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March 2014: A Quantum Leap of Faith + A Quantum Dose of Creative Conflict-Resolution Wanted!

The upcoming Pisces New Moon of March 1st is very much about making QUANTUM leaps of faith, with the New Moon in a super harmonious alignment with Jupiter, which represents our capacity for deeply rooted inner faith in life, and faith in our purpose, and dreams.  During this time we are SO supported in experiencing our awakened spirits soar to new dimensions of optimism, confidence…and luck!




Also, the planet of action, courage & development of will (Mars) is currently transiting the partnership-and-diplomacy-oriented Libra, AND turning retrograde the same day on March 1st, so there may be a dose of hesitation in the air on a full-out “individualistic” outer action.  Sooo, while inner confidence and faith are building, the training in courage, disciplined will, and conflict resolution starts! Mars in Libra is about development of a collaborative strategy to achieve goals (with style!), rather than just pushing forward impatiently on our own!!!


[box] With 4 planets changing their apparent motion in the next week, it may feel confusing on the energetic, information, and communication highways[/box]

With 4 planets changing their apparent motion in the next week, it may feel confusing on the energetic, information, and communication highways, especially if lacking alignment, clarity, and commitment to our direction and purpose in life, work, and relationships.  Non-truths and illusions are up for a major review!  Pushing forward simply for the sake of pushing forward, will NOT work.


Pick your battles & words diplomatically as we may expect the unexpected during this time with things, opinions & decisions feeling as if they are “up in the air” a bit, unless consciously grounded towards a purposeful goal & inspired action.  Be mindful, and articulate about what your intentions are, and what or who you are aligned with.  Consciously choose to offer SOME clarity to receive MORE clarity, and consciously choose to be part of a collaborative solution!


How do you handle your Mars?  Here are FIVE questions for your reflection:


1)    What are you on edge & frustrated about right now?

2)    How do you discharge energy?

3)    How are you handling your stress, conflict and/or anger about the situation?

4)    Are you impatient, self-centered, and antagonistic; or inclusive of others’ input in the process?

5)    Do you stand up for yourself and assert yourself with style towards a joint solution; or impose your will in depreciation and aggressive conquering of opinions of others (whether it’s directly or subversively)?


This is what Mars in Libra, especially during its retrograde cycle (March 1-May 19, 2014) will be about:  a collective training in assertiveness; strategic, creative, and peaceful conflict resolution;  utilizing collaborative strategy & diplomacy vs domineering and/or intimidation tactics.


Belligerence, hostility, aggression, even antagonism, unfriendliness & resentment will be singled out and challenged.  Mars prefers a straightforward singlehanded approach, however in Libra, the sign which is opposite from its natural sign of rulership, where it feels a whole lot more comfortable (Aries), it is required to compromise, be fair, and negotiate.  To be tolerant, considerate, respectable, inclusive, balanced in its approach; and most certainly more refined, elegant, and cultivated.


[box] What you resist will persist, especially during Mars retrograde.[/box]


What you resist will persist here, especially during Mars retrograde.  Instead of opposing the process of co-creation, co-resolution, and mutual solution-finding, compose yourself and engage others in the process.  After all is said and done, you will be glad you did!


Time to de-stress & re-negotiate, re-define & re-commit!
Re-activate? Perhaps, providing you are super clear about what you are really activating in your life or business, really understanding the energetics behind it, to avoid activating & perpetuating that which is a contrast or a shadow of what you truly desire.


Mercury Stationary Direct Feb 28th

Mars Stationary Retrograde March 1st

Saturn Stationary Retrograde March 2nd

Jupiter Stationary Direct March 6th


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Happy Birthday, PISCES!

The Sun entered Pisces at 1:00 pm EST on February 18th!  Have you felt the shift? It is a gentle peaceful energy that feels beyond-rational and logical.  It is infinite and indescribable.  It is meant to be sensed by our feeling mind, not necessarily easily understood by our logic.


The Piscean archetype is the symbol of our own consciousness.

This is the place where we attempt to describe the unknown and merge ourselves with the feeling of uncertainty.  To become aware of, not the content of our minds, the noise, but the peace that fills our mind, the flow that is simply the space of being, formless consciousness free of circumstantial conditioning.  It has no form and thus is free of labels projected onto it.  It is capable of listening without evaluating or judgement.  It is capable of compassionate detachment.  It is boundless  and thus has no meaning projected onto it.  That empty space is the cup and the antenna of our connectedness with our Higher Self, with Divine, with Source.

It only seeks to imagine the possibilities. Gazing within.  Feeling the spaciousness of our inner mind uncluttered with external stimulation.  Except the stimulation that allows gazing within.


We become the observer of our reality, rather than identification with our ego-mind.  We transcend our physical limitation and get in touch with that aspect of ourselves that is beyond the limitations of the physical, found in the spiritual experience of meditation or creative processes.


[box] Do we envision our dreams first before we manifest them into our reality, or is there fate or such dimension of reality that we have access to actually “foresee” what is to come? [/box]


Is reality subjective or objective, this is what we can practice in the Piscean classroom.  Do we envision our dreams first before we manifest them into our reality, or is there fate or such dimension of reality that we have access to actually “foresee” what is to come?  What is a dream?  What is reality?


Perhaps everything in our reality is a reflection of our own state of consciousness.  Everything is our own imagination, experiences viewed through the lenses of our own subjective ego-mind perspective.

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

KEWORDS:  Selfless love, boundless compassion, emotional devotion, creative imagination, visionary dreams, spiritual self-transcendence, inner knowing, divine flow, Higher Self.

SHADOW:  Self-sacrificing, escapism, drifting, oversensitivity that may lead to numbness if not practicing creating healthy boundaries, martyrdom.


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The Month of Love Special – $50 off for any TWO readings or classes purchased by Feb 28th!!!

In case you have not signed up to receive my newsletter, just wanted to make sure you too are aware:


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Happy Full Moon in Leo & The Most Playful Day of Honouring Love!

Happy Full Moon in Leo (exact today at 6:52 pm EST) & The Most Playful Day of Honouring Love!

The gifts of the Leo’s archetype are abundant: Be love! Be play!  Be spontaneous!

Celebrate self and your creative child within, if for a moment today.

And most of all, enjoy!

As you honour those you love with your appreciation & affection today (and every day), remember to start by honouring yourself first.

It is in the process of aligning with our loving self, with our soul and our heart, that we are best able to honour those that are receiving our most vibrant gift holding the essence of love & authenticity.


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