many intricate pit stops to be enjoyed and savoured one at a time.

And she lives in the question:

How to live an exhilarating experience unselfconsciously?  How to let go of a self-limiting belief system that is narrow-minded and restrictive to my sense of sovereignty?


And while we may be still contemplating the limits of our comfort, Sagittarius dares to dream and ventures out to do what it takes to feel uncomfortable, to feel growth underneath her skin, underneath all of the-baggage-bigger-than-a-backpack that is holding her back and pulling her down.


The way of being here is to be awkward for a moment longer than just recognizing that we are uncomfortable in this no-familiar-rules zone.  And so instead of pulling back, we take another exploratory adventurous step into the unknown, with a fundamental faith in Life.  We allow ourselves to be stretched for two moments longer than pulling back into instinctual constraint, yet without overstretching and overextending into sightlessness.

To be a stranger for three moments longer than having the time to realize:

Oh my god, no familiar faces and handshakes here.  No familiar tactics. 


So what, your friend Sag says.  You are going to stay where you are, just because you don’t believe that life is full of choices and possibilities?


And then you step into a more free you.  More you than you have ever been before.


Are you feeling you are in an alien zone of unfamiliar rules this month, by choice or default?  Don’t panic, this is a good thing.  Because if you are not already feeling this, you need to challenge yourself to step into it, in order to learn, shift, and meaningfully grow before this year is over.


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Here are some suggested powerful actions for this New Moon:


  1. Release:  I don’t have enough [resources] to create time and financial freedom.
  2. Embrace:  I am free to create [time and financial freedom] most joyfully and abundantly.
  3. Create an inspiring vision board for 2015
  4. Reconnect with 3 friends and family oversees between Nov 22-Dec 21st
  5. Create a holiday plan for 2014 or a vacation/travel plan for 2015
  6. Explore the limits of your comfort in networking or connecting with non-like-minded
  7. Do something out of the ordinary for you (and three times this month to activate it)
  8. Explore three career or lifestyle options that allow you to thrive and fulfill your dreams
  9. Write a letter to your Inner Guru (Your All-Knowing Inner Wisdom Keeper)
  10. Write a letter to God expressing 3 things you will do in the next 30 days to explore the limits of your comfort zone and express what support you are looking to be blessed with
  11. Release a judgment around something that has not been flowing well in your life – if it’s not flowing easily, that means that your limiting belief(s) around it is blocking the flow in that area of life
  12. Adopt a belief that feels like a liberating truth
  13. Bless three people that have walked the path you are embarking on
  14. Write a list of 10 things you believe in, then a list of 10 things that are not flowing in your life and compare the lists for congruence.  The list # 1 is likely your ideals, however the list # 2 will reveal to you your deeply held inner philosophy that is driving inner and outer results in your life.   How can the list # 2 learn from your list # 1?


Most importantly explore*explore*explore the limits of your limitations and open your perspective daily to *how can I* create a thriving life and business I love, rather than to the self-limiting Will I or Should I.  According to whom?  Who is the Inner (or Outer) Guru that you bow to faithfully?


Many blessings to you and yours,





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Your Lesson in Real-ity: Happy & Real FULL MOON in TAURUS of Nov 6, 2014

The FULL MOON in TAURUS is coming up Nov 6th at 5:21 pm (EST).

Do you know what that means?

It’s a taste of “don’t worry and be happy” kinda living.

We are in for some real fun!

The Taurus archetype teaches us about what is really real.  Not what could be, or should be, or maybe be.  Just what is real today.  Like right now.  Like this hug or this simple thought.  Or this piece of toasted buttered bread with ginger honey tea, this aroma of delicious lunch or breakfast.  Or your loved one’s gaze.  A scent of refreshing lemon mint.

And no, real drama doesn’t count here.  No judgement or explanation necessary.  No asking what are you thinking right now, honey?  (That would be a tinge of Scorpio drama for ya :) ).

In Taurus realm, we just BE without needing to be anything other than full(filled) and peaceful.  Keep on keeping on.  Keeping our rhythm undisturbed by anything or anyone that doesn’t feel simple or real to our instinctual sense  of truth.  To our sense of timing.  Not pulled in or attracted by stage shows of dysfunctional-ity, such as “I don’t know how to have my basic needs met, or how to ask for what I truly need right now, so I will just pick on you if you’ll allow me…well, actually it doesn’t matter if you’ll allow me, I’ll just pick on YOU”.

But also not pulled in by your own stage show of “I know I have been procrastinating on taking a real action here, for weeks, maybe months, so let me see how I can attract a crisis in my life to help me move forward”.


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I say, no you don’t need to attract a crisis to change, shift, and grow.  You just need to recognize that a healing crisis is subconsciously being invited when you allow stagnation, status quo, and procrastination to hold you back from joy.  Instead choose something else that feels more alive and vibrant! Why?

Because you are creative life force that moves and flows and a’lives.  You are not an elemental rock or a piece of earthly decor.  You are a breathing living being of Light filled with creative movable energy and vibration of Life eternal that flows to infinity.

What was your Oct 23rd New Moon wishing about just couple of weeks ago?

We are invited now to embrace inner calm, simple daily comforts, and inner peace within, and all that regardless of the complexities and opposing demands presented to us this week.  To learn the difference between the creative and developmental stress vs. toxic stress.

Wherever we are not taking care of our bodies, not feeding ourselves enough with real food, not comforting ourselves enough, not using all our sensual senses, will all come up.

Your money and security (or scarcity) mindset will also likely get your attention, especially if you have a personal planet of angle in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and certainly if it was one of your New Moon intentions.


[box type=”download”] Except you need to choose and align with a peaceful creative flow, rather than a peaceful stagnation. [/box]


Wherever you are stubbornly resisting embracing your next level of prosperity consciousness, it will come up as developmental stress or resistance to flow and ease that need to be released, if there is lack of alignment in that area of life.  How will you resolve that of course only depends on you.

It’s about what you need to HAVE to feel fully supported and fulfilled.  My advice to you in any case is to choose peace first.  Except you need to choose and align your thoughts, emotions and actions with a peaceful creative flow, rather than a peaceful stagnation.  Stagnation is static and leads to decay, because this is not the natural state of energy.  Flow feels like an equilibrium of [feminine and masculine, receiving and providing, give and take] has been reached in your expression of Self and your energetic exchanges with the Universe and others, and you feel peaceful and in the flow at the same time.

Talk to and hang out with nature lovers, music lovers, embodied and caressed life lovers and uncomplicated folks this week, who stop to smell the roses and taste life and the food they are preparing daily.

BE uncomplicated in your beauty and your peace.  Meaning no convoluted hidden agendas and no implied expectations offered that lack perceived clarity.

Just give.  With no strings attached.  Just receive.  Without deflecting.

Just BE.  Just BE.  Your soul and body will appreciate it.

Many blessing and hugs of peace and creative flow to you and yours, M



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