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How To Set Yourself Free

I am hearing from MANY of you this week about truths and pains that were activated (for release) in your life in the past couple of weeks. Some truths & questions spoken and many unspoken, especially since the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of October 18th. It was a powerful one!!! Coupled with Mercury Retrograde + the upcoming Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse of November 3rd it is reminding us to slow down and remember the truth of Who We Are and Who We Are Meant To Become. To speak our truth and most importantly to BE our truth.

What does that mean? If inner and outer realities are escalating and we feel pulled to point our finger at the outer trigger as the cause of our difficulty, instead thank the outer trigger for bringing this truth to your awareness about THAT which needs to be released within. THAT which is holding you captive inside. Where? Exactly in the area of your body feeling the tightness + heaviness + unease.

Step 1: Simply ask to be set FREE in that very moment of unease by breathing love + forgiveness in this area of your body. Ask to be set free.

Step 2: Remember to bless it. In gratitude. Bless THAT and THAT and THIS. Everything in your life that is brought to your awareness by ease, grace OR unease. And people that bring that awareness to you.

Step 3: THEN speak your truth.

Result? Freedom from unease. Also known as Awakening. It is time.

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What are the Akashic Records – My YouTube Video Debut!!!

Check out my YouTube video debut on Akashic Records :)

EnJOY :)


The Akashic Record, also known as the Book of Life or the Book of Knowledge, is an etheric library of information about your soul.  The Akashic Records are protected and stored by your Record Keepers, the beings of purest love & light, who fulfill their purpose by helping you to remember and fulfill yours.

Akashic Record, at the most fundamental level, is the energy of love & truth.

Now, why Love & Truth?  Why not fear and illusion?  Well simply because your soul requires love & truth in order to heal.

Now the good news is that every soul has access to their sacred and infinite record.

I teach in my workshops and classes that YOU do not have to be a saint, or perfect, you don’t have to have a special brain, special powers or special skills in order to learn how to access your inner knowingness, Your Akashic Record.

The only thing that is required is an extraordinary desire to achieve wholeness, realize your full potential and live in alignment with your purpose.

I invite you to visit my website at to sign up for upcoming transformational workshop and classes and learn about this powerful healing modality that helps you to powerfully align to your soul’s purpose, realize your potential and achieve that wellbeing & wholeness you have been looking for.

Many brilliant blessings,


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Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose – Free Workshop on November 10th!!!

Are you tired of searching for your Soul’s Purpose and ready for a clarity and implementation breakthrough?

Are you exhausted from almost-knowing or knowing-but-repeatedly-resisting your purpose + ready to finally embrace and fulfill your highest potential & create the life of your dreams?

Would you like to powerfully shift from perpetually searching to gracefully, fearlessly & abundantly living your purpose?

If this sounds like YOU, reserve your spot ASAP due to limited availability for this FREE transformational event!

I will be leading a guided visualization to help us tune into our powerful inner knowingness.  We will discover what the Akashic Records are and why accessing them can maximize your life experience, as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey. We will be focusing on how to get clarity on your soul’s purpose in your Soul’s Records.  No prior experience in intuitive arts necessary.

The consequences of soul purpose amnesia + soul purpose resistance are costly, both emotionally and financially:  intense lack of energy and loss of motivation; feeling disoriented, disconnected or withdrawn from your work, loved ones and friends; feeling lost with a deep longing to finally “find yourself”, your place in the world and “to come home”; relationship and family dramas, money struggles, eternal student/perfectionist syndrome, chronic indecision, escapism; lack of fulfillment & progress for a prolonged period of time (e.g. longer than 3-4 months).

When you embrace the totality of your purpose and not just 50% or 70% of it and allow yourself to shine your soul’s light more brightly, you give permission to those connected to you (your Family of Origin + Soul Family) to do the same.

Working and healing in your Akashic Records is the deepest soul-level healing available to you that helps you to powerfully align to your soul’s purpose and achieve your highest potential.

Join us on November 10th and learn about this powerful healing modality that enables us to experience the infinite multi-dimensional nature of our soul in order to achieve greater wellbeing and manifest connectedness with Who We Really Really Are at our soul level.

Organizer:  Milada Sakic

Date:  November 10, 2013

Time:  10:30 am -1:00 pm

Cost:  FREE

Location:  Don Mills-DVP/Steeles (exact address will be provided upon registration; free visitor parking available)

Pre-registration is necessary (space limited to 10-12 people):  Email

Visit: for more information

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