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3 Love Dates to Circle on Your July 2014 Calendar

A lot of people ask me when and how to rekindle their existing relationship, when to talk to their spouse to harmoniously activate resolution of a significant issue, or when they will meet their soulmate.

Below are three *love dates in July* that will help focus & amplify celestial support for your harmonious & happy relationship intentions.



All universal dates are considered for 12 pm noon Eastern Time Zone (EDT).


Please note that these are universal picks that will work for most people, however not meant to replace a personalized advice (which considers most harmonious transits to your natal chart, relationship compatibility charts, as well as the best time of day based on your specific geographic location).


However, in the absence of a personalized chart, use these monthly picks as a starting point to grow in alignment with the divine flow of relationship abundance, transformation, success, and prosperity.


July 17-21:

Reignite passion in your existing relationship, but watch for temper and overreaction flare-ups.  The energy can be productively used for goal-oriented determination to activate what you have been delaying for a while.  However, do not start a new relationship during this time if you are looking to create a partnership + long-term harmony!


July 23-24:

Good for first dates, in particular for relationship soul contracts that reflect a healthy dose of romance and devotion, but also stability and excitement (July 22 & 23), or a healthy focus on home/family and domestic matters (July 24)  


July 18, July 25-29:

Avoid for first dates and significant love matters on these days if you are looking to initiate & create long-term relationship harmony


I will be releasing more dates in July and August for Love, Business, Money, Transformational matters – and more!!!

Stay tuned by following the newsletter updates, connecting with me on Facebook and LinkedIn, or visiting my blog right here :)


If you are launching any special projects this year, with significant emotional and financial investment, or if you are simply looking to enhance and amplify success of your personal and business ventures, contact me today to purchase your personalized success date.  3-date packages as well as special offers when you purchase an elected date along with a transformational session with me are available.

Not sure whether your request qualifies?  Email me for more information.


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To Your Abundance



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July/August 2014: Your Guide to a Yum-Loving Summer

After one of the most creatively inspired New Moons of 2014 that sprinkled us abundantly with some pixie dust of sunbeams & creativity (*sparkle*sparkle*), our Cancer New Moon dreams and goals of June 27th have been just time-tested by the Capricorn Full Moon of July 12th.  Have you felt a sudden or a growing urge to make your dreams real and visible?  To establish manageable work-life routine, or set new expectations around discipline and productivity, regardless of whether you attract a round of applause?  That is the Capricorn archetype for you:  choosing to stay in your integrity and act from the place of self-reliant poise, regardless of whether one receives an external form of approval.


This week may have also been a culmination of sorts for many since Mercury is completing its journey through Gemini and entering Cancer on July 13th.  This is until it joins the fun-loving celestial party over at Leo’s (playground) along with the Sun + Jupiter on July 31st.  Mark that July 13th on your calendar as it may be a new page turner.  If you are looking to set new expectations around how to bring your dreams, creativity, and imagination to life (and to people :) ), you are in tune!!!  Mercury in Cancer, an imaginative thinker and storyteller, teaches us that sharing and communicating information CAN be effectively charged with emotion and rich in intuitive imagery (vs. logic and reason of Mercury in Gemini).


[box type=”download”] Now the Full Moon at 20º Capricorn activated a desire for a practical application of our gifts packaged in a container that serves a functional purpose. [/box]


The Cancer New Moon of June 27th amplified our creative and imaginative intentions, flavoured with a dose of unpredictability and erratic freestyle expression (if you recall, due to Mars/Uranus activation coupled with Mercury Rx that caused an energetic and information havoc for many who desired not glitches around that time).  Now the Full Moon at 20º Capricorn activated a desire for a practical application of our gifts packaged in a container that serves a functional purpose.  The container needs to make sense to our desire to climb the next meaningful peak of achievement, and that next peak of achievement needs to be in alignment with our true nature + identity.  Otherwise, what for?


Lastly, Mercury turned direct on July 1st and it regains its speed relevantly towards mid July, as we speak.


Now is the time to go ahead with plans of the first part of the year, to launch, to show, to share, to amplify our efforts in moving forward, and gaining momentum.


And now your 4-step guide to staying yum-loving stylish this summer starts here:


[box type=”download”] This is the time to step out of your comfort zone, create abundantly and share. Go for it![/box]


1. Let yourself be guided

Intuition and creativity, along with freedom-loving imagination and self-expression rule in July 2014, have you noticed?


Well, really, it is about coming out, showing up, trusting in what you have created and letting yourself be guided in direction of those who are ready to receive your gift.


Whether you are an artist or an intuitive, or simply an inspired, innovative, and creative human being, this is the time to step out of your comfort zone, create abundantly and share.  Go for it!


2. Develop your uninhibited most authentic style


Redefining your individual self-expression this summer will be an accomplishment in itself.

You are supported.


The Leo New Moon of July 26th will surely get the party going for most, and this is just in case you miss the “Jupiter in Leo” red carpet fanfare on July 16th.


Is your individuality growing up to be a full expression of your potential? 


What self-contained area of your life is calling to break free from limitation?  And which individualistic aspect of your being is wishing to function more effectively?


[box type=”download”] No right path, only your path, says the celestial spread of July.[/box]


Between July 20/21st Uranus will be turning retrograde (say hoola hoopla!) and Saturn turning direct (say ready, steady, go!).  In addition, Saturn and Uranus will be in an alignment of adjustment (150 degree aspect).  This is when a redirection of efforts may be needed due to a difficulty to reconcile conflicting needs to individualize and/or to contain. You may feel a need to leave your tribe or your clan in order to be free, unique and experience inner freedom, but consider whether it’s necessary to break away in order to redefine your authentic Self.  Sometimes the greatest work is done by transforming our existing relationships and circumstances, and only sometimes a complete overhaul is needed after we have thoroughly examined whether our own growth potential is maxed out within the existing circumstances.


If no changes are made however, this may result in lowered energy and vitality, until you take personal responsibility for either 1) choosing the path of self-discipline and convention or 2) originality and innovation.  No right path, only your path, says the celestial spread of July.


3. Ignite your JOY + COURAGE + SHINE your light factor


How much courageous fun have you had in the last 30 days?  I mean the type of fun that pulls you out of your comfort zone (as would the Sun-Mars activation of July 13th-21st). A little bit, a good deal, no fun at all?  Fun activities such as uninhibited self-expression of freestyle dance, art therapy, team sports, laughter medicine, help us to reconnect with our Inner Toddler, or Inner Adolescent if you will.  This is the little wise one that is still in touch with our playful and spontaneous side.  It is wise because it really effectively connects us with our soul, which is infinite and free of limitation by nature.

We do want to curb exaggerated willfulness or misdirected anger however (or those that may be prone to it) that may lead to hotheaded conflict or endangering yourself and others, especially between July 16-21st.


Whether you need to reconnect with your Inner Child, or reconnect with your creative self in order to shine your light brightly, this summer is it!!!


Jupiter, the King of Expansion & Abundance, is entering Leo on July 16th.  Lucky Leos and anyone with angles or personal planets in Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius!  Either way, whether you’ve got some fire in your chart or not, Jupiter that lifts our spirits is here to ignite our JOY factor, unconditionally.  It will be a FUN summer for those that connect with their Inner Leo, and one needs not get away to create some fun in their life!!! You can start fun-choosing right now just by drawing one step closer to what makes your heart hum!

At the same time stay safe, humble, and authentic in the process, aware of your limits and boundaries.  With Jupiter in Leo, those that believe too much in their own self-importance may be tempted with a desire for expansiveness into pretentiousness and overreaching of their limits.  Jupiter helps us to inflate our balloon of confidence and faith in life; however we individually decide how far our own personal hot-air balloon needs to be inflated before we lose our grounding in reality.


[box type=”download”] Implement the new-found shape of wellbeing that works for YOU and reap the rewards you have worked so hard for. [/box]


4. Love you some more self-discipline and self-respect

Since Saturn has been on its retrograde journey since March 2nd, by now you have likely gained a good idea, or at least an idea, of a new structure, routine, or a practice, you would like to put in place in your life for the remainder of the year (until at least March 2015 when Saturn turns Rx again).  Whether it is to save more, budget better, invest some, or simply work and feel better, you are in tune!!!


The Capricorn Full Moon has activated a collective toolbox for creation of sustainable structure, an actionable plan, or a functional form that can be sustained long-term.  Whether this is career-related, relationship, money, or wellbeing, the structure that needs to support your 1-3 attitudes above of uniquely inspired and playful self-expression, needs to be an expression of the choice that is entirely and absolutely yours.  The universe does not interfere here.  Writing or painting project needs completion?  Great!  A special corner in your home-office needs sprucing up?  Super!  A new wellbeing ritual inspired to implementation effective today?  Grand!!!  A coming-out launch party in honour of your creative spirit or your highest potential?  Even grander!!!  The choice is yours to enjoy.


Implement the new-found shape of wellbeing that works for YOU and reap the rewards you have worked so hard for.  Whether it is a new morning healthy habit, self-care practice, or a productivity ritual, both your body and your soul will thank you for listening.


Wishing you a creative and most brilliant summer!!!







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