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August 25, 2014: The New Moon of Awareness in VIRGO

How many New Moons of Awareness have you postponed for “later”, in the last 12 months?

Make a conscious choice to acknowledge this (and the next) one!

You can more easily tune into what is healthy or not healthy for you right now.  To separate suitable and important from the unimportant and the no-longer-meaningful in your life and work.  This is the gift of the expert Virgo archetype.


Photo Credit:  Ksenija Hotic Photography

Focusing on a detail IS helpful when we focus on what is good, as in meaningful and significant about it.  When we are focusing mostly on what is not good about it, we get stuck.

The idea is to look for the place within that is yearning for your inner gaze of recognition. 

Very similar to how you look for a familiar face in the crowd.

Once you locate it, then assure it that you are there to hear it, to feel it, to connect with it, to activate it in your awareness, or to set it free.  You are not there to judge it or criticize it.  You are there to support it in its trueness, or release it free if it so wishes to be (more) free.  You appreciate it.  You lovingly accept it as is.

Then that detail, that healthy awakened cell, that unit of life in your body that suddenly remembers, will whisper to you where to go next.  You just follow the trail of wholeness.  You have made another friend.

This is how healing occurs.  Like an illuminated path of awareness that lights up one cell, then the next, then the next beside it, until the whole system is lit up. 

Happy, healthy, and vibrant.  It is remembering its essence and purpose, its creation story of pristine origin, to thrive.


What awareness is coming through to you today, about where the shift towards what feels better, or more whole, is needed?


There is a cell, in fact a whole community of unplugged building blocks of life in your body, looking to connect with you this very moment, about how to create a more orderly connection with Life.

To clear the distortions of pure essence by experiencing itself, through personal transformation.  No labels of good or bad, just whether it feels stiff OR spacious.


What needs to shift to create a space for the new?


It may feel like tightness or softness in your stomach, there, depending on how often you are listening to your body’s wisdom.


The NEW MOON in VIRGO is exact today at 10:12 am EDT and is in Virgo for the next couple of days. Bless.


Photo Credit:  Ksenija Hotic Photography




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The Inner Alchemy Genius of the AQUARIUS FULL MOON of Aug 10, 2014

May the Full Moon in Aquarius this weekend bless your every intention to stand firm in your uncompromising & undeniable truth as an expression of your unapologetic individuality!!!


Stand firm not in the programming of your culture, or your parents, or the society you grew up in, but the INNER ALCHEMY GENIUS that YOU unashamedly gave birth to as a result of your very own journey of life’s choices.

And many lifetimes of choices, many lifetimes of freedom  and/or loss of freedom of your pure most authentic expression.

Your soul’s journey of individuality to this very incarnation is yours to lead and allow, to celebrate and enjoy, to embrace and course-correct [if/when YOU deem enjoyable].

First to let it in and then to live full out, led by none other than Your Very Own Higher + Lower + Entire Self:

“The Great Whole I AM”!!!




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