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Happy Mercury in Pisces Activation!!!

Happy Mercury in Pisces Activation!!!

Mercury entered Pisces at 9:29 AM EST today, just an hour ago!!!

This is an imaginative, soft-spoken and/or poetic communicator Mercury, because words don’t always form to indulge our logical mind here, but our infinite conceptual mind instead! Especially as Mercury nears the mystical and idealistic realm of Neptune next week and then enters its retrograde cycle of Feb 6-28th.

Pisces is the energy pattern that a logic-oriented Messenger Mercury is not comfortable in. Mercury’s key function is to gather, receive and transmit information; then to think, to calculate, and to reason. It is more driven by facts than intuitive feelings. In the imaginative & prophetic Piscean perception, however, there are often no physical facts to prove, and thinking moves not in a way linear or systematic. It is geared towards transcendental and spiritual experiences in this realm for one to experience the connection with infinite consciousness. The perception is turned inward, it empathizes and moves towards reflection. It communicates telepathically and/or in dream images, shapes, sounds and symbols. With Mercury in Pisces, opportunities, things or people feel right or they do not. How can we tell our imagination and our feelings to move in a linear fashion? We can certainly try :)

if YOU are studying or teaching metaphysical, intuitive, healing, vibrational, holistic, or creative arts, this is YOUR month to gain extraordinary insight, reinvigorate your most imaginative dreams, create magical out of ambiguous, and truly experience divine! Go for it!!!

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Timing Your Energetic Wobble-Gibber-Juggle: How About Creating Miraculous Out of Ambiguous?

Happy NEW MOON in AQUARIUS (10 Aqu 55), exact today Jan 30th at 4:38 pm EST – wohoo!

Can you feel the physical information transmission slowing down as our ever-popular Mercury retrograde cycle is nearing slowly but steadily on February 5-28th. This may manifest as unfamiliar energetic juggling, or energetic “glitches” on the information highways.  Perhaps as resistance to hurrying, or resistance to articulated clarity + change resulting in confusion, uncertainty and misunderstandings.  This would be especially so wherever the primary intention is in moving ahead “no matter what”.  In these energetically storm-like, windy & wobbly conditions with unexpected turns in direction, it may feel as if you’ve got one vortex of energy in your reality moving in one direction and another in the opposite direction.  Literally.  It may also show up as energetic slow-downs in waiting.

The purpose is to REJUVENATE & REINVIGORATE us mentally and energetically, by encouraging us to move any stagnant life energy out of its musty pockets of those archaic belief systems, and shift the outdated and no-longer-serving fears and illusions.  It is also helping us to activate our ABSTRACT learning capacities, so as to learn to create miraculous out of ambiguous.  To rest our conscious mind.  Or engage it in communicating in alternative ways (e.g. telepathy).  To learn to FEEL the ENERGY.  To feel CONSCIOUSNESS in movement.  Our connectedness & ONENESS with it.  If you start feeling as someone is trying to read you today’s to-do list and you are waving to them “But wait, I am tuning in, can’t you hear the music of the realms?” do not be alarmed!  You may find yourself at times not even understanding human language (LOL), but at the same time gaining new awareness about things that ever-boggled your logical mind.  No, you are not going crazy, only growing more aware and more in alignment and in tune with your soul!  Time to celebrate!!!


[box] How far you have lifted your activation vortex off the ground (allowing, manifesting, or hogging the energy?)[/box]


How it will manifest for you really depends on where YOU are in your evolution and manifestation process, and how far you have lifted your activation vortex off the ground (allowing, manifesting, or hogging the energy?).  It is generally an invitation to rethink our logic-based activities and rational decision-making, and invite our right-brain creative and intuitive capacities to the party, especially with Mercury entering Pisces on Jan 31st, which is not a familiar territory for the planet of logical mind, communication, intellect and information-processing technology.

While in Pisces for the first couple of weeks of February, it will support our dreams, imagination, and communication between the conscious and subconscious mind.  Moreover so as Mercury nears and exactly stations near the transcendental Neptune in the first week of February!  Anything that requires a reason-able & systematic application of your logical intellect will appreciate a double-check, or plain simply taking it easy and intuitively in February, and with loads of patience and flexibility!  Slow down and reflect, and remember to enJOY the ride!


[box type=”download”] This is YOUR month to gain extraordinary insight into the outside-the-box co-creative processes of the human mind, group consciousness, the Universe, and BEYOND!!! [/box]


Venus, the archetypical goddess of love, beauty, peace, art and harmony, that governs our capacity to relate and create unions and partnerships with others, is turning DIRECT on Jan 31st.  So to all the wonderful people who bring art, beauty and love into the world, this is your time to reaffirm what creative projects you would like to commit to in 2014.  Your Goddess of Art is changing its apparent celestial walk more expressively, after almost a month and a half of reflection, planning and preparation (since Dec 21st).

All the logical thinkers out there, right-brain teachers, business analysts & salespeople, why not take a strategic break in February to unplug, plan, reflect and organize your project launches for March-May!!!

However, if YOU are studying OR teaching intuitive, healing, vibrational, or creative arts, this is YOUR month to gain extraordinary insight into the outside-the-box co-creative processes of the human mind, group consciousness, the Universe, and BEYOND!!!  EnJOY!!!

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Happy January of Two New Moons to YOU!!!

Happy January 2014 of Two New Moons to YOU!!!


The New Moon in Aquarius is coming up on January 30th at 4:38 pm EST (10º Aqu 55’).  Can you feel it coming?


We are being blessed with not only one, but TWO New Moons this month:  one in the traditional Capricorn on January 1st which set the tone for the year, by activating the archetype of the Great Father (the Patriarch, the Conservative), and the second one at the end of the month in the future-oriented Aquarius (the Individualist, the Reformer), which will be an invitation to release the old & archaic values and ideas + embrace the new.  The Full Moon in Cancer, the archetype of the Great Protective Mother, culminated on January 15/16th to compliment the principle of Personal Responsibility & Integrity (Capricorn).


[box] Both parental archetypes have collectively resurfaced for healing this month[/box]


Both parental archetypes have collectively resurfaced for healing this month.  We are also invited to reflect on the paradigms of tradition on one hand (Cancer/Capricorn), and the outside-the-box thinking on the other (Aquarius).  Since it is the first month of the year, it is likely an invitation to initiate completion of soul contracts with our parents, caretakers, providers, and Families of Origin (including our Inner Mother & Inner Father), while transcending the cultural and societal programming we have been accustomed to.  To get in touch with our inner and outer powers that be, our inner and outer nurturers, and all those people that we have strong emotional bonds with related to nurturing & safety.


Who is responsible for your wellbeing and your success?  Do you feel safe and protected?  Is your family nurturing and supportive (Cancer) or emotionally unresponsive (Capricorn)?


The themes of the month (and the underlying themes of the year) may be about how you feel about your Home (the one you have built, or haven’t built), and your Family + responsibilities you have within it.  It may also be about the balance of domestic and professional life and where do you feel that pull of achievement in 2014.


It may be about how close you feel to your Family and how you feel about your integration with it.  Do you feel supported, or do you feel poked by every attempt to get you out of your shell and/or your zone of comfort?


This may also be about your Superior or Boss.  Or whoever has the authoritative power over you.  Perhaps your designated Provider, the one who is “supposed to be” providing for you.


And most importantly about your inner caretakers (Cancer) & inner disciplinarian or critic (Capricorn).  Is your Inner Nurturer compassionate enough to take care of your own essential needs?  Is it choosing wellbeing & self-care first?  What comes first, your wellbeing or the wellbeing of your family, or your professional responsibilities?


Is your Inner Authority disciplined enough, with impeccable integrity and sense of purpose and direction, that you can count, trust and rely on?


Are YOU the driver and leader of your life, or the passenger?


[box] For as long as your Archetypical Mother and/or Archetypical Father are to blame, you are one step further from reaching your wholeness & wellbeing today.[/box]


For as long as your Archetypical Mother and/or Archetypical Father are to blame, you are one step further from reaching your wholeness & wellbeing today.  For while Father or Mother are guilty of wronging you, YOU do not feel WHOLE, as an integral part of the family.  You feel alien or alienated.   You feel hurt or wronged or shorted.


Universal Manager reads this telepathically (read: energetically) as a deep-seated “I am not enough” or “I am not a grown-up yet” or “I don’t belong” energetic preference and therefore will conclude that you are making your free will choice to continue working on “I am not enough” theme, rather than fast-tracking your development by embracing your personal responsibility and choice.  This will result in your Higher Self listening to your personal order, and arranging for circumstances in your life that will continue activating the energy of “I am not enough”.  Because your attention and emotional devotion to this very special “I am not enough” personal cause will be understood by Source energy as “I want more of THIS, can you support me in making it happen, please?”.


Remember that the Universe is based on free will and doesn’t judge our choices.  The Universal Manager doesn’t see “issues” per se when it comes to exercising of our free will; it sees activations we have set into motion.  And of course then there are Divine Laws that are helping the Universal Manager run the organization of our physical reality.  You ask and the tools and circumstances are given.  How you will FEEL about those circumstances is not a given.  This is where you exercise your power of choosing.


There are ways around this conundrum.  One of them is taking a full responsibility for what we have created in our life so far, taking a full responsibility for our emotions, happiness and success.  Taking responsibility for our own nurturing.  And safety.  For our own parenting at this point in our adulthood.  And demonstrating this in our daily life.  Otherwise holding others responsible for our own happiness would be removing our own responsibility for our own life.  That would be removing our own responsibility for THIS PLANET. For OURSELVES.  For the fingerprint and legacy we have left by coming down and embodying in this physical body.  What will people remember us for?  What will our family and our loved ones remember you for?


Your choice to be free, or your choice to be a victim (of your life’s circumstances) defines your life circumstances today.  Your choice to be abundant, or your choice to be just good-enough.  Your choice to be WELL on every level of your being, or your choice NOT to be provided for.  Not to be supported.  By your Inner Mother and Father.


[box type=”download”] Who will break the ancestral pattern of blame and start forgiving? Who will start healing first? [/box]


Externally, we project our Inner Mother & Father to so many people in our lives.  To our parents, yes. But also to our bosses, our partners, even our children “who should be respecting us and taking care of us”.  To our Governments.  To Our People & Our Countries.  To our Tribe.  To “Other People”.  Usually to the “uncaring”, “disrespectful”, “irresponsible”, “disciplinarians” or “those in power”.  To God.


Can you imagine if our Dear Mother Earth projected all that guilt onto us?  About Do WE Care enough?  How heavy would that burden be to carry?  And if our own children, dependants, or pets returned us the favour of this cause-worthy guilt?  Where would be the end?


Who will break the ancestral pattern of blame and start forgiving?  Who will start healing first?


Your choice to be free (of what is holding you back within), or your choice to be a victim (of your life’s circumstances), is yours alone.  It’s not up to Mother Earth to choose this for you.  It’s not up to Father God to choose this for you.  Only one person in the world – YOU, within you – can make this choice, today.


Love, Light & Many brilliant blessings to you and yours,



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The Most Powerful Mantra of Your Homecoming – Your Akashic Record!

Further to my previous post on The Power of Your Daily Mantras, my most practiced mantras nowadays are “I AM” mantras, OM sound, and any healing mantras, affirmations, or powerful statements of divine truth that I am guided to channel and sound in my own Akashic Record.  Or channel for others in their own Akashic Record for soul-level healing & clearing of the person’s subconscious emotional blocks.

What is profound is that, when in their soul’s Akashic Record, the person can automatically discern truth from non-truth using their physical senses and their inner knowing.  The person will feel instant affinity towards the “energetic remedy” suggested by their Higher Self, Divine Guidance, their Record Keepers, Guides.  It is enough to simply BE in the energy to receive the energetic healing, and experience energy shifts, without a need for any additional tools.  Any energetic support and transformational tools you may ever wish for are available in the Akashic Record.

One may also feel a need to release a non-truth once the non-truth (i.e. illusion we have bought into) is brought to our awareness.  This is because anything you say or bring to your conscious awareness when you are fully present in your soul’s energy, and fully IN the energy of your soul and your body, is amplified 100 x in intensity and thus goes straight to Source for fulfillment without taking any detours.


[box] You feel a warm nurture of deep inner fulfillment. [/box]


When we are fully present in our Akashic Record, there is no doubt in our mind what is healthy or unhealthy for us. We instantaneously simply know.  It feels as if our soul/body is effectively communicating with us as our most powerful guidance system, and smiling at us with relief, such as when we receive a beneficial remedy, a healthy sound, a well-designed (read:  soul-designed) combination of words and energies that are meant to uplift us and raise our frequency.

It feels almost as if, when you are thirsty or hungry and then you drink water or take food, the body instantaneously knows it has received a nutrient CRITICAL for its wellbeing and healthy development.

You feel a warm nurture of deep inner fulfillment.

The difference is that when integrating energy and information in your Akashic Record, it is integrated on every level of your being, not just physical level or just temporarily (i.e. such as by your stomach, after a lunch meal).

Your soul-body feels eager to integrate the soul-level energetic healing to bring you closer to the ultimate wellbeing & wholeness, to the truth of who you are.


[box] Once you experience the homecoming, and your soul experiences its connection with your Source of Love & Truth, in your Akashic Record, no one can ever take that away from you. [/box]


The simple process of sounding mantras, or your personal truths & affirmations, in your Akashic Record has the most gentle yet the most powerful transformational potency.  The process of “remembering” the truth of Who You Truly Are in your Akashic Records feels like homecoming.

Homecoming feels like you have arrived to your destination of inner peace and wholeness within, where you are forever connected with your Source, gently supported and powerfully guided, and you are amongst the ones that understand you and know you – your soul family.  It feels like wherever you go, you bring your home with you.  In your heart.  In your being.  In your soul.  And it is inseparable from YOU.

Once you experience the homecoming, and your soul experiences its connection with your Source of Love & Truth, in your Akashic Record, no one can ever take that away from you.  This is the most effective process of becoming more of Who You Truly Are.

Ease over struggle.  Love over fear.  Truth of who you are over illusion of who you are not. The truth of what you CAN over the illusion of THAT which is holding you back.  Namaste.

[box type=”download”] If you would like to experience your own homecoming, click below…[/box]


If you would like to experience your own homecoming, check out my updated Akashic Records classes page – The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program.

[button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program[/button]

Many blessings to you and yours,





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The Power of Your Daily Mantras

“Inside of me there’s a mantra going on that reminds me of who I am. It’s that place inside – that niche in the wall where the candle flame never flickers. Always bringing me right to my heart where we dwell eternally.”~Ram Dass

Mantras are so powerful that your mind + heart + whole being will learn to vibrate at its frequency once you have repeated it many times with emotional devotion. This is why it is critical to choose your daily mantras wisely & intuitively. Whatever choice of combination of words and sounds you choose to repeat verbally or silently, it will be understood by your mind as a conscious command.

One of my favorite mantras of the last 21 years has been the Maha Mantra (Hare Krishna chant) that, I have very much experienced in my own life, removes any fear & anxiety from one’s mind and purifies one’s heart. My whole being learned to vibrate at its frequency so much so that I would spontaneously recall it and, as intuitively guided, vibrate it telepathically in my dreams to generate the aura of protection. The most amazing feeling of being supported & surrounded by a protective shield of Love & Light!

To find out my most practiced mantras today, read my next post in the Akashic Records category :)


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Supporting You All The Way to LOVING Your Mondays!

Happy Monday to YOU!  I have fulfilled my first 2014 goal:  to be loving Mondays.  Ecstatic to get to “work” every morning.

In fact it feels more like getting to my life every morning.  Starting my day.  Being in my life.  Aligned with my soul.  Liberated in my creative process.  Inner freedom to be Who I Truly Am.  All 100% of it!


And now I would love to help you accomplish the same.  This is my wish for you:

May you love your Mondays, and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and especially Fridays and weekends!


That is my mission for 2014.  To Support You in Loving Your Mondays.  Wohoo!!!

And how do I do that?  By helping you get clear about what key soul contracts you are here to heal and complete.  What are you here to create.  What fears/illusions/resistance are you here to transcend and let go of.  And clear those in your Akashic Record.  By providing you with self-realization clues to gain awareness of choices you made in your past life, pre-birth agreements, and your current life that are creating your circumstances.

Awareness, consciousness and energetic resonance to love are necessary ingredients to inner freedom.


Then the most rewarding it is seeing YOU shift your mindset from fear to freedom, from lack to abundance, from limitation to infinite possibilities, and arrive at a place of tangible productivity + joy + light + ease + grace + passion + fulfillment.  Creating a pathway to your wellbeing.  Creating the life + work of your dreams.  Healing your relationships.


THEN write to me updates + abundant gratitude notes like:

“Milada, I never believed it was really possible for me to feel like this UNTIL!!!  I am in a completely different place in my life right now, the most creative & confident ME, and 2014 will be THE best year ever, I know it now, I feel it in my body and my soul!!!”

Or:  “Milada, I can finally see the path in front of me and I am loving every step of it.  I know there is work I need to do but I finally LOVE the work.”

Or:  “Milada, I am talking to my daughter again.  After completely giving up…Can’t thank you enough!  So grateful you are in my life.”


I AM beyond grateful YOU are in my life. 


To Your Abundance & Wellbeing!!!  Hugs, M

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Happy Birthday, AQUARIANS!

Happy Birthday to all my AQUARIAN friends!

About 10:52 pm EST tonight the Sun is about to move into Aquarius whose task is to bring true freedom, innovation & absolute loyalty to truth into the world!

It may be technology-inspired innovation, or simply creative & brilliant thinking that expresses our uncompromised individuality and unique spirit. Having access to the Aquarian archetype encourages us to achieve freedom from conformity and societal or cultural programming, and embrace alternative solutions.

KEWWORDS: Inner freedom, originality, brilliance, innovation, uniqueness, genius, humanitarian values, equality;

SHADOW: Stubbornness, unwillingness to change, distanced, impersonal, eccentric, alienated or loner, misunderstood – since it is most often few steps ahead of others.

With Sun’s messenger Mercury in Aquarius as well until end of January, open up to new ways of thinking and new ways of BEing.

Are you ready to release the old & archaic values and ideas + embrace the new?

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