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Happy New Year & New Moon in Capricorn: Reclaiming Your Inner Authority & Inner Power!!!

Happy New Magical & Wise 2014!!! 

Happy New Moon Activation – of new beginnings and wonder-full new chapters in your life!!!


I hope you have taken the time to reflect on + savour your 2013 accomplishments.  Although it may seem that the year has gone by in a heartbeat, I promise you if you sat down to think of your 2-3 major undertakings, or realizations, of the past 12 months, you will be filled with gratitude and joy as to how far you’ve come.  Huge Congratulations to YOU on everything you have moved from procrastination to creation, shifted from discomfort to healing in your life, and integrated with gratitude!!!


A New Year is filled with magical anticipation & brilliant potential when we allow the wonder to unfold, just as we would allow a friend or a loved one to gift us with appreciation just for being YOU – just for being in their life and being exactly as YOU ARE.  Thank YOU for being in my life in 2013!  I rejoice in staying connected with YOU in 2014 and beyond!!!


When gratitude becomes our core spiritual practice, we will be surprised at how much abundance & joy the universe wants to reward us & bless us with.


We are starting the New Year with a powerful New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of maturity, toughness & integrity.  With 5 celestial players in this cold winter sign (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto), we may foresee that the winter ahead in the Northern Hemisphere will be a surprisingly chilly & frosty one, with severe extremes in weather and temperatures.  This may be at least until the Full Moon (next 2 weeks) and then the new lunar cycle start (4 weeks).  Hope you have weathered the winter/ice storm of 2013 safely, wherever you are!!!  May you be always surrounded with warmth & safety!!!


Saturn, the Lord of Time & Karma, and the Great Architect & Builder, is overseeing the activities of the planets in Capricorn at this time.  It implores us to schedule and commit to energy investments & goals that really matter in order to create a healthy foundation and sustainable structure in our life.  Our Inner Saturn will always point out an area of our life where a lack of self-discipline and/or strategic planning will lead to lack of abundance, discontent, frustration, and burnout.  The most effective way to appease your inner authority is to ask, answer for yourself, and then proactively take action in those areas of your life that require change and more solid structure:


1)    Where in my life am I called to take greater personal responsibility for my happiness and success (e.g. relationships, work, health)?

2)    What area of my life is most urgently asking for a healthy & productive change NOW? Or simply ask yourself:  What needs to change NOW?

3)    Where in my life must I learn to more consistently tap into available reserves of inner strength, and be more self-sufficient and faithful? 

4)    What actions taken in 2013 have not yielded satisfying results for me that I can now joyfully let go of?


Saturn favors tradition and conservative/calculated approach.  However, with the current dynamic Cardinal Activation (Cardinal Grand Cross of several planets in cardinal signs), we are being encouraged to take charge of our life TODAY so as to avoid attracting a crisis.  Long-term procrastination = healing crisis.  The healing crisis is not necessary though if we are consistently listening to our inner wisdom, and tuning into our body and our soul’s needs.


The year starts with a very dynamic Mars + Uranus + Pluto activation.  Some may call it a battle for power.  I call it Reclaiming Your Inner Authority & Inner Power.  If we have given our power away to other people in our life, we will be tested and pushed to our limits.  Who has power over you?  Is it your boss, your partner, or your mother?  Is it God or the Universal Manager?  The Universe, our co-creative partner, always has our highest good in mind – not our short-term good, but our long-term good, as pre-determined by our prebirth agreements with ourselves, God, and other key players in our life (a.k.a. our soul contracts).  I hope it helps to remember that our highest good is not determined by anyone else but our own SOUL & HIGHER SELF.


Capricorn is the Elder & the Hermit of the zodiac – the Wise One – conservative, serious, and dutiful.  When we are accessing and learning from this cosmic archetype, we are tuning into a pattern of energy that is about developing appreciation for:  inner state of solitude, truth-saying, patience, and self-discipline.  In the tangible realm of physical world, the Capricorn represents for us the law & order of principles & standards in our life and society.  It also rules the skeleton/support system in our body – our teeth, bones and knees.  Are we allowing enough support in our life?  Do we have a stable support system that we can depend on?


It is about doing the work that is in alignment only with our personal values, with integrity, self-respect and iron will.  Remaining in one’s integrity, regardless of whether one’s effort is received with an applause or criticism.  No matter the amount of social approval, appreciation, praise, or criticism, disapproval, and indifference.


Why?  For the sake of finding the point of inner approval & inner authority, until the dream is put into motion and made into a visible reality, with competence, efficiency and resilient persistence. 


As serious and unattached to other’s emotional reactions as it may externally appear, the Capricorn’s focus on the endpoint, and climbing its peak of achievement and recognition, is relentless.


May you relentlessly AND wisely embrace your dreams, and make your dreams reality in 2014 + beyond!


Wishing you and your loved ones a Safe, Happy & Most Harmonious & Prosperous 2014!!!



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Happy Solstice Soul-Sun-Dance Activation!!!

Happy Solstice!


It is a powerful and magical day to find your place of stillness within, to activate your deep satisfaction for embracing the totality of Who You Are.  Today I bring you a gift of Soul-Sun-Dance Activation.


The Winter Solstice has been celebrated since ancient times as the Return of the Sun, Return of the Light, or Rebirth of the Sun for the New Year.   It marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, the official start of winter in the northern hemisphere, as well as the Sun entering the tropical sign of Capricorn.  This is a powerful day to experience the magical stillness within, to experience our Soul, our true nature, to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and tune into our vision for the future.  After the Winter Solstice of December 21st, the amount of daylight begins to increase and we rejoice in taking in more light into our lives & our body!


The word Soul is derived from Latin “Sol” (the Sun).  Sol has been used as a poetic word for the Sun, as in our divine spark within that contains the essence of Who We Truly Are, our immortal & indestructible Spirit or Self.


You are a Soul-inspired divine being who longs to come home into unity with Your Inner Being, Your Source – from the duality/dance of Feminine & Masculine and polarity/interplay of Yin-Yang, to the mystical unity & equal partnership integrated within the Whole One, the Great I AM.  I AM contains both the masculine energy of “I” and the feminine energy of “AM”.


Capricorn archetype is about integrity, which is where our visible/outward + invisible/inward essence merges into a totality of Self that we project into the world.  No pretences reserved here only for the social or public self.  We become our essence (our Sun or our Soul) hence our whole life reflects our most personal values, our truth, our light.  In the archetypical Father-Capricorn pattern of energy our actual behaviour is always reflected through our intentions, not through our emotions.  Our private and public self are not two personas in Capricorn, they are ONE.  In order to accomplish this, we must be still within, which is exactly the point activated by the Winter Solstice (word Solstice literally means “Sun standing still”).  This is where we do not seek/need any approval outside of ourselves.  The only approval we seek and find is from within.


Your Soul is a full expression of the energy of the Sun, the divine within, radiant and full of vibrant potential.  Perhaps the Sun-Light is the closest metaphor we have access to, to describe Goddess/God’s unconditional & omnipotent Love, Light & Warmth.


This activation will help you align with the infinitely-creative, ever-expansive and timeless part of you, the divine aspect of your soul which is channeled through your right-brain vehicle.  This activation may not appeal to your ego self that indulges in “poor me” ego/mind constructs such as this non-truth:  “I am powerless”.


Feel every word permeate your being as you repeat these words of wholeness.  Repeat the whole activation three times.  Be still and deliberate about it.  Do not rush through.  Take a sweet deep breath after each stance and take in only what feels good to your soul and feels nourishing to your everlasting Spirit.  EnJOY!


Soul Dance Activation (or Sun Dance Activation)


“To all aspects of my soul, I call you home, to become whole NOW and fully align with the purest vibration of love, light & truth.  I AM.


I powerfully & gracefully align to my soul’s unique divine essence, who is ME in all aspects of MY expression, and which holds MY unique creation story. I AM.


I rejoice in remembering, reawakening, experiencing & sharing my divine ancient gifts, embracing my Whole Self, and fulfilling my highest potential.  I AM.


I honour all of my past, present and future lives and all expansions of me that have enriched & uplifted the totality of Who I AM NOW, for my highest good & healing and the highest good of all concerned.  I AM.


I honour all divine expansions and divine wisdom of Who I Truly AM that lead me joyously, purposefully & harmoniously to activating most radiant & vibrant wellbeing, wholeness & most abundant experiences of my soul.  I AM.


I honour my body that I most lovingly & most wisely chose to serve me in this purposeful life experience. I gracefully embody LOVE.  I AM.


I honour, I acknowledge, I hear, I receive, I accept, I integrate the TRUTH of my soul and my soul’s purpose.  I AM.


I embrace the ever-expanding, satisfying and peaceful NOW.  I AM.  I grace & bless I AM.


I AM All That I Am.  I AM. I AM.  I AM. ”


If you feel good in this moment of awareness, you are on the right path.  Choose the next moment that makes your soul feel ever-expansive & supported.  The ever-expanding Universe will breathe with you, with every breath you take and every desire you activate from your inner point of stillness, Your Inner Source/Flame, Your Sweet Spot of Inner Equilibrium.


Many brilliantly soulful blessings to you and All Aspects of YOU, in all times, dimensions and levels of experience, during this magical Solstice and into the wondrous, peaceful & most abundant 2014!!!

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Happy Sagittarius Activation!!!

Remain open to brand new ways of thinking.
Gather unfamiliar experiences to expand horizons of your awareness.

Life is an endless process, or a journey if you’d like.
With no end point in sight, intellectually, intuitively, physically.

Only an extraordinarily-expansive 360 degree big-picture perspective that extends into a fluid infinity.

That is how a Sagittarius activation feels like – and wohoo to that!!!

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