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NEW MOON IN ARIES on March 30th, 2014: The first chapter of the Cardinal Grand Cross activation

ARIES NEW MOON is coming up on March 30th at 2:44 pm EDT at 9 Aries 58. Have you checked what personal planet + area of your chart will be activated by this New Moon?

The Aries New Moon will feel a whole bit differently compared to the Pisces New Moon of March 1st. This New Moon activates the first chapter of the Cardinal Grand Cross activation that will be fully empowered next month. How do we self-express and discharge our energy and anger, how do we handle stress, resolve conflict, and most importantly…how do we calm down. This is in preparation for mid-end of April eclipse activation.

Keep in mind that Mars, ruler of this New Moon, is still in Libra and retrograde, in the sign opposite of its rulership. The North Node (our collective higher ground & most effective strategy) is also in Libra. This means that our inner tigers may be encouraged to become better at managing energy, to be truly effective during this time. Also that our new exercise routine may be closer to a restorative or gentle practice of yoga for example, or gentle movement (i.e. Qigong, Tai Chi, Free Body Movement, Dance, etc.). To help us gain a greater awareness of how we are energetically interacting with Self + relating to others, how we dance with rhythm of life and Source, how we make things happen in the most collaborative way.

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Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Birthday, ARIES!!!

Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Birthday, ARIES!!!  Spring has finally sprung – wohoo!!!  [At least the astronomical spring that is in the Northern Hemisphere;  hopefully the real spring is on its way…soonest!!! :)

The Sun is entering Aries at 12:58 pm EDT today!  It is the start of a new astrological year, when day and night are about equal length, marking the awakening of the life forces in nature.


Lots of activations for Aries and anyone with personal planets and/or the Ascendant in Aries this year, especially between mid-end April, with the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of April 15th.  Also, the planet of freedom, individuality, and rebellion, Uranus in Aries, has activated changes for many Aries in the past 2-3 years, especially those born between March 20th-April 5th.


Aries (the Ram) is the first sign of the Zodiac, and connected with the archetype of a pioneer spirit, being a winner, the first one.  But also the Warrior.  In one word – feisty!  This would apply to anyone with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Aries, but affecting different aspects of their being as represented by the planet. Or the Ascendant, which is the mask of our personality.


I say wherever in your chart you have Aries, that is where your inner tiger or inner dragon is hidden, or likely very visible and direct and “in your face”, when woken up.  This is the aspect of your being that is fearless and difficult to intimidate. Go, Aries!


KEYWORDS: energy, activity, initiative, courage, conquest, willpower, survivor, go-getter, risk-taker, vitality, fierceness, spontaneous enthusiasm, zest for life, taking the bull by the horns


SHADOW:  impulsiveness, impatience, egotism, belligerence, aggression, combativeness, recklessness, argumentativeness, self-righteousness, stubborn, destroyer

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