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3291040_s_Mother Nature_Enchanted Garden

Oh Sweet June: Venus in Taurus until June 23rd!!!

Venus entered Taurus on May 28th:

Our Sweet Sister Aphrodite, here we come!!! :)

Lots of love, abundance, and yummy luck for all my Taurus-and-Mother Nature-attuned friends until June 23rd.  Anyone with personal planets and Ascendant in this delicious earthy sign will mostly benefit – wohoo!!!

Virgos – June just may be your sweet month too!!!

And for everyone else, earthly sensual urges are waking up to help us –EMBODY, GROUND, & CALM DOWN!!!

How will you intuitively sense if you are connected to the Taurus archetype on some level?

You crave unmovable inner silence and tranquility, grounded earthly beauty, and connection with music and/or singing, and nature and organic materials on one hand.

On the other it may be food, wine, accumulation of collectibles, paper money, and tangible & physical expression of nurturing, love, and affection.


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