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She is here, always here: Happy Solar Eclipse SCORPIO NEW MOON of October 23, 2014

We have arrived to the next pit stop of transformation and the Solar Eclipse Scorpio New Moon of October 23rd at 5:55 pm EDT is here, when we are called to create an alignment and harmony between our feelings and actions by speaking and acting on our truth and “nothing but the soulful and heartful truth” of how we feel.


The time is NOW.  Goddess is rising.  Her greatest gift is Presence.


She is the Earthood of our essential inner equilibrium.  The inner womb of cosmic creation that pulsates fervently deep within us and helps us to connect with our inner rhythm and the rhythmical cycles of Nature, Mother Earth, Cosmos.


Infused with the Scorpio archetype theme, the intensity and raw necessity of being fully in the present moment is highlighted.  The intense focus on the present moment-ness.


Whatever is resurfacing right now that frightens us is ready to be released.  When all masks of politeness, almost-truths, and razzle-dazzle are stripped away, what would remain?  The real hardcore or gentlecore YOU.  The truth of you.  Your truth of what you need, desire.  That.  The realization of that state of consciousness is its goal.  For you to embrace the true undeniable you.


[box type=”download”] She is here. Always here. [/box]


She is your raw creative power that flows out of you and flows back to you, gracefully.  In a way that pleases you and in a way that invites an aesthetic response in you and others.  She guides us how to feel connected on every level, with our soul, our body, our heart, and our environment.  She encourages us to connect our mind with our heart, to feel deeply, nurture and rejuvenate ourselves.  To embrace the taboos of our subconscious.  To create an unconditional alignment between our thoughts, feelings, and actions.


For her, nothing is a taboo; nothing is unthinkable if it’s present to you.  There is not a thing that she will hear from you that will shock her.  It only lacks awareness, she says, remembrance about its purity, purpose, and connectedness with Source, with its essence.  She offers you only intense unconditional love and acceptance for your forgetfulness.  That you are supported, that you are safe, that your essentialness is validated. Anytime you reach within.


This mysterious wisdom of the sacred power of divine feminine is available to all.  She is the Primordial Yin to your whole being.  Divine Goddess of Beauty, Grace, Healing & Compassion.  The essential root to your soul’s connection to Self, Source, Others.  It’s the force that animates the world, regardless of the gender of our physical body.  She teaches you ease, grace, and effortlessness and how to be in flow with the Universe, with the ebb and flow of life.

She IS Source of all life, of life, death and rebirth.  She blesses us and guides us back to source.


[box type=”download”] And you are here. Forever here.[/box]


She is rising within all souls opening up the creative, intuitive, compassionate, and healing channels of restoration, of what has been shattered to pieces.  To heal and make whole what has been alienated.  To animate the life force within so that we can feel stirred and easily find our way home.  It feels like an ancient call back to our origins, our roots, our wholeness.


She teaches us that it is important to sleep to rejuvenate our bodies.  That it is important to take rest.  To slow down and receive.  To stop and smell the roses, rather than just keep digging the ground in search for the next “treasure”.  Instead to plant the fertile seeds of stillness and wisdom and to remember to nurture what we have planted.


When we lose touch with our inner rhythm, we feel lost, exhausted, and shattered.  When we are in touch with our inner feminine (present in both male and female genders), we remember how to return to our balance.  When we lose touch with our inner wisdom, we may be busy doing, but feeling like we are not getting anywhere.

But most of all, her offer during this Scorpio New Moon, is emotional honesty.  To support you in creating strong and supportive emotional bonds.  Her invitation is to be gentle with any repressed material resurfacing during this time. To be aware of any denial, projection, rationalization that makes you feel inner resistance to wellbeing and connectedness.  That makes you feel dependent on something/someone outside of yourself.  Such as conditional love or acceptance, while feeling imprisoned within yourself, or bonded by duty to justify your ego-pain’s existence = resistance.

And then to receive what comes through and receive and receive some more.


She is here.  Always here.


And you are here.  Forever here.


Finding grace in your shame story.

Finding peace and resolution in breathing through your guilt.

Finding calm in your worst fear.


And letting it all go (when it no longer serves your present/new reality).

And release.  And release.  And release.


Grace and blessings.  Grace and blessings.  Grace and blessings.


Here are some suggested powerful actions & intentions for this New Moon:


1)      Cleanse your sacred space/home (e.g. pure intention, smudge)

2)      Create a sacred space (e.g. a night table, an altar, a corner of your desk)

3)      Bless your worst fear (e.g. acknowledge it, journal, and ask what is its message for you)

4)      Receive.  Receive. Receive. (is there something essential that you have been deflecting or denying receiving?)

5)      Clean up the fridge to clear the energy of stagnation

6)      Purge 3 items you no longer need from a drawer or closet that has been calling your attention

7)      Write a letter to your Divine Feminine or Divine Mother

8)      Write a letter to your Loved One expressing simple thanks or simple emotional honesty

9)      Write a letter to Yourself expressing love for where you are in your life

10)  Write or call someone who needs to receive your forgiveness or from whom you need to receive…thanks, forgiveness, acknowledgement


This is your opportunity to really get clearer and more honest about what you desire and who you desire it with.  Then be open and ready to receive the insight.  Be ready to recognize it and take inspired action that will take you another step closer to the authenticity of what you most need to create, and release.


Many blessings to you and yours,




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October 2014: Your Self-Emergence Realized: Your Inner Aries Lunar Eclipse Sizzle Hop – DO NOT OPEN UNLESS READY TO RAWR!

Happy Monday! The Moon is in quiet and mystical Pisces as I write today preparing to pull and culminate energies towards the Lunar Eclipse in Aries in the early hours of October 8th EDT. This week is about courage-gathering.  The experience and vitality of your most essential self.

Action is an essential part of the experience.  It’s not about meditation of self (Pisces) but a daring experience of self (Aries). Can you feel it?

The Moon will be in exact alignment with Uranus that rules change, and in energetic flow with Mars/Jupiter thus highlighting the Grand Fire Trine once again.  You may be surprised at your own emotional reactions too and a desire for more free and uninhibited, even quirky expression.  Allow the surprise, and newness, and wonder as something good.


The upcoming Full Moon of October 8th will be BIG, and I mean energetically big, because it is an actual Lunar Eclipse culminating at 15 degrees of Aries, charged with your highest and bravest potential.  Move energy in direction of a gutsy goal this week.  Or simply a courageous expression of the essence of you.  If you stay static, things may still culminate towards a resolution, however the energy may not move forward with ease and grace.


[box type=”download”] What area of your life requires you to gather the courage?[/box]


And you say:  What limitations, what doubt, what box, what restriction, what fears?  I am not aware of them and therefore they don’t exist.


And so I am not talking about optimism here.  I am not even talking about enthusiasm or confidence alone.  They all pale in comparison with a pure potential of what you are vibrationally and visibly able to accomplish this week.  Enthusiasm is sooo last week this week.  Even positive expectation and hopefulness.  We are ready for a quantum promotion.  I am talking about daring.  Even cheeky audacity if it serves.  The audacity that need not be conditioned, neither intimidating or threatening.  It can be inspiring.

Be inspiring.  Be jazzy.  Be filled with the Life of YOU.

The new trend is:  How brave are you to show your accurate face to the world around you, without any non-essential paraphernalia and flashy thingamajigs, unless essential to your colourful satisfied self?


At the same time we need to remember that this Full Moon is a culmination of the Libra New Moon of September 24th which was about calming down and finding inner tranquility regardless of what is going on around us.  So many of us will need to reconcile a paradox of Life, Relationships, and Relating, where we are called to fully realize, and yet contain our own vibrational offer in an interactive collaborative way.  To do it in our own personal way without compromising the essence of self, as well as the essence of the relationship.  Most harmoniously and most joyously.


[box type=”download”] A resolution IS required to avoid implosion![/box]


So this is not a loud Aries for you.  It need not be rowdy, disruptive, and wild!

It’s more cheeky than loud.  It’s more personal than uncaring.  It’s more attractive than not.  Not so egotistical and arrogant as it is full of Self, in a good way, and yet still able to hold the space for the other.  Also it’s shock-proof yet moved by trueness and commitment to self + other at the same time, where a resonance is achieved and miracles of synchronicities appreciated.  And ultimately interested in reconciliation of opposite viewpoints.

A resolution IS required to avoid implosion!

A necessary ingredient?  Your self-awareness.


Between October 7/8th to October 23rd when the next New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 deg Scorpio will mark a new era, we need to access a considerably huge sense of self-satisfaction with not just being enough, but being MORE than enough.  And so much so that:

I am ready to emerge it.  To speak it.  To model it.  To live it.  To embody it.  Take it or leave it.

I AM more than enough.  I AM more than the world will ever need.  I AM most abundantly enough, so that even in those rare moments when I am too tired to share my enoughness, I am still MORE than I’ll ever need to be.  Than anyone will ever need me to be.  This includes my Higher Self, the most ME part of Who I Truly Am.


But say it like you mean it and be at peace with it.  With a conviction of your essentialness.  With a joyness of your adorablest expression of self.  Your essential and rare beauty of self.  Where inner creativity meets the joy of Self-full-ness.

And be cute at the same time.  This is the secret.

Not: I don’t care what you want and deal with it kind of thing.  But: I do care about what you want, I do, but right now, I care most of all that I share the truth of Who I AM with you.  And this is how I am showing you that I most care about you and us.  Because in my fullness I am giving you a permission to be your whole self.

And how sexy is that, my treasured and beloved YOU?

And so I hope, in fact I need, I WANT that in this moment you can allow me to be my full whole undeniable self.  That no one else can copy or emulate or try to be like.


[box type=”download”] But do remember: This is not about conquering, it is about self realization. [/box]


Some crucial conversations may be calling.  Do it!  They don’t have to be made difficult and we don’t need to attract a crisis in order to recognize the fullness of who we are when all pretenses and illusions fall away.  This is not about searching tirelessly for a middle ground either.  First find your pure vibrational expression, then clarify your non-negotiable essential preferences, and when you do, then turn your eyes + attention and full awareness to who is beside you…and harmonize.

But you need to set your tone first, no one else can do THAT for you.

This may be the only time in a long time that you will hear me say:  Be a little selfish too, in a way that is appealing (like playful Aries appealing).  Stand your brave ground, not so much firm as brave, but allow other options to co-exist if for a few moments of pure potentiality on all levels, until a mutual resonance has been reached.  You may be pleasantly surprised how possible it is to be fully YOU, and how the more you allow the truest YOU to come forward, the easier it is to resonate with other true selves.  Yup, the challenge is when other selves are not ready to be true.  What is one to do then?  Still be YOU.


If there is one week this year when you ask for what you truly truly want – it is this one!  Do it!  This is one week this whole year when I am NOT going to suggest that you are strategic, or effective, or even tolerant first.  What is tolerance anyway? Your soul is not something that can be negotiated.  Not even your core values.  You ego persona may be (since it can be styled to fit the trend of the time or group), as well as your restricting beliefs and behavioral patterns that no longer support the satisfied you, the happy you.


[box type=”download”] Make it so that no one can say: Ah, I’ve seen that before! [/box]


But do remember:  This is not about conquering, it is about self realization.  In service of the highest good of all.  Always in service of the highest good.  But setting your very tone first.  Then remembering why you are doing what you are doing.  If you have forgotten the Why, you need to go back to the drawing board of your 2014 bucket list.  Not to the drawing board of your crowd.  Your own drawing board first, then connect with whoever cares and resonates. Or reach out first and connect with whoever you care about today.


And most of all:  BE it like you mean it.

Make it so that no one can say:  Ah, I’ve seen that before!  Because they haven’t really, there is only one of you.  Especially the emerging YOU that is yet to be fully seen and witnessed.  Consciously evolve your own self-expression too.  It’s not about trying hard here.  That is exhausting and self-depreciating.  On the contrary.  It’s about doing it evermore naturally with exploding innerness.  Where even if you used to get angry a certain way a thousand times in the past, get angry in a way that’s evermore truer to you now.  Get angry differently so that you access different energies this time.

The energies that are suddenly in a superb alignment with your unique needs and wants and that will lead you to your next sure evolution of self.

Or don’t get angry.  Just be self-aware of what you feel called to do next.  And as a result, all aspects of you will joy with so much delicious sweet bliss that you will find your way back to your very own Inner Rawr of Self-Emergence again.

BE the intensity and infusion of the sacred raw creative inextinguishable Fire of Self, realized.

And so, if in the process of the self-discovery this season a single non-essential fear will have been roasted on the fire of your self-emergence, let me know, so that we can celebrate it together.  RAWR!

To your realized & joyous self!



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