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How Do You Manage Your Energy and Unresolved Frustration in Your Heart?

Mars, the planetary archetype that symbolizes the part of our psyche related to development of our will, survival instinct, assertiveness and courage, has just entered the tropical sign of Leo as I write this.  Collectively we may be feeling a shift from a need to fight for safety + expressing our anger indirectly (Mars in Cancer) to fighting for self-expression + expressing our anger directly (Mars in Leo).  The willpower in Leo is often expressed dramatically…and stubbornly.  Leo is a fixed and fiery sign whose dysfunctional shadow expression here is expressed as superiority complex, domineering attitude and touchiness.  Positive expressions are self-confidence, self-assurance, optimism.

Mars in Leo will be also approaching a square to Saturn in Scorpio which will be in effect from on about September 3rd to approx. September 13th.  It calls for a lesson in how to control our drive + energy but also a lesson in fighting against resistance or suppressed urges.  This aspect will be followed by the revolutionary Mars-Uranus trine (the fight for independence + freedom). Mars and Saturn have a great difficulty playing together in the sandbox.  Mars is driven, unrestrained and rash.  Saturn is resistant, controlled and mature.  Put them together and there is lots of steam and frustration produced (fire and water of Leo and Scorpio energy) and not a lot of play.  Where Mars wants to move, Saturn wants to put the brakes on; where Saturn wants to control, Mars wants to fight back.  Saturn is aligned with transiting North Node in Scorpio so Saturn’s strategy will likely be a more effective one:  self-discipline and maturity, limit, structure and necessity.  It rules the area of life where we must learn to stand and act alone and be self-sufficient.

If you are wondering if there is something you can do to assist with healing of the accumulated collective low-vibrating negativity in a more harmonious way, now is the time to clear another layer of the unresolved and repressed anger and resentment you may still be holding on in your heart and to let it go.  This is the time of the year that our ancients would consider one of the most challenging to overcome, where our patience and positive focus will be tested.

Mars has entered fiery Leo on August 27th and will stay there until October 15th.  This combined with Uranus-Pluto activation is another emergency signal for a necessary collective shift in how we manage our energy + drive + emotions + our resources, both renewable and non-renewable:

 personal, collective, global

corporate, social, financial

light, sound, vibrational

electric, magnetic, electromagnetic

thermal, chemical, nuclear, solar



The children of Syria and all the children of the world that are suffering are our own mirror.  They are a reflection of our collective perceived helplessness, frustrated creative urges, and accumulated repressed anger.  They are a reflection of not taking care of our inner child which is crying out for play time and joy time.  Who is responsible for our happiness and emotional wellbeing?  Is someone outside of us responsible for our behaviour and success?  What is it that we CAN do today to assist, just where we are, in our homes, in our own communities, without projecting our own responsibility OR “helplessness” to anyone over whom we have no control of such as “those in power”.  What we do have power over is our own lives and how we show up and lead by example.

If you would like to contribute to collective and planetary healing by starting from healing yourself, here is a suggested mediation:  Place your hand on your heart and visualize any relationship or a person that is causing you an irritation or frustration right now.  Whatever image comes to mind that is holding this negative charge for you, just repeat I breath in love and forgiveness and I release whatever no longer serves me while holding the image in your mind.  Repeat this three times until you feel an energetic shift.  Then:  Grace and bless that.

Where can you demonstrate more tolerance and courage in your life starting right now?  Where in your life is there a possibility that lack of tolerance and understanding may result in a full-blown conflict?  Clear what is holding you back by releasing and forgiving the negativity in that area of your life that is troubling you right now or causing fear, anxiety, doubt, jealousy, guilt, frustration, shame.  Clearing it will open up a possibility for a new more peaceful reality and a new perspective.

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Is Your Work Meaningful + Married to Self-Acceptance?

There is something so breathtakingly challenging yet healthy about stepping out of our productivity perfection zone before our work is “faultless” and “unflawed”.  Something so right about saying:  We have done our creative due diligence here, and it is time to let it go and share.  Not just because:  Will it ever be perfect?  But because:  We need to decide first what (or who?) measures our sense of satisfaction + readiness.   Otherwise, how do we ever know when we are truly ready or even satisfied?  I mean good enough for whom?  For our inner critic, who may be more like an inner bully at times?  Is it really our inner critic (ego/mind) that needs to approve?  Isn’t our connection with something-greater-than-ourselves guiding our soul’s creative process and growth?

That inner disbeliever that joys in finicky details and fearful fussiness is really not equipped to see the big picture.  And thank god for that!  Otherwise, we would likely not move anywhere but stay exactly where we are our whole life.

But who is?

Well, perhaps it’s not so much about perfecting our work but perfecting the Self – the same Self who must be married to self-acceptance.  Otherwise, meaningful work becomes a pedantic obsession with details that no longer matter to us – or anyone.   Joylessness is then followed by bitterness.  For allowing ourselves to get bogged down by what no longer matters or what is no longer healthy.

Thankfully, joyfully deciding:  My work is done here for the day and it is time to let it go is a skill that CAN be learned without exhausting our energy and our resources.

Sun and Mercury entered Virgo on August 22nd/23rd so this is a great time to critically and practically examine our life for what is no longer working, whether it’s outdated mental beliefs or habits that are not contributing to a greater wellbeing. Efficiency, productivity, resource optimization are the key words.

As for me, I have decided to practice letting go of the addiction to perfection.  That is my spiritual practice for August and September.  I am critically examining where in my life the addiction to perpetual nit-picking has not produced the results I have desired so far, so that simply a new more effective strategy can be put in place.  There is nothing wrong with being analytically-oriented (or even pedantic) as long as it is working for us and is not holding us back from…not just doing – but also sharing and co-creating meaningful work AND finding joy in it.

They say that one of the Universal Laws states that energy is always in a state of motion and never standing still.  So if WE are standing still and not moving energy (because we are still running in circles around a word or sentence not right or a skill not improved-enough yet), we are likely hogging our gifts.  Or stalling our potential.  I absolutely believe in perfect divine timing in EVERYTHING, but also that we are co-creating that divine timing with choices we make and thoughts we think and believe on a daily basis.   We may be willing and surely able.  We may even be committed.  But readiness we demonstrate by taking action towards honouring our meaningful work, rather than honouring our faultiness and not-good-enough-ness.

The universe has heard us say IT before.  But has it seen us take a committed although unsure step in its direction.  That would be so much more believable.  No explanation, no justification, excuses adopted into beliefs.  Ideally one is finally prepared to look at what is serving and what is no longer serving our best interest and our highest good.

Virgo archetype is reminding us that developing our competence, helpfulness and service at something that is particularly purposeful to others will ultimately be useful to us too.  But that something likely must be measurable and verifiable.

Perhaps Venus can help?  Have you allowed Venus to take you for a group dance lesson this week?  The (Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto) Cardinal Grand Cross is still in effect until about August 30th and has been calling for action to refine our skills of social grace confidently:  Affirmations are great, but ACTION is greater, she says.

In reconciling our need for more equal energy exchanges with others we learn how to be in greater harmony and balance with ourselves.  The environment that responds to our interaction ultimately mirrors back what aspects of our being require more integration and healing.

Many brilliant blessings to you and yours,


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Question of the Month: Building or Burning your Bridges? Adding Value or adding Fire?

Are you happily dancing towards a greater alliance and connectivity with your people (family, work, friends, community) and building relationship bridges as we speak?  And perhaps even looking to collaborate with others this month?

If you answered either “Yes” or “Yes, but” on either one the two, then I have a very special question for you.  On the scale of 1-10, how would you rate your social intelligence skills, such as situational awareness, empathic accuracy, self-presentation, presence, and influence?  If your answer is 8/10 (or less), this may just be THE month to practice this set of essential skills to achieve that 9 or 10/10 you may have been aiming for! Are you in?

On August 16th, Venus (The Goddess of Beauty, Relationships & Grace) is entering Libra (the sign of Balance), where she feels most comfortable. Lucky Librans and those of you who may have personal planets or angles in Libra (and Gemini & Aquarius as well)!!!

As for the rest AND all of us, we need to take notice:  Venus is moving out of the tribe of practical, prudent & modest ones (Virgo) and visiting the tribe of those charming compromise-makers and inner harmony creators and artists (Libra), which is her own people, the ones that she has most in common and feels on the same page with!!!

Finding pleasure in perfectionism may be outdated, she says, and developing relationships based on equal sharing is IN until about September 10th (well, it really always is, it’s just that this month’s celestial curriculum is designed with IT in mind :))

Our collective social urges will feel a greater need for a more equal give-and-take and may look for an opportunity (whether harmonious or challenging, depending on our own personal belief system) to balance out our energy exchanges with others.  Out of servitude into sharingOut of timidity into collaboration and joint ventures perhaps?   This would all be ideal especially after we have taken a graceful look at our existing relationships, from home to work, friends to community.  Are those relationships and interactions supportive or toxic?  Do they feel “right” or they feel “off”?  And most importantly – how are WE contributing and navigating (to) this feeling of “rightness” or “unease” when engaging in these interactions?

Reconciling our need for greater harmony in interactions and associations with others may be challenged later this month once Venus joins a very dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross configuration (Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto) in effect the last week of August, first activated by another Aquarius Full Moon of August 20th and then the Sun’s ingress into Virgo.  More about our journey to reconciliation and refining more graceful social intelligence skills in my Full Moon Newsletter coming up next week.

In the meantime, I hope you celebrate love, art, harmony & beauty, and the area of your life ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra cusp or the house where Venus is located in your birth chart).  You may start feeling “just right” in that field of experience or simply gaining a greater confidence in self-expression, regardless of how “easy” or “awkward” it may feel to bridge, connect, reconcile, or resolve, until you have found your inner equilibrium, or outer alignment and synergy…or simply a bond and connection you are looking for.

Many brilliant graceful blessings to you and yours,


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Healing & Manifesting with Akashic Records – Free Workshop coming up on Aug 31!!!

Would you like to accelerate your intuitive development and receive divine guidance effectively and confidently?  Learn how this is possible for you!!!

Working and healing in your Akashic Records is the deepest soul-level healing available to you that helps you to powerfully align to your soul’s purpose and achieve your highest potential.

We are going to talk about what the Akashic Records are and why accessing them can maximize your life experience as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey.

Join us on August 31st and learn about this powerful healing modality that helps us experience the infinite multi-dimensional nature of our soul.

Organizer:  Milada Sakic and Wonderworks

DateAugust 31st @ 11:00am-1:00 pm

Cost:  FREE!!!

Pre-registration:  Email to pre-register asap!



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Our Infatuation with Self-Sabotage

Your vulnerable inner child holds a magical key to your creative inspiration and aliveness.  Do you agree?  If so, is it allowed to come out and play OR equally important – to get in trouble?  Whose voice do you hear when it’s “time to play”?  Or when it’s time to get back to “work”?  What does “trouble” look like for you (your inner teen)?

Ideally that voice should be of your own Higher Self encouraging you to allow the Light to enter your wounds of vulnerability.

Our love affair with suffering is about our infatuation and attachment to our ghosts of self-sabotage and self-defeat.  As if they bring us a healthy comfort and greater wellbeing?

Focusing on activities that are not contributing to our greater wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) and getting busy with non-essential tasks are surely forms of self-sabotage.  They are skillful diversion tactics to excuse ourselves from committing to those things that really really really matter right now.  Not the ones that are nicely folded in front of us, those are likely already being taken care of.  But the messy ones that still need to be sorted out in the pile of mixed laundry.  Where clarity may be lacking, due to which anxiety, conflict (inner and outer) and overwhelm is rising.  Is our ego protecting us from the pain of exposing our wounds to light? Hmmm, and why would that be so?

Have you recognized those self-destructive patterns designed by our Lower Self to keep us dependant on something outside of ourselves?  Whenever we demonstrate lack of self-trust that we CAN follow-through and we CAN make it happen and we WILL be supported?  Have you called them out yet?  Or do you just “shush” them hoping they won’t grow up to be loud enough?

The challenge with silencing those inner rebels and mischief-makers is that if we don’t call them out and then make peace with them, they will be called out by our external triggers who are faithfully playing the role we have entrusted them with by the nature of our soul contracts and unconscious permissions (e.g. our loving parent, partner, child or sibling, our friend, our boss, a stranger).

So what is one to do?  The next time your self-sabotaging pattern or addictive pattern of dependence on something outside of yourself shows up – call it out aloud as if it was an actual energy pulling on you but without labeling it good or bad.  Name it by any name that seems fit (you can get creative :) ) or even better a more accurate description of what it feels like to you (e.g. “This need of my body to eat the foods that bring me comfort but no fulfillment”, “You, the aspect of me, that is enabling my dependence on watching TV for 3 hours a day that I feel and know is no longer serving my highest good”), and ask it to step down and release you immediately.  Call your angels to help for additional support.  Say it like you mean it and repeat it three times until you feel the shift in your energy field.  But keep in mind it’s not about mechanically repeating an affirmation and intention, we need to feel with our whole body and heart that we really mean what we say.  If needed, emotionally connect with your wound (the vulnerable place that may be hurting, or feeling a void or confusion right now) to remind you why you are wishing this freedom of patterns of self-sabotage in the first place.

Remember that your self-love and self-worth are so called because they are YOURS.  It is your own worth defined by YOUR Self.  Who has your permission to keep your worth measured by their acceptance or their de-appreciation?   Be honest about this answer, acknowledge the fear and then ask it to step down as its service to your evolution journey has ended.  It is free to go into the Light.  From today you choose to hang out with a different team of energies.  Choose what that new energy will be for you to replace the previous pattern.

In the end however do remember to be kind to yourself as every aspect of you is there to support you on your journey whether it looks cute and charming, or rowdy and not-pretty.  “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”(~Rumi).

What if our greatest wound was the source of our greatest gift, where our divine brilliance, uniqueness and self-mastery were hidden to be discovered and unlocked?

Many abundant blessings to you and yours,



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How far we have come…and more on the Leo New Moon!

Do you remember the three powerful eclipses of April 25th to May 25th that activated us out of stagnancy in search for a new level of inner peace, serenity and security?

With April 25th Scorpio Lunar Eclipse we were encouraged to grow in awareness of many layers of truth and different layers of reality, letting go of the dysfunctional Drama Triangle(s) in our life, and we sought to transcend the power blame-game by taking personal responsibility for our own behaviour, emotions, happiness and success.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse of May 9th in Taurus highlighted an opportunity to reset limiting beliefs around security and stability.  Have we learned any new strategies to quiet the incessant inner chatter of our mind?  Managed to find an enjoyable and tangible comfort in our lives?  Found time in our busy day-to-day to return to simple senses and nature?  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 25th in Sagittarius challenged our limits of openness to new experiences, inner and outer.

In June (with Gemini New Moon of June 8th) one of the effective strategies and growth opportunities was to stay open to purity of clear perception and experience, without labeling it as good or bad, easy or hard, spiritual or non-spiritual, comfortable or uncomfortable.

The Capricorn-flavoured SuperFullMoon or SuperMoon of June 23rd (which was in effect until the end of June) may have illuminated where in our heart and soul we were feeling a fullness of maturation of ideas and dreams.  It was perhaps feeling of maturation sprinkled with a dose of practical idealism and (hopefully) sobriety.  The keywords were planning of output & productivity, emotional commitment and responsibility. It was a magical time to commit to our dream and/or a creative soulful endeavour, the one that required the greatest dose of faith, idealism and practicality at the same time.  The abundance of planets in water signs cleansed and energized the purity of our emotion and helped us to balance our imaginative spirit and our emotional guidance system.

In July we were supported in finding our home within and without in the HereNow, whether it was the physical home of where we feel most secure, safe and rooted, or the sacred place of connectedness and centeredness deep within where all masks of personality disappear and where our physical mind surrenders to the inner wisdom (a.k.a. guidance of our Higher Self).  From finding our home within or without (Cancer New Moon of July 8th) to following our unique path (Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th) and experiencing the inner freedom from the opinions of others in order to pursue our dream – we have now come to shining our light in August.

A long way we have come.  The fact is it is our natural birthright to radiate our soul’s essence.  No one needs to provide us a permission to shine; the only permission needed is from ourselves. Right?

The Leo New Moon reminds us that we could surely take a creativity or playful break from everything that has been making our life a bit less fun lately.  Allow some spontaneity and life-affirming warmth (feeling like a ray of sunshine or eagerness in our stomach) to enter our juggling-filled lives.  Take out your pastels or your dancing shoes and celebrate your uniqueness.  Live out your joy.  Embrace your creative self.  Embrace your creativity process as graceful or as un-charming as it may be.  It is YOURS alone, only of YOUR OWN essence and no one can ever take that away from you :)

Alternatively, we have a choice to take a greater challenge of transformation this month (Read next related blog post on Our Infatuation with Self-Sabotage).

Choose ONE of these areas that is most relevant to you right now to work on for the next 14 days, wherever it is that you need an infusion of vitality:

  • Your Creativity Spark

What would you like to create in the next 12 months that would feel like a fullest expression of your cheerful/joyful/passionate self?

  • Your Inner Child

What would feel like a fun thing to do? 

Or what feels inhibiting to your self-expression now that can no longer be tolerated? 

  •  Your Romantic Soul

When do you feel most loved?

When was the last time you admitted to your loved one:  Have I told you lately how much I love, adore & admire you?

At the end of the day it is about being more effective in radiating our confidence in a plausible way?  Share your vulnerabilities and find balance between a healthy pride and self-satisfaction vs. self-centredness (the shadow expression of Leo archetype).

And remember to EnJOY!

Many brilliant blessings to you and yours,


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Happy Leo New Moon of August 6th!!!

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”~Rumi

With a Universal spotlight on the archetype of Leo this is usually the time of the year when we talk about our desires for increased vitality, joys of creative self-expression, and celebrations of love & child-like playfulnessOn the other hand, the growth opportunities with this Leo New Moon activating the 8th house of the astrological sky for those of us in the Eastern Standard Time Zone may be as much about vulnerabilities of our creative processes, productivity and wounding, as it may be about shining our light.  Also, perhaps about how those gifts of creativity + our passions appear to be supported by our community (from family to friends to our audiences), how our creative gifts are supported by our self-worth and self-love, and in turn how they support our prosperity muscles (a.k.a.  money channels).

Mars has seemingly released the hot-tempered duel with Uranus-Pluto (T-square) and Jupiter is now taking its place, making sure that we are staying true to what we have activated by the strength of our drive and willpower in July.  Our confidence in our personal power may feel challenged in order to help us exercise using our power in a balanced and healthy way.  This week there may be another critical test of our faith.  Keep your optimism…and your ground.  However, replace self-righteousness with healthy confidence to avoid meeting your equal in an obsessive power struggle.

The New Moon in Leo is not meant to be a serious one, but a celestial prompt instead of a joyful (if not an enjoyable) strategy to fulfilling our goals.  This does not mean our goals do not require mature focus, but perhaps they require a greater dose of faith that Universe will most definitely provide once we have made our first step inspired by joy, rather than fear.

Do you feel that your life force = creative joy = prosperity channel is vibrant and clear from obstacles right now?

Every Leo (or that Leo-like aspect of our creative spark) needs an audience to perform for or connect with regardless of how independent, self-sufficient and self-directed one may be.

So why is it that our creative power, which is intrinsically connected with all the fires in our belly that sustain our aliveness and that we use to manifest AND monetize, gets blocked?

Before we attempt to answer that, let’s put things in a little bit of a perspective and look back for a moment where we have come from since the Quantum Leap of May, it has been quite a journey!

Check out my next blog post about How far we have come.

Talk soon!


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!!!New Website Special + Show Special for those that attended the Yoga + Art + Park event on August 3rd and 4th!!!

Check out my new website at for details and contact me by August 14th to take advantage of these very special offers in celebration of my new website launch – wohoo!

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Wishing you a wonderful long weekend filled with an abundance of peace, delight and clear skies!

Many brilliant blessings to you and yours,


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YOGA + ART + PARK = Festival of Art, Health & Wellness!

I will be there – Sat Aug 3 @ 11 am-6:00 pm and Sun Aug 4 @ 2:30 pm-6:00 pm
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This is the Facebook event:


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New Website Coming up Soon!!!

My new website is coming up soon on August 4th – stay tuned!!!

My next newsletter will be sent out on August 6th.

Should you experience any issues with the functionality of the website, kindly let me know at I am working on opening up more availability slots in my calendar for August, currently August 15th and 19th are available for booking online for 6 pm. The time slots are in 30 minute intervals, so you will need to add two time slots for one hour session or three for a 1.5 hour session.

The website will be updated over the next few days with new material so check back again soon or connect with me on Facebook where I will be also posting most of my update alerts.

Many thanks and talk soon!

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