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Sep/Oct 2014: Your Star Guide to a Wonder Season of Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, and the Grand Fire Trine!

Happy LIBRA NEW MOON, Almost-Mercury Retrograde & Eclipse Season, and the Grand Fire Trine of late September-mid October!

The Sun entered tropical Libra on September 22nd at 10:30 am EDT and the New Moon in Libra is exact on September 24th at 2:12 am EDT.

What are you setting in motion in your life and biz in Sep/Oct? 

A very powerful 30 days coming up, can you feel it?


For me it has been a week of pure joy of creation, expansive thinking, and collaboration.

[box type=”download”] It is so very important to be very conscious about what you are setting in motion this month,[/box]


This September and October are going to be highly activated for many people, due to a month of the very busy astro activity.  Many people I am talking to are sooo ready for a shift towards following their most joyous path and embracing their most abundant expansion!  The Universe delivers what we most need when we demonstrate readiness.


Here is your guide for how to get the most out of the next 30 days:


1.   Say YES to a calming and centering mind-body practice  

How do you find your center?  How do you calm down?  When your day-to-day gets stirred by strain or stress, what exactly do you do to stay connected to your innermost sense of balance, consistently?


Seek and joyously seize the opportunity to embrace a mindfulness practice by October 23rd (between the Libra New Moon of September 24th and the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse of October 23rd).  Your Inner Being will thank you.  And likely your family, your business, and loved ones too.

This New Moon is about embodying our inner tranquility despite of what is going on around us. It is about striving for attainment of uninterrupted balance & harmony between competing tensions, while finding your most effective calm-down strategy.  Choose to stay in tune with your emotional guidance early alert system and simply notice when the mental nervous tension of “efforting” starts tingling. This is not about indifference and not-feeling, but conscious creation of inner spaciousness, a zen state of mind~being. You will know that you have accomplished it daily when you receive the message from your Inner Being that: “All Is Well”. The key is that it is a conscious peace co-creation, rather than acceptance of “the appearance of harmony” or avoidance of reality.

May you find the eternal inner equilibrium you are looking for!


2.   Say YES to taking an inspired action in direction of your most expansive goal


Yes, I said the most expansive goal or investment.  What was the most critical thing on your 2014 bucket list that has not been completed?  You can make it happen now if you put your heart to it.


[box type=”download”] How things will play out will depend on whether you are aligning…[/box]


Whatever was uprooted in April/May 2014 during the last eclipse season (and the Cardinal Grand Cross) is now ready to be uplifted and upleveled!  Let’s aim higher with our inspired and aligned goals.  Enthusiasm, confidence, creativity, and pure self-expression will be abundant!


How things will play out will depend on whether you are aligning your inspired action with your core desires, your soul’s purpose, your greatest gift and contribution to the world, and how much mindset management you have done around any fear-based belief systems.  Not everyone will experience it the same.  If you believe that the world is a tame & unsafe place, it will be tame.  If however you believe the life is a journey to be experienced, enjoyed, and fully embraced, it will be a journey of accelerated fulfillment of visible results and upliftment for you!


The Grand Fire Trine of Mars/Jupiter/Uranus will be exact Sep 29th-Oct 5th at 10-17°of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sag), however felt throughout the next month


[box] Slow down, purge and reflect, but go deep and go BIG![/box]


 3.   Say YES to big dreams, plans and expansive strategies

Combined with Mercury Retrograde and two eclipses in October, along with the Grand Fire Trine of early October, this is definitely a month of strategizing, increased confidence, and launch-platform building!


It is a magical time of allowing + manifestation flow in action.  Plan away, dream big, and finally break away from any restricting thoughts that may be holding you back imprisoned in your own inner confinement cell of those unfulfilled life dreams and aspirations.


To get you started, we have a Jupiter/Uranus of expansive innovative breakthroughs exact this week.  ‘tis a joy-dance season!


4.    Say YES to a relationship or collaboration proposal, or a strategic connection that feels like a heart-song  

Say yes to a relationship/partnership/collaboration invitation close to your soul~heart.  Say yes to a connection that resonates to your most authentic self.

Negotiating may be part of the process as long as our essence is not compromised.

Know what your non-negotiables are, however be prepared to choose peace, relationships, and effectiveness first over the egoic fear-based righteousness.


5.   Say YES to a re-build, re-design, or re-do project that has been dragging on for months

It’s an excellent time to complete any oustanding projects that may have been pulling on you incomplete.  Complete what is calling you enthusiastically, but get really excited first!  This is the time when so much inspiration and support is available to us, whatever we say a heartfelt YAY to.

Think innovative and bright ideas, splendor, courage, and high spirits!

Mercury is entering Scorpio on Sep 27th and turning retrograde on Oct 4th until 25th in mid-late Libra:  slow down, purge and reflect, but go deep and go BIG!


[box type=”download”] Make a courageous decision and have faith [/box]


6.   Say YES to a liberating meaningful decision or resolution

How can you move and shift energy in the area of your life that feels sluggish right now?

Perhaps you are ready to start that exercise routine you have been talking about for months, or start waking up early to create some self-care or creative time for yourself.

Make a courageous decision and have faith that the Universe’s got your back!  You will feel it evermore once you work with the Universal Laws and choose your state of deliberate creation wisely.

Creating from a state of hopelessness creates more of that.  Creating from a state of creative joy creates new opportunities.  Do that instead.  Chose joy and creativity.  Choose optimism.  Choose wellbeing.  Choose vibrant vitality.   Choose aliveness.


 7.   Say NO to uber-zealousness, exaggerated righteousness, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, and overextension of resources


Overinflated self-importance during this time may turn into a blind belligerence, when fueled by hot-headedness and grandiose ideas of superiority.  The battles of extremist belief systems combined with mega-ego-mania may turn into highly-activated and highly-hostile scenarios.

Religious, spiritual, or any fanaticism of righteousness, even justice and morality, coupled with uncultivated passions for radical expansion, may lead to ego-conquests of epic proportions.

Mind the power of any misdirected macho-masculine adventurous fearlessness unleashed.

[box] Let go when not in the alignment and flow![/box]


The unimposing ones may feel out of step here. Think twice before getting involved with those that appear highly self-centered, quarrelsome, confrontational, and aggressive.

Let go when not in the alignment and flow!

There is no roundabout or subtle way in getting to a resolution here (as it was during its sojourn through Scorpio).  Mars in Saggitarius is precise, direct, inspired, and fueled, the more it believes with zeal that the goal it’s aiming for is a noble or a righteous one.  Dream big but cultivate sensitivity, and avoid exaggeration, impulsiveness, and overextension by staying in touch with reality – your body, your awareness, and your environment!  And most importantly, lead with your soul rather than your ego!


Mars in Sagittarius, Mars square Chiron Sep 29th-Oct 5th; Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15°Aries on October 8th; New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0° Scorpio on October 23rd EDT


8.   Say NO to stagnation, apathy, procrastination, and fear-based joyless thinking


Choose an emotion that feels attainable, self-activating and awakening to you.  Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to identify where you are and where you would like to be, especially in relation to a specific goal or a result you desire in the next 30 days.  Then say YES to an action that is in alignment with you soul and in direction of your most expansive goal (see 2 above).


Herculean efforts can be undertaken during this time, so if your general sense of life has been more on the downward spiral of discouragement, powerlessness, and depression, use this time creatively & abundantly to infuse your life with the energy you would like to embody more of, in order to create what you really desire.


 9.   Say YES to CAUTION if signing the dotted line or launching large public projects and ventures

The time between September 29th-October 23th will be highly activated (and days following the solar eclipse).  It is a great time for creative planning, strategy, transformational work, and taking lots of strategic fearless action.

If you are looking for stability, containment, a guaranteed investment/return certificate, and knowing what to expect, look elsewhere or wait, because this is not what this season is about.

If you are equipped and prepared to deal with the unexpected however, to raise your tolerance for risk, wonder, and uncertainty, and at least somewhat comfortable with managing energies and risk, rock on because the returns on your investment may be beyond what you have hoped or imagined during this time!


10.   Say YES to activating joyful abundance on every level   

Feel your vibration rising and feel the infinite abundance flowing to you!  This is an amazing time to raise your money & wellbeing frequency and shift from a scarcity mindset to a lasting wealth consciousness.

What is activated during this time may return to you 3 times – think multiplication and amplification cubed!  Evermore important to apply sound judgment, but do think like a leader, an entrepreneur, a chief designer and architect, and a CEO of your own life!

[box type=”download”] Your inspired action is the key![/box]


How is that for the most expansive, creative, and exuberant month of the year to support you in moving forward with more confidence and grace?  It is so very important to be very conscious about what you are setting in motion this month, because it has a huge potential to be accelerated many times over, especially any projects that are creative, transformational, re-built or re-done (due to Mercury Rx).

Your inspired action is the key!


If you are in Toronto and would love to celebrate the energy of blissful expansion with us, and experience the restorative healing power of your own soul, voice, and body, come and join us on October 5th for the Soůl + Soũnd + Yöga Bliss event (check it out, sign up and rejoice here).


If living in alignment with your soul and soul’s purpose is becoming evermore important, join us at Transense on October 18/19th for the next Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification – LEVEL 1.


The virtual interactive live audio class is coming up on Jan 31st-Feb 1st, 2015 from the comfort of your own home.


If any of this resonated, however you are unsure what program or offer may be the right one for you, take inspired action by emailing me at so we can connect for a power chat.


May you be blessed, brilliant, and beautiful in all your intentions and actions.






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7 Affirmations to Heal Your Deepest Wound during the PISCES FULL MOON of Sep 8/9th, 2014

The Full Moon in Pisces will be exact on September 8th at 16º Pisces 19’ at 9:38 pm EDT.


Have you identified during the last New Moon of Awareness in Virgo what was most specifically contributing to your wellbeing and/or draining it?


Now we are ready to go deeper.


Think back about what you have activated in the last two weeks, or what awareness or triggers have been keeping you up. This Full Moon highlights for you how to bring it to a completion or resolution, by guiding you to surrender very specific restricting beliefs to your Inner Healer, soften resistance to embracing your most talented (a.k.a. divine) truth, and gain greater acceptance of your past shortcomings.


This Full Moon is reminding us how to shift our awareness towards healing our deepest wounds, especially those related to our sense of self-worth and self-esteem, nurturing or lack of nurturing, emotional satisfaction, creativity, as well as rejection and/or co-dependency in relationships.  (Moon/Chiron opposite Sun)


Gratefully, it is also about the practical steps we can take to integrate and heal those “bottomless pit” wounds, the traumas that have likely originated in the lack of self-love on some level of our being.  By embracing self-forgiveness, emotional maturity, and personal responsibility for how we have tended or not tended to those distress signals in the past, or how we have contributed to them, we become more whole and more peaceful today.  (Moon/Saturn and Venus/Neptune)


The key here is not to simply forget the past painful experiences, or indulge in our woundedness and self-pity.  It is to identify first, acknowledge wherever the unease may be manifesting in our life, and then take a remedial action.  Self-indulgence feels like enabling and perpetuating the same problem that keeps us locked in a self-sabotaging pattern of inner captivity.  Healing or taking a remedial, aligned, and inspired action feels like emotional freedom.


By perpetuating guilt, shame, denial, or projection, we continue creating painful experiences, that just like self-fulfilling prophecies, keep proving that we are right in fearing that “We are not safe in this world” or “We are not enough”.  This is why it is essential to connect with your Soul during this Full Moon and ask your ego-mind to step down until the cells of the greatest self-love awareness have awakened and it “clicked” for you.  When you have integrated it so, it will feel like “I finally got it!” and your heart will suddenly open up to an all-encompassing self-love in your heart which spreads to your lower chakras, and then the whole being.


Here are 10 affirmations to help you heal your deepest wound.  Choose the portal that most resonates with you right now to work with today and for the next few days of the Full Moon:



1.   Your Inner Healer/Intuitive vs.  Inner Saviour (Crown Chakra portal)


Release:  There is something wrong with me (or the world).  I wish I could heal myself/people/nature/animals/oceans/planet/the whole world today, or else how do I continue happily.  If people could just sense what I am sensing (or fearing), all would be well (or better) again.


Embrace:  I release that which no longer supports my wellbeing in order to create space for my most joyous & abundant path.  I actively engage in high-vibrational activities that support me in raising my frequency and embracing my most optimal vitality.  I take inspired action daily.  I offer my gift to the world as an expression of my vibrant creative life force.


2.   Your Inner Dreamer/Mystic vs. Inner Alien/Wanderer (Third Eye Chakra portal)


Release:  Today is just a repetition of yesterday:  chores, duties, and physical needs to be met.  When does this end?


Embrace: I am creating my best life now with my best-feeling creative hopeful thoughts. I can see the big picture now.  I focus on my highest vision of the most joyous life for me and my family.  I choose to tune in to my Inner Wisdom that guides me daily, delightfully, and most joyously.  


3.   Your Inner Artist, Musician, or Speaker vs. Inner & Outer Silence-or-Invisibility Seeker (Throat Chakra portal)


Release: My creativity works best when I am in the right environment.


Embrace:  I create daily and easily, express all my abundant gifts freely, and offer my contribution to the world most harmoniously.  I trust completely that I am receiving divine and financial compensation that supports me fully and most abundantly in continuing to create, share, and contribute joyously.


4.   Your Inner Lover or Empath vs. Inner Martyr (Heart Chakra portal)


Release:  I need to save as many people/children/animals who have a similar wound to mine.   I am willing to sacrifice my own wellbeing to rescue those who need to be rescued (it is the right thing to do, says my ego).


Embrace: I am loved on every level of my being.  Even if I don’t get it right, or don’t get it all done in this lifetime, I know that I am unconditionally loved and supported by Source in every experience and area of my life.  I can feel the inner spaciousness of Unconditional Love in every cell of my beautiful being.  I accept others easily even though I may not agree with all of their personal choices.    


5.   Your Inner Warrior vs. Inner Addict (Solar Plexus portal)


Release:  I am powerless to change the world.  I have no control over my life. Or:  I assert myself to make things happen.  I manipulate and control others so that they do not control or hurt me.


Embrace: I am a powerful creator of my own experiences.  I am filled with a greater sense of purpose.  I am clear of the next step I need to take now.  I am filled with trust that the next step will be revealed to me in the exact moment I demonstrate my openness and readiness to grow and create the next visible result.


6.   Your Inner Child vs.  Inner Victim (Sacral Chakra portal)


Release:  I am helpless and confused about my purpose here and how to fully enJOY life.


Embrace: I find sweetness in life’s daily miracles.  I enjoy playfulness and fun.  I am surrounded and filled with all-encompassing love and light.  I spontaneously and freely shine my light and radiate my joy into the world.  I joyously co-create and invite others to delightfully co-create with me in alignment with our individual and group soul purpose.


7.   Your Inner Dancer (or Bodyworker) vs. Inner Rebel (Root Chakra portal)


Release:  My feet and my body are hurting as I am not taking care of my wounds as I know I should.  I will dance away the pain.  I will embody the wound until this pain (or the body) is no more.

Embrace:  All is well.  I bless my feet and my body for walking this sacred journey/dance of exhilaration with me. I land and relax into my physical body, and on this Earth, totally and completely.  I gently and lovingly stretch every part of my body and increase my physical mobility and flexibility to reach new exhilarating heights of joyous & delicious BEingness.  In this gorgeous body I am grounded, on this beautiful planet I am rooted.  Now.  Will you dance with me, my dear feet, my dear body?  Let’s!


Happy Pisces Full Moon!

Milada Sakic


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