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New Offers + New Rates as of July 15th, 2014!

If you have been contemplating saying YES to your abundance and accelerating your self-actualization journey with me, now is the time to book your reading or coaching session!!!

With a renewed focus on group work and new projects in the fall-winter, my schedule is filling up quickly.  For the remainder of 2014 there will be a limited number of spots reserved for one-on-one work with souls highly committed and invested in their personal & professional development – and my new rates for 3-Session and 6-Month Transformational Journeys vs individual sessions reflect this.

New offers are coming up as of July 1st for one-on-one sessions and coaching packages, as well as couples and group transformational sessions, with new rates effective as of July 15th (or August 15th for all my current newsletter subscribers and any new subscribers who sign up by July 14th)!

I am also very excited to introduce a *Student Special* $50 off of ALL my offers available on for all students who are actively pursuing their Akashic Records Certification in Level 2 or 3 with me (or are currently registered for an upcoming Level 1-3 intensive), as well as my astrology students for the duration of their study and 30 days following the end of their course with me.

Also, all attendants of my workshops (both paid and free events) will receive $50 off of ALL my offers available on for 7 days following the workshop or event.

Please note that the *Student Special* cannot be combined with other specials (e.g. Month of Love, Holiday Special, etc.)

Moving forward, I will extend the same $50 discount to all *returning clients* who may have already purchased services in the last 30 days (while returning clients may want to consider 3-session packages or 6-Month Transformational Journey which will provide a fantastic value compared to purchasing individual sessions!!!).


Astrological Readings + Coaching (check here on/after July 1st)

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Akashic Records Readings + Coaching (check here on/after July 1st)

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If you are not already subscribed to receive my newsletter, sign up today or before July 14th to extend the current rates until August 14th. 

For becoming a new valued subscriber, I will hold the current rates for you for additional 30 days (therefore the new rates will be effective for you as of August 15th). 

The extended offer is also valid for all existing subscribers :)

For everyone else my new rates (published on my website as of July 1st) will be effective as of July 15th!

By staying connected via my newsletter you will receive all special offers + priority updates that may not be available elsewhere.

Enter your best email in the Newsletter Subscription box in the top right corner of my Home page here, if you haven’t already done so:

Already a subscriber and have already confirmed your *consent* in my June 30th “Action Required” email in relation to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation?  Then you are all set and I look forward to staying connected.

Stay tuned for more updates coming up this summer!!!

To your abundance!!!




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June 26-30th: Let’s make the most out of the last week of Mercury Retrograde!!!

Let’s make the most out of the last week of Mercury Retrograde and focus on getting THE most tedious off of your desk, whatever has been most holding you back for weeks now!!!

Planning purging and more planning, never a better time to do it than in the next 4 days!!!


I know that the Mars/Uranus duel may have been urging a bit of a “rebelliousness” this week, if not an “erratic”, “exciting” and “thrilling” movement of energy.

Just remember that any new pioneering path that moves past limitation and restriction requires a new perspective and innovative strategy, sometimes born out of surprising turns and twists (that may or may not need be glitches and upsets!).

That is however winding down and we are getting ready to move forward with a renewed spirit and new goals.  The New & Super Creative + Imaginative Moon in Cancer is coming up tomorrow June 27th and Mercury will be back stationary direct as of July 1st.

Say Hooray!!!




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16956709_ml (Inner Wisdom) (2) (400x400)

How to Activate Your Highest Embodied Potential

Activate your vibrational alignment to your highest embodied potential this week by taking one of the following actions:


1)       Raise your rates

2)      Ask your manager for a raise

(or what steps you need to take to achieve it)

3)      Double your investment in pampering yourself

4)      Double your investment in your business or personal development

5)      Schedule a crucial conversation to set healthy boundaries or expectations in a key relationship

6)      Pick a day of the week when you are 100% living from this place of abundant creativity and unconditional alignment to your purpose and your highest embodied potential, and in 30 days add another day and another…


Are you invested enough in realizing your full potential?


If you are in Toronto area, join us for a Soul Purpose Activation Circle coming up on June 28th at Transense.

Only 3 spots remaining as of June 23rd!!!

You can check it out and register here:


[button link=”” type=”big”] Soul Purpose Activation Circle[/button]

Hope to see you soon!



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June 17-30th: Revolution of Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude!

With Mars in Libra dueling Uranus this week, the theme of the day is – FREEDOM OF COLLABORATIVE WILL!!!


Or WILL + INDIVIDUALITY (free from social/cultural/parental programming)


And with Venus entering Gemini territory on June 23rd – a dose of freedom of speech and redefining your “happy-go-lucky” attitude as well.

However, watch out for your inner warrior or inner rebel waking up and potential overreaction, impatience, rebelliousness, and fiery emotional outbursts in exercise to manage your energy + will + anger effectively.

Assertiveness may be needed and freedom-oriented and innovative approach as well is preferred, but in a collaborative fashion.  Caution especially needed for anyone with any “feisty” planets or angles in Cardinals signs – approximately 13-19 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn.

If you are wondering why things are not settling as of yet, it’s because a change, or perhaps a revolution IS needed, and for YOU to clarify your preferences, priorities, and alliances more clearly, individually and collectively.

The Moon is in Taurus until tomorrow so good food may help in those crucial conversations or tough negotiations, but most of all – listen to your body’s wisdom :)


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2977965_400x400_Lotus Light

Mercury Rx Cancer to Gemini: What is calling to be purged out of your life?


Mercury is backtracking into Gemini by tomorrow but we still get TWO more weeks of accessing its cosmic wisdom about how to shift stagnation out of our life. Whether you feel a sudden urge to purge “an annoying” drawer in your home or office, or transform an area of your life that may not be flowing right now, the principle is the same and it starts with a question:


What needs to change here?

Then just trust the inner or outer signal that arises right after you allow the question to arise. Stay with the question, dance with it, until you FEEL it and KNOW it (the essence of what you are really really asking for).

Just because the Universe wishes for you to “receive” infinite abundance + wellbeing, doesn’t mean YOU have created sufficient space in your mind, your being, and your life to “receive” it there.



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11307329_s_Gemstones circle with names

Sag Full Moon: What color is your Philosopher’s Stone?

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!!!

Sag is the Seeker in all of us. That says: Safety, what is that?

The gatherer of meaning + wisdom + diversity of unfamiliar experiences.

Of consciousness-and-awareness-expanding horizons that lead us to the Ultimate Truth or the Ultimate Experience, whatever that Truth or Experience may be for us.

Via inner and outer worlds that are likely further and broader than our immediate family/community, and most likely outside the box of our immediate restricting beliefs about how far we “may”, we “could”, or we “should”.

Sag says: Go Big, Go Further, or…Go Again!!!

What color is your Philosopher’s Stone?

[Mine = Blue Lapis ]

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June 2014: What in the Heavens is Going On?

“Managing our life is about managing our time & energy daily. Your life is shaping up as a direct result of this, including all relationships and outcomes.”~Milada Sakic


Just when we thought we were finally ready to go full steam ahead by late May, we may be nudged to slow down again in early June.  What in the heavens is going on?


Well, Mars (the Braveheart) has been back direct since May 19/20th, which should have helped with getting a major move-forward project off the ground.  However, Mercury (the Head of Information Transfer) is ready to start another 3-week retrograde journey through early Cancer and Gemini.  This means that slow-downs, technical & information glitches, cleanups of re-evaluating, re-organizing and repetition, will be IN once again between June 7th and July 1st.


Wow, the Universe must be getting us ready for something really big ahead in the second half of 2014!!!  Are YOU preparing or contemplating a major personal or professional transition?  That explains it!!!


Cancer’s shadow is about running to safety of mother-like familiarity and invisibility, which usually equals to unflustered day-to-day predictability.  Cancer is about those self-defence mechanisms we put in place to feel secure.  This unfortunately, when taken too seriously or to the extreme, may turn into boredom rituals of emotional numbness.


How do we move out of that shell, you ask?  Well, we walk into the territory of the Gemini archetype – of curiosity and new experiences.  We remain in motion (forward).  We don’t try to sort things out but retain a sense of childlike wonder.  We just notice, observe, perhaps inquire to better understand, and allow our mind to grow from the new experiences.  However, on the other hand the Gemini’s shadow may tempt us too into creating…emotional & mental overextension.  Too much to see and take in creates information overload + overstimulated mind.  What a perfect “excuse” not to take action!!!


On the other hand, this Mercury Retrograde may be eagerly revealing to us those misunderstandings and misalignments in the area of life where we may be attached but not invested enough?


[box type=”download”] The key here is: We need to keep activating and investing WHILE we are waiting!!! [/box]


Here is what happens.  When we are truly invested, we are willing and committed to do the work necessary to produce desired results on one hand, and prepared to forgive and let go on the other. When we are attached however, we are “in waiting” of a specific outcome. Sometimes this actually translates into not be willing to do the work necessary to produce the result.  And often times unfortunately not willing to release or let go of that which is no longer vibrant.  Because our ego says, if we are attached enough to a specific outcome, we WILL eventually manifest it.  Right?  Wrong!!!


This is because, while attached, we may prefer waiting for the perfect timing or perfect opportunity that matches our imagination.  However, this often leaves us static, stuck, or “in waiting”.  Imagination is not pointing to the exact outcome, but a possible or a probable one, just as a buffet of choices available on our lunch menu offers tasty options to be chosen from.


The key here is:  We need to keep activating and investing WHILE we are waiting!!! By taking a ritualistic, inspired, and which may appear imperfect to our ego’s safety-oriented judgement – ACTION.

Otherwise, we may be waiting for an eternity.


Are you invested enough in realizing your full potential?


I have a healing activation circle coming up on June 28th at Transense.

You can check it out and register here:


[button link=”” type=”big”] Soul Purpose Activation Circle[/button]

Hope to see you soon!



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