Aries New Moon - Milada Sakic

ARIES NEW MOON (March 27, 2017) + MEGA RETROGRADE SEASON of April 2017

Happy Aries New Moon!



Have you heard the latest and greatest from the cosmic realm?



The new moon is coming up on March 27th at 10:57 pm EDT.



Yay!  It will be an empowering and energizing moon.



In addition, we have a rare mega retrograde season coming up in April, which will be supporting a review, reorg, and restructuring of the systems that no longer support our long-term growth in a sustainable way.



In yesterday’s Facebook Live video message, I shared how you can re-energize and re-align with this New Moon and create meaningful and sustainable success in your life and business.



Here is what I talked about in the Aries New Moon video:



+ energetic alignment tips to help you navigate this highly-energizing New Moon in Aries without projecting blame, giving up, or overeaching yourself (e.g. making promises and commitments you can’t keep)



+ what the mega retrogrograde season ahead is asking of us to embrace in the next 30 days, such as face the gravity of our circumstances and take personal responsibility for what we are creating in our life



+ the Saturn/Galactic Centre alignment of March-May and why you should care, especially if you are a spiritual leader looking to amplify your reach in the next 90 days 



+ why we need to get to the bottom of things in April to create a solid support system, build our credibility, and lean into our discomforts so they don’t become distractions that turn into energy, time, and resource leaks





Enjoy and brave New Moon blessings to you and yours :)






Business Astrologer

Healer & Teacher


The September Shift - Milada Sakic

VIRGO/PISCES ECLIPSE EFFECT SEPTEMBER 1-16, 2016: How to Remove, Clear, and Release the Energy of Fear

Almost here!



The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo is coming up on September 1, 2016 at 5:03 am EDT at 9 Virgo 21’.



The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Pisces will be culminating two weeks later on September 16th at 3:04 pm EDT at 24 Pisces 19’.



The eclipse season is when we get to clear away the excuses that won’t serve us for the next 6 months and thus reveal a brand new self, intention, practice, system, or a path ahead of us.


Think back to what was going on in your life back in 1997, about 19 years ago.


This eclipse repeats itself in the same sign and the same degree every 18-19 years.


Read on!


Here is what to do when life brings you a pair of eclipses and what you need to know about cultivating their energy this and next month:






Start a new health or wellness routine. 


This September is a cosmically super-charged time to start a new health routine, connect with your body, and get back in shape.  You will be supported in any efforts to cleanse, detox, and create more vibrancy in your body and in your life.


Furthermore, seeking help where you most need it from experts in nutrition, fitness, natural and holistic healing, body work, to create a plan for a more integrated and holistic approach to achieving wholeness, would be very much in alignment this month.


The energy of fear and dis-ease cannot thrive in a body that is in movement, in vibrancy, and in the awareness of and alignment with its own needs.



The most harmonious time for setting new intentions and taking new inspired action towards greater health and wellbeing will be ideally between 9 pm EDT on Sep 2, 2016 EDT, the day after the Solar Eclipse, until Sep 3, 2016 at 8 am EDT.


Having said that, follow your own innate rhythm and what your body guides you during this time.  This is the key.



Virgo Eclipse Key Alignment Tip:  Meditation alone won’t do it here.  Your goals have to be specific, practical, and measurable and your results – tangible.




Jupiter in Virgo - Milada Sakic






Clear the cupboards, drawers, stagnant corners, and any spaces in your home and office that need to attract new vibrant energy and discard any unused food in the fridge before August 31st.


This includes letting go of projects that don’t feel in alignment for the next 6 months.



We are starting afresh on September 1st, almost like a New Energetic Year in a way.



How can you close off the unfinished projects, tie up loose ends, open up the energetic doors and windows to invite in new and renewed energy in your life?


Creating more breathing space in your life and calling in new energy will help you to clear away the energy of confusion and find confidence and courage to bring necessary closure to where it is time.  To where it will help clear away fear, resistance, and procrastination in order to take action on what matters most to you and therefore make a way for a new perspective, new realigned path ahead of you.


A new Mercury Retrograde cycle is starting on August 30th at 29 Virgo and paired up with the powerful Virgo Solar Eclipse New Moon of September 1st will give us a powerful acceleration to get more clean, green, healthy, organized, and efficient in our life.






Establish a consistent routine with your meditation, relaxation, or spiritual practice for connecting in daily with your Soul by September 16th (Pisces Lunar Eclipse Full Moon)




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An unlimited replay will be available if you can’t join us live.  I will be sharing what the Records are, why to access the infinite well of your soul-level healing wisdom, and how to release the energy of fear in your Akashic Record to shine your light more brightly and live in alignment with your soul and your soul’s path.



Akashic Records Webinar Framed






Think back to what was going on in your life back in 1997. 



The same eclipse cycle repeats every 18-19 years so think back to around September 1997.  What did you learn and master in the 6-month period between September 1997-February 1998?


What was activated in your life around this time?


What worked well and what didn’t work?


What can you do differently this time?



Remember you are now 19 years wiser, and the circumstances in your life would have evolved with you and where you are in your life, however some of the similar fears, self-sabotage patterns, similar relationships to your wellbeing, Source and Others may be showing up in a different way.


Ready to clear those illusions away in a tangible way once and for all?






Find more balance and harmony in your life wherever the energy of fear, resistance, procrastination is showing up.


Work-life balance means different things to different people, however the idea is here to find a way that helps YOU experience more balance and/or alignment in your body.  Whatever that means for you, today.  It may be small steps this week that will make a way for a quantum leap next month.


Trust your intuition and trust your own pace, but challenge yourself this month out of your own comfort zone that no longer feels aligned to who you truly are.


Find a few moments on your busy day to call in more peace and harmony in your life on September 9th.  Jupiter is entering Libra on September 9th and after a year of journeying towards greatest wholeness (with Jupiter in Virgo), anchored in with the Solar Virgo Eclipse of September 1st, we are ready to expand our understanding of balance, harmony, equilibrium, friendliness, connectedness, and alignment on every level.


If you have planets (e.g. your Sun or Moon) or personal angles (e.g. your Rising Sign) in Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius, new expansive opportunities are coming your way in the next year!  I will be sharing more about this in the upcoming weeks, join us here for the latest astro updates (Astrology Constellation community on FB).




The September Shift - Milada Sakic







I expect that our abilities and opportunities to connect with evermore people worldwide and create a more open and all-inclusive world that is moving towards greater peace and equality will expand in the next year with Jupiter’s transit through Libra between September 9, 2016-October 10, 2017.


This of course will bring up new healing opportunities to the surface, while we shift the rigid borders of our own individual and collective bias and belief, judgement and fear of the unknown, during Saturn in Sagittarius transit until December 2017.  This will be especially true (time to shift and upgrade!) for any absolute beliefs that are limiting our view of the connected and diversified world right now.


We are invited to embody enduring faith and examine our own scepticism-based belief systems that may not be in contribution to the expansion of diversity and unity consciousness on the planet.  Ready to release the polarized, divisive and fear-based perspective of the “unfriendly worlds around you” and adopt a more balanced, friendly, and equality-based view of the world and life at large?


With that in mind, where would YOU like to feel more connected, engaged, and/or balanced in your social networking?


<<Join me once again for the Free Webinar>> 


AKASHIC RECORDS Introduction [unlimited replay available].


An unlimited replay will be available if you can’t join us live.  Plus the early bird for my next Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification – LEVEL 1 is coming up on August 31st.



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P.S.  Lastly, more news coming up HERE and the latest updates about my upcoming Astrology for Business webinar coming up on August 29th and the new ecourse launched in September.  Join us!




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In the moontime...

THE RETROGRADE ZEN-EFFECT: Sacred Purpose Alignment with Mercury + Mars Retrograde in April-June 2016

The Scorpio Full Moon of the Retrograde Zen-Effect and Sacred Purpose Alignment has arrived on April 22nd, 2016, energetically exact at 1:21am EDT.


We have access here to the essential toolbox of “all things honest and true”:


about how we are feeling about our alignment 1) with our purpose and 2) our highest worth.



And further amplified, with several retrograde planets especially between now and late May (including Mercury and Mars), we are invited to choose and allow ever more congruence with our purpose…and purposefulness.


Most specifically, we are looking for congruence and coherence around how we be a contribution and how we add and exchange value with others (Mercury Rx in Taurus, April 28-May 22).



Then, how passionately and purposefully do we aim for our highest goals and align with our sacred speed and movement (Mars Rx in Sagittarius, April 17-June 29).




In the shamanic Scorpio realm of this Full Moon there are no taboos, there is no tomorrow (only now), nothing is forbidden or morbid if it’s part of life (including the fact that we all have to face mortality sooner or later, and Scorpio knows this really really well).


There is nothing dirty, shameful, dark about life, or about anything that is a part of our life experience, teaches Scorpio.


It just is, and most intensely so, whether we like it or not, including any and all parts of our human nature and the whole range of emotion and energies, including guilt, blame, shame, greed, jealousy, possessiveness, envy, power hunger, moodiness, gloominess…to moral ambiguity, uncertainty, misuse of power, etc.




In Scorpio is where we realize that vulnerability has a purpose too.


It creates a sacred space for a deeper intimacy with self. That is, with all aspects of self. Even with our woundedness.


This is where we face the naked truth of our feelings, and then dive down 3-5 layers deep until we reach the moment of pure presence. Where nothing else exists but what is most important to you right now.


Only the present moment.


Only the present alignment.


Only you and your awareness and the sensation of life going through you.


Only the energy you have/are right now.


This is how sacred (life) is.



All you have is now, says Scorpio.




Join us in the Astrology Constellation  Facebook where I am sharing more tools, tips, and updates on the Mercury + Mars Retrograde Effect and how to work with the energy of the season!



If you only had today, how would you spend it?  Got it?  Great!  Now, are you willing to take action from that precious awareness?


…while allowing some mystery to remain.


You don’t have to know it or solve it all today.  You don’t have to get all the answers today before you choose alignment.  Some gems of wisdom will remain to be revealed and integrated tomorrow.


The key here is to get honest about it today (e.g. bring some attention to what is no longer working or feels misaligned to you), but release the need to get it all figured out today.


Allow wonder and mystery of “what else is possible” and “what else is true” for you to guide you to your next experience.





Here are 9 inspired actions and questions to get real this Full Moon and Retrograde Season:    




  1. Sacred Trust


Sharing power with others requires trust.


Allowing in more of anything requires trust.


Alignment requires trusting…the particular energy or relationship we are looking to create alignment with.


And during this time we may realize that trust is a state of mind rather than a goal or an accomplishment, just like love, gratitude, happiness, and surrender are…a journey…while it is our choice whether to move forward or take a step back, for example.



It is a journey of taking aligned action and seeing the results manifested in our life.


And we don’t have to wait until we are level 10 trusting (and trustworthy) to get started.


What if the whole journey of life is designed around amping up our self-trust and other-trust?


What if that was the purpose of life?


And what if we’ve decided things about trust and loyalty that are completely misaligned with the divine definition of trust, surrender, purpose, and sacred awareness?




  1. Sacred Language



Add sacred, enlightened, or inspired to any action you would like to bring more congruence and alignment to in the next two weeks and allow new awareness that comes up around that, e.g. if you would like to start a new movement or exercise practice, instead of saying to yourself I need to exercise today, you may say:


I need to be(come) a sacred movement today.


Or even more effective:  I am becoming a sacred movement.


During Mercury Retrograde, we are invited to slow down, breathe more, and be more conscious and aware.



With five planets retrograde at the same time, we are going several levels deeper and truer, with an opportunity to get five times closer to our aligned purpose, to our essence.


Perhaps we may need to shift from “more of that” to “sacred here” and “inner peace now”, from “read fine print” and “be careful” to “practise sacred language” and “reassess what energies you would like to play with moving forward”.



Seeking more becomes reaching for the higher ground. (Mercury Rx in Taurus)


Higher ground becomes reaching for the highest path. (Mars Rx in Sagittarius)


Highest path becomes sacred purpose. (Saturn Rx in Sagittarius)


Sacred purpose becomes sacred mundane. (Jupiter Rx in Virgo)


Sacred mundane becomes sacred responsibility (Pluto Rx in Capricorn).



And come back a full circle to where the enlightened path of sacred responsibility (personal, social, corporate) brings us back to…


the path of practical application of the integrated wisdom.  This is where “true” enlightenment, we realize, has many different paths.


None better than the other.


Only what’s more effective for our soul’s growth in reference to how much love, light, wholeness, and freedom we have integrated last.  What serves our soul best on this evolutionary path of evolving together with many other dimensions co-existing with us at the same time.


And what can serve everyone connected to us at the same time.




Sacred simply becomes that which is in alignment with our highest joy, highest worth, and/or highest self in that moment.  Or whatever worth and excitement and self-awareness we have access to in that – yup, you got it – sacred moment.


And perhaps somehow, should we choose to, continue reaching for that:


Highest congruence.


Highest coherence.


Highest commitment.


Highest consistency.




  1. Sacred Purpose


What am I most congruent to right now?


What would I like to be most congruent to this month?



Again, get really honest about what comes up.


If you don’t like what comes up and start doubting it, choose to surrender to this awareness available to you right now and know that you can shift that today, right now, if you bring more awareness, love, and divine truth to it.




  1. Sacred Review


Pick one meaningful process in your life and business that you would like to bring more flow to in the next 30 days.  Be more mindful about things you are tolerating that are simply not working effectively any more.


Review.  Reassess.  Re-inquire.


Mars in Your Natal Chart

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  1. Sacred Affirmation


I choose to live in alignment with my purpose and that looks like this:


[insert 3 actions, emotions, experiences that describe you in action and emotion when you are your most purposeful self].




  1. Sacred Clarity


Journal your answers on the following:  On the scale of 1-100, how aligned do I feel to my sacred purpose right now?


If the number you hear or see if less than 100%, you will then ask next:  what is behind the remaining 25%, and be open to receive the answer in whatever way or shape it comes through:  word, image, sensation…

or numbness or nothingness, or anxiousness and doubt;


If doubt comes up, you will write down:


Behind the remaining 25% is self-doubt…


there is the next tidbit of truth to shift and align with what would feel like a more sacred, enlightened, liberating, loving truth to you.




  1. Sacred Energy


During Mars Retrograde between April 17-June 29, we have an opportunity to grow more in awareness and alignment with our energy resources.  It’s a renewable resource, but also can appear to be limited if we are not choosing wellbeing first.


All energy is sacred, however the frequencies we choose to partner with, how we become it and manage it, is our choice.  Think Dalai Lama; or a Kung-Fu master; or a Tai Chi, Reiki practitioner;  or an Energy Healer who works and lives in the awareness and union with the universal energy that created everything and flows through everything.


Think YOU, when you are choosing to be mindful of the energies that surround you, how to work with it, and how to be in the awareness of its aliveness and fluidity.



Cause if you don’t have your energy and your wellbeing, what else is there?




  1. Sacred Simplicity


Ask “back to basics” questions during this time:  If I had to do just one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?  In order to align with my highest excitement, I feel it would be about…


Or, if could delegate one thing today and for the rest of the year, it would be this…



Or think YOU, when you are being more mindful of how you are putting your energy out, where you are investing it, and how you are in continuous balance-dance with it.




Astrology Constellation

Join us in the Astrology Constellation  Facebook where I am sharing more tools, tips, and updates on the Mercury + Mars Retrograde Effect and how to work with the energy of the season!




  1. Sacred Action



Anything can be sacred action when you add conscious awareness, illumination, excitement, inspiration, life, and divine truth to it (or in the absence of believing that we have a direct access to our divine truth, we simply add more human truth to it, it works beautifully too, until we start seeking more love, ease, grace and how to release resistance to joy).


And sometimes we need to slow down to accomplish that.



And sometimes we need to speed up to accomplish that (mindfully and holistically).



There is no perfect formula for what will be more sacred and aligned for you, only what feels more in alignment to your wellbeing, your practice, your business, your community, today.


Because everything is in a constant evolution, including your truth, including your purpose.


Compare these two answers:



  • What sacred action do I need to partner with in the next 14 days?


And if any resistance or lack of clarity is coming up around the first question, then go into:


  • What sacred action would I love to be able to take in the next two weeks? (before the May 6th Taurus New Moon)



P.S. Join us in the Astrology Constellation  Facebook where I am sharing more tools, tips, and updates on the Mercury + Mars Retrograde Effect and how to work with the energy of the season!


I am also working on a brand new webinar (thanks to your feedback in the Constellation, thank you!) that will be released in May (date to be announced soon) on Soul Purpose Astrology:  How to Find Your Purpose in the Birth Chart


Join us to stay in the know, if you would like to receive advanced updates and attend upcoming virtual classes, and remember to share with your best of friends too!




The March Eclipse Effect Facebook Q & A

THE MARCH ECLIPSE EFFECT: 12 Inspired Actions and Universal Laws to Align with Your Highest Worth this March-September 2016

We have arrived.




It is here:  a massive reset and recalibration point, a new dimensional gate, has opened up March 8-23rd, 2016 for all our holistic transformational needs.




Can you feel the energetic squeeze illuminating your path to a greater self-compassion and acceptance of all parts of self?



(Yes, including the self parts that you have stuffed up for years as “unworthy”.  The parts of self that may be looking to shed the shame and/or lose the excuse and the resistance to returning home in alignment with the vibration and the harmonic symphony of the whole of you.  To your whole self that is unconditional love…WORTHY.)



The unconscious stuff that has been colluding with your pain, loss of power, the poor-me particles, and scarcity-based choices, tends to come up to the surface during this time.



It’s helpful that it does.




So that you can become aware of it.  So that you can give it name.  So that you can give it light.  So that you can illuminate where it’s coming from.  That it’s not yours.

That you picked it up somewhere along the way as yours to play out and deal with.  But it was someone else’s projection cast onto you as your truth.  And you bought into it, as yours.



Because we can’t shift what we are not aware of and not willing to acknowledge.



If you are feeling the energetic squeeze, pressure, rush, or a shift of energy into movement, you are ready to heal and embrace another shadow part of self that has been in hiding or in the exile of un-lovability (the “not so pretty as the other parts of me”, as decided by your caretakers and disciplinarians perhaps, or others, many moons ago, whose words and programs may still be echoing somewhere in your subterranean subconscious).



And a deep breath here.




You are ready to step into more personal power and alignment NOW.



The Solar Eclipse of March 8th at 18 degrees 55 minutes of Pisces has been a powerful reset button, thrusting and propelling us to move forward with intentions and goals we have initiated about 6 months ago (think back to September 2015, were any hopes or parts of you left behind there?),



…but perhaps were not fully committed to or implemented







Well, because…



…stuff may have come up (we say to ourselves)



….or life may have happened




Fortunately, every new eclipse cycle takes us another layer deeper into the heights and depths of who we truly are, by releasing a layer upon layer of non-realities we created around the false identifications and labels that simply no longer fit our expanded consciousness, such as



“I can’t do A because I don’t have B” or


“I won’t do C because I am not meant to be D” or


“I was told E so I won’t even try B”.





By the time you are saying this stuff out loud and noticing you are doing it (yup, pay attention to your excuses, they are your stepping stones to greater self-awareness), you are well on your way to shift it.




However, if you suspect that this inner censoring and self-conditioning may be part of your not fully conscious inner talk that sabotages you just before you bring light to it, then you have a couple of extra steps to dig deeper than the 1st or 2nd layer of truth behind the truth (also notice stuff you are projecting onto others, by a judgement or an expectation).





What does one need to believe about herself (or himself) to have created this pattern (or this result, or this reality)?








The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon coming up on March 23rd at 03 Libra 17’ will be inspiring us return to our inner equilibrium once again and partner with our equals.



Before then, we have to dig deeper to allow more light and love to be poured in within to where it is most needed, and then remember to resurface daily.



The solar eclipse highlights a point in our birth chart that is likely already in awareness of a sense of urgency to detox, shift, recalibrate, evolve, and rebirth the area of our life (or our self) that is ready to surrender to more light and self-acceptance.




We are collectively invited to transcend and heal the wounded healer paradox this month (the syndrome we may have been carrying over for many lifetimes) and learning to embody more of compassionate detachment (rather than compassionate attachment, dissociation and neglect, etc.).



Think co-dependant symbiotic relationships (family, clients, friends) that trigger and compel you to over-provide “rescue remedies”, answer the 911 call after call to provide quick fixes, or take on the responsibility for fixing another’s problem and thus staying enmeshed in a relationship dysfunction.  These would be relationships where boundaries of personal responsibilities are blurred at best.




Instead, we are invited to learn to set clear and healthy boundaries, offer enlightened solutions anchored in self-knowledge and self-empowerment, and encourage others to take an active role and responsibility for their own life (rather than being a passive participant engaging in “magical thinking” that someone outside of me can fix my life even when I am not energizing the solution and only half-invested in the result).




Eclipses signify the evolution of who we have become in the last 19 years which was the last time that the exact degree and sign of the eclipse occurred.  Think back to March 1997 and what was emerging for you then and what is emerging now as an essential pattern to look at and illuminate in order to grow into more wholeness.




Notice what comes up this week.  The pattern of behavior that most need to shift will surely make itself known today, tomorrow, this month.




Are you feeling aligned and empowered or getting irritated and easily discouraged by things not flowing the way you want them to?



Notice how you are dealing with those irritations, triggers, and pressures to shift the patterns that are governing your choices and how you take action.



What motivates you to act or not act?


What inspires you to love yourself or get frustrated with yourself?



Do you love yourself and radiate love to everyone you are connected with regardless of what they choose for themselves, or have you created tons of conditions and rules for you and the others around you that have to be fulfilled, or else?



Are you fully energized and ready to make the most out of it, or getting tired and sleepy when asked to shift or take action or make a decision, or shutting down and detaching, or forcing things to be by attempting to control things into a one-way outcome?



The gift of this Pisces eclipse has been a gift of surrender.



{If you listened to my March Alignment call on March 2nd, I shared a tons more illuminating tips on how to align with March energies and surrender and why that’s important this month.}




Join us on March 17th, 2016 in Astrology Constellation on Facebook where I will be answering your questions about the March eclipses and how they affect your chart (stay tuned for more details here about the March Eclipse Effect Facebook Q&A Session.  



I am excited to share with you, how about you?







The March Eclipse Effect Facebook Q & A

Join us in Astrology Constellation on March 17th for a virtual Q&A session about the eclipse effect





We are learning to creatively navigate between passivity and rituality, obedience and controlling the outcomes, magical thinking and aligned thinking, between giving up and forcing things to happen, forgetfulness and full remembrance, escapism and inspiration, victimhood and divine surrender, self-sacrifice and self-importance, confusion and a whole lot more clarity, seclusion and connectedness, between numbness and sensibility, resisting the now and completely surrendering to the now, to our wholeness, and to the divine movement of life.





What action (emotion, belief, or spiritual practice) are you willing to surrender to this month that will positively impact your 2016 goals?



Think about dancers on the dance floor.  It takes two to tango.  Are dancers passively waiting for the other partner to carry them through the performance, or they are actively alert and allowing to be guided AND working with the energy of flow that moves them into their own?



Think about musicians who allow the sound to carry them through the ethers of creativity, but they are actively listening and creating a container to which they are choosing the song to pour into.



Think about the ocean.  Is it motionlessly waiting for the earth to move closer or it’s continually in touch with the nature that surrounds it and the spirit of service by sharing and flowing with all energies that partner with it.






Here are the eclipse navigational tips and aligned actions for each of the 12 signs: 




Note:  Read the alignment tips for your Sun sign or Rising sign first, then check out what applies for the eclipse effect in your actual birth chart.



Aries and Aries Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 12st house)




Aries, the Solar Eclipse in your 12th house of hidden matters may feel challenging to recognize consciously, unless you take a moment to reflect on the wisdom you have gained on your path in the past 6 months.  The wisdom that you are.  Even if you start becoming more aware of the parts of you that you are not comfortable with, and look for ways and tools to accept those fragments home, it will be a great start.



This is a powerful time for you to feel that you are supported by the Universe:  to go on a retreat, or start therapy or counselling, allow to be supported wherever you most need it, or give back through service or volunteering work by helping those in need.



This month and year for you is about moving on from the past hurts and past choices that may be unraveling the edges of the reality you wish to change.  This transformational season is inviting you to allow plenty of private and introspective time and allow to be supported in getting more clarity on what is holding you back and move on in your life without judgment towards yourself or your others (guilt, blame, shame).



Affirm:  I align with the divine definition of love. I surrender to my inner wisdom with ease.



Aligned Action:  Take plenty of quiet time to rejuvenate your connection with your soul.  Retreating into solitude or nature may do wonders for you this year.  Journal on where you may have been making yourself wrong about things that worked and those that didn’t work as anticipated in the last 6 months (and/or the last 19 years).




Sacred Practice:  The Law of Surrender. Meditate and journal on this universal law.  Understanding how this law works allows us to be grateful for ‘what already is’ in our life and let go of the attachment to “how things should be”.  When we are in resistance, we are resisting the present that encapsulates a precious healing opportunity.  That way we are also denying an opportunity of allowing in ‘the better’ than we even hoped or imagined.  The Law of Surrender helps us to create space in our life for the better (beyond our limiting beliefs) and go with the flow.




Taurus and Taurus Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 11th house)



Taurus, the Pisces Solar Eclipse is activating your house of friendships, affiliations, hopes, wishes, and business or employment income.



You may surprise yourself with saying yes to more social opportunities than you have in the past year, and choosing several new friendships and affiliations that are in alignment with your direction (and releasing others).


It’s also a magical time for you to recalibrate your priorities and get really clear about your vision and goals for the rest of the year, in direct relation to what you are hoping to receive back from your business or career March-September 2016.



Get ever clearer about the results you are most looking to achieve and go for it!




Affirm:  I am forever connected to my highest truth. I am attracting ideal opportunities for…


Get as specific as you can, feeling expansive in your body as you affirm it, visualize, embody, without feeling like you are limiting yourself or being too vague.  If you are wondering whether you are vague about it, the chances are you are.  Allow your hopes and wishes to come through and add timelines and accountabilities to accomplish them.


Aligned Action:  Write three actions that come to heart and keep energizing and implementing this year:  Who (and how many) can I connect with this year that are in alignment with my goals and complement my zone of genius in unique ways?


Sacred Practice:  The Law of Group.  Meditate and journal on this universal law.  Are you looking to achieve your hopes, wishes, and goals faster?  Where can you invoke the Law of Group in your life and biz right now to multiply the energies and results of your effort with more ease and create more momentum?




Gemini and Gemini Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 10th house)



Gemini, the Pisces Solar Eclipse is activating the most public area of your chart.



What do you feel called to do in the next 6 months?  Is there a new business opportunity you feel called to act on or a new position at work that you have been considering applying or saying yes to for the past few months?



This is a house of publicity and public appearances, so you may feel a need to embrace more visibility and enhance reputation of your business or organization.



The 10th house also highlights how we relate to our superiors or parents.



Affirm: I take responsibility for my life and for creating my own destiny.  I am attracting every miracle and lesson offered on my path. I am the expert (or the wisdom keeper) I have been looking for.



Aligned Action:  Write down 3 suggested actions that come through when tuning into the question:  How can I embrace more visibility in my life and biz this year?  What does success look like for me this year?



Sacred Ritual:  The Law of Economy.  Meditate and journal on this universal law.  Understanding this law helps us to expand our energy most optimally and work in alignment with ease and flow for the highest good of all, rather than resistance thus creating scarcity (of time, energy, money) or waste (of time, energy, money).   Energy (matter) always follows the path of least resistance, in the most efficient strategic way possible.  Are you willing to focus your effort this month and year in the most effective and efficient way possible, without spreading yourself too thin?




Cancer and Cancer Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 9th house)




Cancer, the Solar Eclipse activation this month is helping you detox, recalibrate, and start something new in the area of higher learning, advanced training, distant travel, and life philosophy.  It is time to expand your worldview again in alignment with your purpose. This means you are ready to grow in leaps and bounds this year outside the boundaries of the current (safety) shell of your experience.



Are you willing to embrace the higher ground of unlimited growth, unlimited reach, and unlimited speed?



Affirm: I choose an unfamiliar path designed for my most beloved self (in alignment with my highest worth).  I am safe.  I am free to expand beyond my current limits of understanding.



Aligned Action:  Write down 3 actions that come to heart and implement:  How can I stretch my comfort zone this month?  How can I expand my reach and cultivate learning from and connecting with those who are very different from me or from those in my habitual “safe” circle?


Sacred Practice:  The Law of Expansion.  Meditate and journal on this universal law.  Understanding this law allows us to be in excitement and embrace more risk and adventure, so we can joyously move outside of our comfort zone to fulfill our potential and make more impact.  New growth and expansion cannot occur within the boundaries of the current comfort zone.





Leo and Leo Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 8th house)




Leo, the Solar Eclipse Supermoon in Pisces is activating the area of intimacy, legacies, taxes, and shared resources.  Wherever your resources may have been intertwined with another (e.g. shared bank account or investment) or dependant on others (e.g. loans, debt) you may feel a strong urge to detox this area of your life this month and year to allow for a greater clarity and flow in your finances.




This is also a house of metaphysical studies and taboos, so you may feel called to study a metaphysical topic or an esoteric wisdom tradition in more depth.  Say yes to use this energy creatively and more consciously and deliberately.



Affirm: I allow all sacred parts of me to be illuminated and filled with love, especially those particles that may be holding onto any shame, blame, or judgement.


Aligned Action:  Pay off a debt that is weighing heavily on you, or release an investment that no longer feels in alignment.




Sacred Practice:  The Law of Divine Flow.  Meditate and journal on this universal law.  We are in greater allowance and flow when we align with our Higher Self, the present moment, when we maintain a state of love, gratitude and compassionate detachment, in service to others (as opposed to service to self).  When we are attempting to manipulate the future outcome by acting in ardent attachment to the final result and how things “must/should be”, we are not partnering with but working against the allowance of the law of divine flow and divine synchronicity, and thus delaying our alignment with divine will (which is ultimately the will of our Divine Highest Self).





Virgo and Virgo Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 7th house)




Virgo, this may be a year when you decide to call in your divine partner (life or business) and/or become ever more popular with your clients, audience, potential joint venture, business partners, or affiliates.  Seek to really distinguish yourself from your competition this year March-September 2016.  There may be a life-changing advancement in a significant relationship or a momentous invitation to partner with someone new in your life (both personal and business).




For some, this eclipse may also activate a desire to move to a new home or house.



The divine detox and recalibration for Virgo is also in the area of close relationships, personal and business partnerships.  This may be in a key relationship dynamic that has created a compulsive dysfunction and stagnation for both parties.  If you don’t know who you would be without, or you are compelled to rescue or save your others from their own learning and growth, or projecting those “saviour” expectations on them…you may be enmeshed.



Affirm: I am calling in an equal partner who is a vibrational match to our harmoniously aligned path.   I release my unhealthy attachment to [past relationship memories]…with love and forgiveness. 


Aligned Action:  Release a co-dependent entanglement (think:  has there been enough drama, negativity, or resentment there?) in one key relationship this month or how you show up and participate in it.  Take personal responsibility for your wellbeing and happiness and the relationship dynamic you have been participating in and invite the other person to do the same.  This includes your partners, but also mentors, coaches, advisors, and consultants you trust.



Sacred Practice:  The Law of Grace. Meditate and journal on this universal law. Understanding this law allows us to release perfectionism and witness how grace (e.g. of forgiveness) is allowed for imperfect acts that may otherwise accumulate karma, when we live in grace, extend a genuine effort, and have a loving intent.


 To call in grace 2






Libra and Libra Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 6th house)



Libra, the divine detox Solar Eclipse in Pisces is activating your house of daily habitual routine and rituality, work environment, employees, wellness, healing, and pets.  Where are you looking to experience more wellbeing in your life?  What new habits will help you embody more vitality?  Is there a part of your body that has been sending you awareness about where energy is looking to return to balance, to ease?



You may feel a need to cleanse or reorganize your work space or daily routine (diet, nutrition, fitness, productivity), or set new priorities for your employees and contractors.




Affirm: I am divine equilibrium, balanced and whole. I call in grace.  I move with ease.




Aligned Action:  Write 10 gratitude and grace statements for what you would like to create in the next 90 days (as if it’s already occurring).  Start a new exercise routine or a self-care ritual that aligns with the energies you wish to integrate more of at this time (e.g. peace, balance, excitement, vitality, etc.)




Sacred Practice:  The Law of Rhythm.  Meditate and journal on this universal law. Through the working of this law, we observe the ongoing evolution of all things, perpetual cyclical movements of planets, coming and going of the seasons, how all energies are continually moving in and out.  It helps us to accept the rhythmical ebb and flow of life without judgment and maintain our equilibrium, if we so choose.






Scorpio and Scorpio Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 5th house)


Scorpio, the divine cleanse of the Solar Eclipse in Pisces will greatly benefit and help you recalibrate your house of personal creativity, children, romance, and fun.




This is not just about focusing on our children who may be experiencing new beginnings (especially your first child), but also cultivating our own creativity, new hobbies, and excitement.  You may also feel more drawn to invest in more high-risk investments or try out games of luck.  (Although, with Saturn in your 2nd house of finances until December 2017, a more conservative approach is equally important with a fair bit of financial planning for long-term financial sustainability).




What do you see your inner child craving for this month?  Do that.




Affirm: I am in alignment with my joy and creativity.  I honour my inner child. I seek fun, play, and pleasure.  I embody fulfillment.




Aligned Action:  Do three things that come to heart when you be in this question:  How can I adore myself more intensely today?  How can I express my unique creativity with more ease and fun?




Sacred Practice:  The Law of Manifestation.  Meditate and journal on this universal law. Understanding this law allows us to focus on what we are looking to create in our life and feel creative.  I am creating…I am experiencing…I am enjoying [insert your manifestation goal] as if it’s occurring in the present moment to amp up your manifesting power.  If you do your manifesting work in the Akashic Record, you will amplify the speed and power of your healing/manifesting practice many times.




Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 4th house)



Sagittarius, the Solar Eclipse is highlighting your most personal arena of home and family.




This is also the house of parents and parental karma, so it’s a year to establish your familial (or domestic) roots a little deeper and let go of the old programming and feelings that may be weighing you down in the present.  Feng shui and cleanse rooms in your home where you feel a heavy energy has accumulated that may trigger old memories or any frustrations resurfacing.




You may decide to sell or purchase a new home, purchase additional properties, or focus on house improvement projects.




Ask:  What do I need to be in awareness of at home?  How grounded (and excited!) do I feel where I am right now?



With expansive Jupiter in your 10th house of career, professional opportunities are on the rise for you this year as well, with added responsibilities (Saturn in the 1st), while the home (your foundation, roots, parents) area will require some additional attention or a new attitude or approach to shift into a new more expansive paradigm.



Affirm: It is safe for me to embrace my roots.  I am always rooted in my truth and my center everywhere I go.




Aligned Action:  Beautify and de-clutter your home.  Journal about who needs to receive your forgiveness this month (including the self).




Sacred Practice:  The Law of Forgiveness. Bless yourself with unconditional love.  Bless others who may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt you on your path.  Meditate and journal on this universal law. Understanding this law allows us to create space for a sacred act of letting go of past hurts, anger, pains that may have been inflicted upon us, so that we may raise our vibration to love and wisdom.  Not-forgiving keeps us stuck in the karmic law of repetition and enmeshment with others who have chosen denser lower vibrational reality for their life experience.



Capricorn and Capricorn Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 3rd house)



Capricorn, the Solar Eclipse is activating the area of communication, speaking, teaching, writing, learning, siblings, and short trip travelling (including your car matters).




However, as usual with the eclipse, there may be something significant for our alignment that we have been procrastinating or delaying on taking action here.  Write that overdue letter, seek out a speaking engagement, create podcast, or make amends with your siblings, cousins, and neighbours.




This is also the house of advertising and marketing, so if you are in business – where do you know you need to amp up your advertising and marketing efforts in a more active and creative, rather than passive and “always done this way” way?



Where do I need to spread the word about my work March-September 2016?



What is asking to come to light (or to action!) to stimulate a greater flow of communication and movement in your life, Capricorn?



Affirm: It is OK for me to say NO to expectations misaligned with my highest worth.  I release any guilt associated with saying no or setting healthy boundaries.



Aligned Action: Say NO to and release one obligation or attachment this month that feels heavy in your body.  Design a message or write a letter to self that best describes what you need to speak about and share this month with others.



Sacred Practice:  The Law of Three Requests.  Meditate and journal on this universal law. Understanding this law allows you to work with an amplified energy of manifestation by affirming you choice to the universe and your commitment to creating a specific result or invoking a particular energy or insight.



Aquarius and Aquarius Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 2nd house)




Aquarius, the house of money, possessions, assets, and self-worth is highlighted for you via the power of this March Solar Eclipse.



This is your year to amp up your self-esteem and embody more confidence.


How are you aligning to your highest worth this month?  Where is money asking to circulate in your life and with more speed?



Recognize one unhealthy attachment (e.g. expenses, volunteer work) or insecurity you may have that may be draining your energy right now in an indirect way (by draining your time or money and vice versa).



This could a person or a pattern that keeps drawing you to similar people and repeating circumstances affirming back to you the self-professed truth of your most limiting beliefs.  It’s not up to others to recognize your value but up to you to realize it first, embody more of it, and then claim your worth by the choices you make in terms of professional opportunities, business decisions, and how and how much you choose to invest (or not) in yourself.



Affirm:  I am aligned to my highest worth.  I am wealthy.  I embody confidence.



Aligned Action:  Ask for a raise, start a business, or activate a money channel. Purge your money house, pay an outstanding debt, and tie any loose ends in your finances that may feel out of balance.



Sacred Ritual:  The Law of Abundance.  Meditate and journal on this universal law. Understanding this law allows you to feel good about enjoying abundance on all levels, be it financial, emotional, physical, or spiritual.  How can you create daily reminders, visuals, and abundance rituals to activate the law of abundance in your life?




Pisces and Pisces Rising (or the Solar Eclipse in your 1st house)



Oh divine Pisces!  This is your year of activating your personal magnetism!  The Solar Eclipse Supermoon has illuminated your 1st house of wellbeing, appearance, image, and style.


This is a great month and year to focus on your most intimate needs, go on a detox/cleanse, or do a style makeover.  You may feel an increased need to turn a new page in your relatinoships, recalibrate your views on life, or focus on your appearance and rebrand yourself and how you would like to be seen by others.


Where has your body been asking for more attention in the past 6 months?  Now may be the time to choose a personal evolution of sort, so that you radiate more wellbeing and show up in the world with a more assured step, rather than choosing to blend in with others (just saying :)).


This is especially so if you were born between March 3-13th.



Affirm: I am aligned to my Highest Self.  I am radiating vitality and vibrant health.   



Aligned Action:  Who or what am I orbiting around this month?  What do I feel called to evolve or personally transform this year? Do that!



Sacred Practice:  The Law of Attraction.  Meditate and journal on this universal law. Understanding this law allows you to see how our universe is held together by the Law of Attraction or love in action.  Also to know how to focus on raising your vibration so that you be a closer vibrational match to those things you desire, such as more wellbeing, happiness, and fulfillment.   Likes attracts like so what would you like to be a vibrational match to this month and year?  What energy and opportunities do you wish to attract in your life?



Many many blessings of love and wellbeing!



P.S. Join us on March 17th, 2016 in Astrology Constellation on Facebook where I will be answering your questions about the March eclipses and how they affect your chart (stay tuned for more details here about the March Eclipse Effect Facebook Q&A Session

 The March Eclipse Effect Facebook Q & A





Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer







New Moon in Aquarius

February 8th AQUARIUS NEW MOON: 99 Ways to Be Different (or 99 Ways to Be You)

This is one of the most highly-activating lunations in a while!





Vibrationally speaking, it will be exact on February 8th at 9:39am EST, at 19 Aqu 15’, though we will feel its effects for the next few days.




Why should you care?


Well, if you’ve been looking to get into a wise action mode, while exercising your own path of individuality, you will appreciate this New Moon’s non-conventional wisdom.




The Aquarius New Moon of Inner Freedom propels us into action by a dynamic square from Mars, the activator, the mover, the energy bringer.




In Aquarius, we are the hungry-for-knowledge-ingenious- abstract-thinkers.


We are the reformers of new ways and new methods, and innovators of the uncharted territories of science, technology, human freedoms, and equalities.  In addition however, this New Moon brings a gift of inspired action and not just abstract theory.




It’s certainly a New Moon of wise truth seers and truth seekers.



This is also a powerful New Moon to gain awareness about how to release a need for applause, approval, and acclamation.


In Leo, we need applause to self-affirm our self-expression.



In Aquarius, we are free of a need to perform, entertain, and be liked/loved/admired in a place of the ultimate individualistic freedom.



Aquarius needs no applause, though it does have an essential need too – for truth, for the ultimate truth regardless of the consequences.


Yup, we are talking a radical non-conformity here.


New Moon in Aquarius





This is why people with strong Aquarius are often perceived as strange, crazy, or a bit out there.


Or closer to Truth than others (who subscribe to the average) are willing to admit?


This is a 9 Universal Year of Infinite Reach, so each month we ideally need to take enlightened action to support that.



Each month’s goal needs to be in service of your big goal this year.




Here are 9 go-getting ways to align with the energies of this powerful highly-activating New Moon:





 1) Start a group (or a movement) and/or join a group


Start a new group (Think Tank, Mastermind, Facebook community, Meetup group, networking group, sisterhood), or reengage in your existing groups in a new way.  Aquarius is about doing things in a different way, in a way that we have not been conditioned to, until this month.  It’s a new condition, or rather a new decision.


It’s about trailblazing a new path, for yourself and for others.


Or awakening new awareness around the existing pathways.


So create new conditions.


Create a new belief around what is possible for you this month.


Move forward with what makes you feel alive.  Even things that frustrate and anger you can serve you this month, if you choose an enlightened filter. (Hello, New Moon square Mars)


Remember that Aquarius energy is not about belonging, as it is about serving a higher ground.


If none of the groups out there resonate, then create one.  Highly-conscious leaders, community and group builders have always served the planet in a big way, in particular right now, and this doesn’t mean that you need to be of the group to be in the group.  You do need to embody, however, a huge desire to serve a purpose for the highest good of all concerned – including you!


Don’t confuse belonging, safety, and nesting instincts of tribal consciousness with advancing group consciousness (of affiliation and common purpose) and towards a higher ground of innovation, authenticity, freedom, and equality.



In Aquarius, the journey has never been about belonging (no, that would be a different classroom).


The idea here is how NOT to belong and still fulfill your purpose in the world.  Even more so.  It is to be in the world, but not of the world.


In Cancer, we seek our familial hominess and safety of our nest.


In Aquarius, we are connecting the dots of our unique quirks that make us sooo un-like our family.


We are also creating a very unique sauce of unfamiliar freedom-new age-and-equality-based affiliations.


We are making friendships with those who are not convenient friends, because they are likely the most quirky independent non-conventional thinkers out there. As a result, they are most likely to be on the leading edge of new schools of thought.


Aquarius is most of all about freedom to be you.






2) Start a body movement practice


Have you been feeling an urge to reactivate your exercising or movement routine this month?


Whatever feels like movement and progress to you:  is it dance, is it a stretching routine, regular exercise, or something new you create on your own?


This type of very uniquely wired energy does not strive on perfectionism and getting all conditions just right.


It favors starting now, for a different tomorrow.  It prefers less fuss and perfectionism, and embracing inspired action that feels like a movement forward.


If we don’t channel it in a form of a movement, creativity, or enlightened action, it may show up in our life in other weird ways.  This is why it is important to work with the energy proactively, rather than reactively.






 3)  Start any “NEW” practice



What would be *new* and fresh to you?


With Venus/Jupiter trine {of optimism and confidence in love} in earth signs of that which is physical and touchable, and Mercury in Capricorn, we are practicing our muscles for creating tangible results.


Start something that helps you feel uniquely in your authentic power.  Like a new you is being born or awakened.



Like I am going to finally do “this” differently.





4)  Design an abundance ritual 



This could be anything you choose to remind you that the infinite well of the Universe providing abundantly, never ever dries out.


This could be anything that reminds you daily that the Universe is an abundant place and it’s got your back.



For me, I love asking questions and receiving answers daily, instantaneously.  For example, journaling or using colored cue cards to write down my daily intentions and expansive questions that I tune in to stay in the flow.




I love asking/downloading guidance as a daily abundance ritual so much, because I have found that it truly is a divine well that never ever dries out.



I feel creative, expansive, light, energized and so excited to ask every time that I am always open to receive…and integrate what comes through.


Whether I am living 100 yards from the front line, in the middle of a war zone (1992-1995 back home in Bosnia), looking for a business advice in 2014-2016, or whether I am writing my next blog now, the continuous stream of infinitely wise consciousness is always with me.


Just as it is always available to you.

 Infinite I AM




Or using Peppermint oil in my morning lemon/honey water.  This simple habit helps me to feel abundantly vibrant and energized in the morning. By using only one drop of Peppermint essential oil every morning I am reminded that the well will never dry out.  (Each bottle contains 250 drops, plus I usually have a couple of bonus bottles in my sacred e/o inventory, just because :))


What daily abundance practice can you implement this month?


Even if it feels different, crazy out there, but most importantly uniquely and/or rebelliously yours?





5) Start or a participate in a challenge



Whether it’s 28 days to dance or 30 days to love or 7 days to be… something that enlivens you – this is the month to do it!


To challenge yourself and activate you desire and intention to move forward with your goals and plans.


Is there a part of your life that does not feel active or vibrant enough?


Invest some energy in re-energizing it and see it expand!



It is a natural law.  Expansion follows where intention flows.





6)  Breath in ease and grace


And funny and weird.


And breathe out doubt.


Wherever you are looking for someone else’s stamp of approval, a permission slip, or an authorization to go ahead with what you already know you need to do, let that go today!


Affirm:  I release any personality projections and other people’s expectations that no longer reflect my own values, my authenticity, and my true freedom within.



Draw one step closer to Truth, release another layer of conformity, of trying to be like.  Now.





Breathe in love.Breathe out Breathe in balance.Breathe out blame.Breathe in lightness.Breathe out judgement. (4)









 7)  Journal these three questions…and put it into action!



What needs to change?






What would feel sooo liberating to call in right now?






What is so meaningful for me to activate this month, even if it’s perceived crazy, weird, so out there, or out of the norm, by others? 



What is the norm anyway?  Remember it’s always just a perception projected through someone else’s inner filter, reflecting their relationship with love, but not a divine truth!  Someone else’s filter and not-whole perception of you is not your divine truth.


Your divine truth only you have access to.



Tune in, receive, align, be it, do that, today.






8)  Do something out of your ordinary


What will you do differently moving forward?


It is a great time to do something out of the ordinary routine (that will challenge your own thinking, habits, beliefs, or have people say:  wait, what?)


 Affirm your quirkiness and unique voice to the world – and own it – without a need to please those around you!


Aquarius is a sign that has a paradox (of the most objective detached perspective) built in.  It’s one of the human signs of the zodiac, yet those with strong Aquarius soul signature may on occasion feel the least human.  And, here is another paradox:  while at the same time having an instinctual sense for – what is the most humane (thing to do) in any situation.  (Even at the expense of not-belonging).


In Aquarius, we are drawn to express our individualistic nature, to think in ways we have not been taught.  To feel in ways we have not been conditioned to feel.  And to continually re-invent ourselves intellectually and emotionally.


In Cancer, we seek safety and acceptance.



In Libra, harmony and compromise.



In Aquarius, we seek none of that, but whatever it takes to find and express our truth regardless of the consequences for speaking out, for calling it as it is.  Aquarian souls (with any personal planet or rising sign in this humanitarian sign) are shaping communities and movements out there, likely spirit-heading many of them, yet they may be forever not drawn to be tied to any of them.  Doing their own thing altogether.


The Moon in Aquarius is another way of saying:

I am an individualist, the independent, emotionally free one.

 Anonymous woman by the sea with hoops







Aquarius’ role is to ensure that conformity is never the answer to our next step in evolution. 



Conformity to expectations.  Conformity to established patterns of behaviour.  Conformity to the charted paths of thinking based on our cultural programming.  Parental programming.  Conformity to safety.  Conformity to “let’s just do it because it will make things easier this time”.


This is where we challenge ANY indoctrination that no longer serves the highest good of all.


But we’ve done it like this for the last 2000 years– So what?


But this is the way it’s supposed to be…  – Says who?


But it says in the xyz book this is the formula for the best result.



Really?  And does it make sense to YOU?  What say YOU? What does YOUR truth tell you?






9)  Adopt a liberating belief (of your Inner Genius)


How would it feel to free yourself from ONE limitation and/or inhibition this month?


To stand firm in your uncompromising and undeniable truth as an expression of your unapologetic individuality!



To stand firm not in the programming of your culture, or your parents, or the society you grew up in, but the inner alchemy genius that YOU unashamedly gave birth to as a result of your very own journey of life’s choices.


And many lifetimes of choices, many lifetimes of freedom and/or loss of freedom of your pure most authentic expression.


Your soul’s journey of individuality to this very incarnation is yours to lead and choose, to celebrate and enjoy, to embrace and course-correct {if/when YOU deem true, to you}.


Wishing you a magical New Moon of Freedom and New Liberated Awakening!






P.S. My Astrology Constellation on Facebook is growing beautifully and it’s almost reaching 100 members – wowza!  I will be offering a free e-course soon – and perhaps unlock a free prize or two :) – that I know you will love, once we reach the milestone 100 members.  Join us so you don’t miss out, if this resonates, and share with your best of friends too!



P*S  The early bird for the Soul Journeys® Akashic Records – LEVEL 1 is coming up February 12th – check it out here and join us!  I look forward to connecting with you in divine timing, brilliant soul!  If you are reading this, I know you are here to model what is possible for lots of people who are looking to reach their full divine potential and make a huge impact in the new paradigm world.



Many many blessings of love and wellbeing!



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer





Leo woman crown creative

9 Ways to Love: LEO FULL MOON of Jan 23, 2016

As we move from the results-oriented Capricorn New Moon energy of January 9th, we are nudged to explore a thrilling creative playground of the culminating Leo Full Moon on January 23rd, exact at 3 Leo 29’ at 8:45 pm EST.




This is a very creative Moon, and perhaps not so let loose out-of-control creative, as it is…




…set it free creative (Saturn trine Uranus approaching).




As we allow the heart-centered Leo energy to come through fully, we need to be in the awareness of the transiting Mercury energy pull, stationary direct at 15 degrees of Capricorn.  It is in an exact alignment with Pluto, the Shaman, in a surprisingly dynamic square with the rule-breaker Uranus of a new awakened electrified awareness and unburdened individuality.




What is asking to be expressed...






Venus also enters the achievement-oriented Capricorn just hours before the full moon.




The Leo Full Moon is ruled by the polar-opposite Sun in the individualistic and always-needing-to-be-special-even-if-they-send-me-away-because-I-am-different-cause-truth-is-truth-is-truth Aquarius.




Leo energy and essence requires a creative fun playground to thrive.




Leo is charismatic as it is confident in its light.




Leo spontaneously celebrates self.




Capricorn is self-disciplined and with that…self-censored.




Both Leo and Capricorn love tangible and love a form of expression, love to share their creative process and what is possible to be built and birthed when we surrender to it fully.




Leo needs and craves applause (seeking approval outside), while Capricorn needs recognition (anchored in the inner integrity of self-respect).




Leo is stylish and elegant in its desire to impress.  Capricorn is impressive in its deep-seated need to do purposeful work and show you why the step-by-step progress (or “the climb”) is important.




Leo must show itself.



It must perform and express the essence of how it feels to be full of itself, that is full of life.  Some may call it an ego-centric perspective, but for Leo (as it is for our inner joy child) it is a transcendence of oneness that is the goal here.



In oneness, we are pure joy.



In selfness, we are joy aware of itself.



One is not better than the other; it’s just a different way of expanding consciousness, with new levels of awareness available to us (and to all who are connected to us).




Mercury Stations in Capricorn - Jan 22-28, 2016





If you choose to tune into this intensely creative moon, even if a bit stormy one that may surprise you, you will be rewarded with brand new, exciting, and re-awakened ideas, clarity of focused thought, and plenty of inspiration to envision and plan your best year yet.




But you need to breathe it in with an open heart.  To act it out, to exaggerate if needed, so that those on the other side of the lens don’t confuse your stoic (Capricorn) appearance with cold-heartedness.




To show yourself – and share of yourself – is the higher ground here.





Here are 9 ways to love and 9 ways to celebrate this heart-opening Leo Full Moon:






 1. Map out your 2016 plans or goals until you feel you have stepped out of your heart center (when it’s no longer fun for the day, then continue tomorrow.)






2. Take on a creative practice between now and February 8th (the next New Moon). It can be as simple as a 9-min free movement flow practice (in your own style).  Or it can be using a larger sketch pad to map out your goals visually, rather than using a regular notebook or typing them out on your computer.






3. Hug those around you a little tighter, a little longer, but not from the place of fear, but from the place of “we are love and joy no matter what”.





4. Hug your inner child and let her roam for a day, or just a few moments longer than usual, while allowing a tidbit more awareness of how serious you can be and how fun you are at the same time, when you allow your inner joy, your inner youth, to come through freely. And be that.




You mean what is the purpose of life- It is Joy. What is the reason for life- It is JoyWhat is the basis of life- It is FreedomWhat is the result of life- It is Expansion (1)






5. Journal or mediate on these questions. Ask for 1 to 3 words only to come through and be with that awareness for a minute, heart-aware and full.  Or numb and wishing to feel it more fully.  It’s ok just to let it be for a moment or two until it comes through with a flutter of pure untethered joy and deeper level of clarity…or pure expression or sensation that doesn’t have to be anything in particular but a new personally experienced and embodied code for a flavor of love.




Don’t expect or invite your monkey mind to know how to tackle these questions, they are designed for your higher self that knows you better than anyone, beyond the physical egoic limited understanding of who you figure you are:




What energy am I here to express and celebrate?



What IS my primary language? 



What vibration am I here to hold?







And allow it in.





6. Focus on your heart and its energy, once twice three times a day today. Heart is where your truth resides, where non-physical and physical dimension spontaneously and freely connect.  It is where we can open or close our connection with anything.




7. Schedule in some fun. You have heard that before, but would you like to truly stop for a moment to take it in.  Take a millisecond longer today to remember one activity or one person or one creature or one energy that reminds you how to do and be that.  Go ahead and send your love to them.





Leo woman crown creative


8. Affirm these mantras spontaneously:




I AM pure love and joy.




I embrace my creativity and my inner child with ease.




It is safe to be me.  I am free to be me now.




I enjoy and delight in my unique self-expression.





9. Most of all: do you.  Worry a little less about doing it right.  There is no right in Leo, there is only playful and exciting.  Sure, we have the intense Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn with a huge window of purposefulness, urging us to zoom in on the crystal clarity of our message, and even eradicate the non-essential non-profound thought.

But Mercury is stationing now, which means we are meant to go beyond the obvious understanding of purposeful and dutiful…and superficial.




What if it was time to embrace a more expanded paradigm of purpose and practicality?




What if practicality didn’t have to imply a common ordinary sense, but a creative original sense?




What if our duty was to our soul and our joyous wellbeing first and not to our limited local awareness of self?




What if we are meant to reach for beyond clarity, or form, and cheerfully relate to alive creative consciousness that is behind the form?




Into the ever-expanding light of where pure inspiration comes from…




…where you can never run out of ideas to be (and play with, if you’d like), but only run out of ideas to bound yourself weary with.




To your eternal joy,







Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer



P.S.  If your intention this year is to align with natural cosmic cycles of creativity, join us here today.  It is Astrology Constellation, an e-community on Facebook of highly-conscious astrology lovers, wisdom keepers, and lightworkers who are looking for tools and inspiration for soul purpose alignment and self-actualization.

When this invite reaches you, it will either land in your heart and resonate, or it will not.  Either is in divine alignment.  Trust your wise heart above all  :)


Astrology Constellation

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Infinite 9 Year

Happy INFINITE 9 YEAR and CAPRICORN NEW MOON of Jan 9, 2016: A Year of Infinite Reach + Consistency

Happy New Year!  Hope you have sailed into this exciting new year of infinite potential with ease and joy!




We are starting the year with a Capricorn New Moon on January 9th, just a few days after Mercury, the Messenger, turned retrograde on Jan 5th in the first degree of Aquarius.  Mercury will be retracing its path, appearing to be moving backwards to 14-15 deg of Capricorn on January 25th.



It will be an opportunity to feng shui our life for more consistency and faithfulness to our life’s vision and our goals, from a creative and abstract inception of ideas until their full completion.



In Capricorn, we start but we also finish what we started with a dutifulness and faithfulness of someone who is excited to bring to life, build, and see to fruition those visible tangible results.



Capricorn’s guiding principle is:



I complete.  



I consistently & resolutely complete.  




At the same time this week, Jupiter started its almost 5-month retrograde journey on January 7th, thus asking:



What kind of experiences will help your grow your organic faith in life?




It is time to slow down, breathe, and focus on your alignment with what you would like to consistently create, build, deliver, and rely on this year.




This very special New Moon at 19 Cap 13’ is in a very busy, results and achievement-oriented sign that strives on being a starter, disciplined, resilient, and goal-oriented, while we have two planets turning retrograde during the same week, thus energetically inspiring us us to slow-down, remember to breathe, recalibrate our speed, and really really really tune in to the bigger “why” and “the how” behind our intentions and plans that may have been already set in motion.



So my reflection question to you is:




How can I create the most creative and joyously abundant result with a minimum energy expansion and effort this month?





Here are 9 things to be patient about and review your alignment with this month:






  1. Infinite Accomplishments.



Have you reviewed and celebrated your 2015 accomplishment list?



Look again, I bet you will find 10 more reasons to smile just by taking another 10 more minutes to remember where you started 2015 and where you are now.





In Capricorn, we like to climb those phenomenal peaks and goals of accomplishment and highest achievement; however it is also where we celebrate the energy of completion!



In addition, it is also where we attain a mastery of self-discipline, practicality, healthy common sense, resilience, diligence, prudence, consistency, and emotional maturity.



Which one of these skills and energies you would like to master and work with in 2016?



 The energy, intention and action you are devoted to being with daily (in a habitual ritual way) is your essential alchemical contribution to WHAT you claim you want (to create) in your life.





  1. Infinite Deadlines.


If you have deadlines set in stone this month, know that you may feel called to tweak or reassess them, wherever your vibrational alignment to the deadlines, priorities, and goals is out of vibrational integrity with your willingness to take inspired action on them.



However, Mercury Rx has a magical way of helping us recommit to what really matters.




And no, not everything that was critical and important last year will also be critical this year.  On the other hand, some of the last year’s priorities-in-waiting will grow into core priorities this year.  We evolve as our purpose evolves, and energies shift with us as we shift with them.





  1. Infinite Priorities.


Review your priority list.  Does it include you and reflect the essence of you (as in, what is most essential to your wellbeing, peace, and fulfillment) anywhere on the list?



Truth is, in Capricorn we realize we have lots of responsibilities and duties, but hopefully we also take the necessary time to realize how we are attracting them.

Those exact responsibilities we claim we have lots of.



If your priority list is all about what you “should” do (because because), look again until you can see an organic value in putting yourself first in order to be able to help others more, including this planet and humanity at large (as well as your family and those closest to you).





  1. Infinite Reach.


This New Moon says “be ambitious about your goals, but do it in a way that makes you feel already accomplished and already in integrity”.



As in, you can see your future self attaining it and joyously celebrating it, while it feels ripe in your gut to grow into it.



Most of all, set infinite reach goals.  It is a year of critical growth.



It is also a year you will feel more inspired to travel to distances and heights you’ve never traveled to before.



How many people would you like to reach this year?



Where and how far would you like to travel in 2016?



Geographically, intellectually, spiritually, financially.



Start planning now and even if you travel 5000 of those 25000 total miles to your next goal, you will have been 1/5 closer.



Hint:  After your set your 2016 reach goal, multiply it by 3 (it is the Infinite 9 Year after all).







  1. Infinite Alignment.


How do you show up for your alignment (with wellbeing) daily?



If your goal is to become healthier this year and increase your energy level, check in with whether this is a true priority you are willing to take action on today, or perhaps there is another more dominant intention you are ready to take on action this month.  It is the most dominant intention that will subconsciously run your life this year behind the scenes, so make sure that you are aligning your inspired actions around what is essential to you.



What are you committed to bringing to a tangible completion and achievement this year?



What are you ready to commit to and purchase that travel ticket for TODAY?

Even if you are more nervous about stretching yourself to THERE than you’ve ever ever been before!





 12 Healing Keys (2)

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  1. Infinite Faith.


Learn something radically new, including exploring other belief systems, and have faith that life will always lead you to more learning and mastery and/or more wellbeing, or both, whichever you choose for yourself (by your emotional devotion and habitual action).



The proverbial “your faith is being tested” starts now, between January 7th-May 9th of Jupiter’s retrograde journey.



World (stock) markets will feel it and some of the world’s leading currencies will as well.  We will feel it, based on wherever that Jupiter is in our birth chart and what part of our chart is being activated.



Notice, just notice, what goals you have set out for yourself in the last month and are now questioning – the goals and/or your capacity to accomplish them.



It is an imperative to unearth the beliefs you are most devoted to ensure they are the most expansive they can be and they won’t sabotage you half way to finish.

If you feel they might, what more liberating belief can you adopt today that will align you to your infinite reach goal?







  1. Infinitely Natural.


With Jupiter and North Node in Virgo this year, we are encouraged to expand our consciousness into a bigger “how-to” of living a more environmentally sustainable and natural life.



We will likely see ever more people choosing green beauty, clean energy, organic food, healthy and more natural lifestyle.  It will feel like everyone is talking about it.



Go green in 2016.  Choose more eco-friendly, healthy, natural and organic wherever you can.  Replace toxic chemicals with all-natural ingredients.  Read labels. Reuse.



Why not replace the word “toxin” or “half-healthy” with “nature’s gift” or “nutrient-packed”?





 Energize Your Essencew- Essential Oils (2)

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  1. Infinite Speed


We are aligning with infinite speed in the Infinite 9 Year.



With Mercury Rx this month, we are realigning our intentions, priorities and integrities with our natural rhythms (or our naturally expansive rhythm until May 9th, if you consider Jupiter Rx).





This is your month to choose the infinite speed you wish to move at in the next 12 months.  Be strategic but brave as well.




I expect to see masses of people, alliances, and organizations accomplishing feats thought to have been impossible in the previous 8-9 years, including huge advancements in technology, engineering, health and healing, and space travel (Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, plus Saturn sq Neptune, along with Jupiter/North Node in Virgo).



Where would like to create an infinite creative momentum in your life?




See it, feel it, take it in, move in alignment with it.







  1. Infinite Service.




For the greatest good of all, you will hear that a lot in the next 12 months and most will mean it.  Perhaps more than you have in the previous 8-9 years combined, as we are completing a 9-year cycle in this 9 Year.





This is the year where more people will wake up to their own desire to help and serve more people who need their support and expertise.



While in 2016 (an 8 Universal Year) we collectively focused on healing our money story and stepping into our personal power, in 2017 we will be choosing what we want to be known for again and claiming our area of expertise (a 10=1 Universal Year of Mastery).



Before we can claim our mastery once again, this year’s cosmic cycle suggests stretching yourself in the next 12 months to grow in a closer alignment with your infinite best self, choose natural wellbeing with ease, choose continuous learning, and believe in yourself and your lucky star, by really truly consistently stretching your zone of comfort closer to your zone of brilliance.




The possibilities for healing and manifesting are limitless.



If you are looking for more keys on how to attune to a better and brighter year, I am offering my first FREE CALL in 2016 on January 11th.



You can register {HERE} and I sooo look forward to sharing with you then.



To your infinite wellbeing








Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer




Infinite 9 Year








How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians

How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians – The Month of Healing December 2015

Happy December, Beautiful!




I am calling this month, December 2015, the Month of Healing due to the highly-transformational cosmic alignments I wrote about in my previous posts.  This means it’s a really powerful month to heal and deepen your spiritual connection at whatever level you choose this for yourself, so that you can create more wellbeing and abundance in your life in the next year and beyond!




Do you know who is on your expert angelic support team and how to connect with them?







 How to Connect with Your Forever Guides and Guardians




Here are some high-vibe tips to help you amp up your connection with your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Record Keepers, and the Beings of the Purest Love and Light:




  • Declare to be connecting with the beings of the purest love and light. There are many levels of guidance and dimensions we can connect to.  Choose to go to the highest possible level available to you, as close to Source as possible, also knowing that you need to choose to become more love and joy every day, and a fuller expression and a fuller embodiment of your divine essence.  This is so that you can show up a high-vibrational channel and a vibrational match to what you are calling in:  Love, Light, Truth.



  • Send your awareness to your heart. Send gratitude.  Radiate gratitude.  Become gratitude.  Gratitude is vibrationally similar to joy and grace, so choose either, or lightness.  (Alternatively, ask and declare to release what is holding you back from embracing that fully.  Sometimes that is all you need to do in the moment, release, release, release thought patterns that do not support your joy in that precious moment).




  • Stay in your heart very gently, as if landing there, and curious of what frequency and flavour of love/energy will come through. You are vibrationally expanding rather than “in waiting” or expecting something to prove your worth.  You are already worthy and ready to expand into love and gratitude for yourself and for beings who are here to support you, your loving partners on the journey.




  • Remain open to receiving love, light, and truth. Allow it, don’t will it.  Like opening your arms to hug a beloved.  Don’t expect the beloved to show his/her worth to you, or to show your worth to you, this would surely quickly block the connection until you choose to breathe in more love.  Simply expect to connect with the energy of love, lightness, expansion, gentleness, beingness, awareness.




  • Choose to be in the awareness of all that is coming through and receive all the energetic support available to you at all times, from your forever Guides and Guardians.




  • Stay in your body. Feel your body.  Welcome yourself to your body.  Welcome any sensations coming through, even if you are suddenly aware of any numbness.  Just notice it and internally….breathe, chuckle, create space for any new awareness to come through by staying connected to your body consciousness and breathing expansively.






I AM Creative Bliss





  • Choose to be in the awareness of the sensation of connection. It may feel like indescribable love or joy, or a very gentle bubble of lightness and lightheartedness around you and in your heart. It may feel like a gentle flutter. Or warmth.  Or an expansion of your energy field.  Or something very unique to you.  A shift in vibration.





  • Then open up to receive: words, images, symbols, energetic support as it comes through, without judgment or attachment to what way it needs to come through.  Perhaps only one, two, or three words or energies will come through at first.  Know that ONE anchor word, image, symbol, or healing code can be as precious and energetically charged as a full paragraph or chapters of guidance.  How much more would you be able to receive and integrate if you allowed the fullness of ONE energy to come through more fully?  Only one or more.  Most joyously.  Think of it as a healing breath of lightness and illumination.





  • Send more gratitude through as if radiating it from your heart, through your heart towards you (yourself) and towards all who are open to receive it in that moment





  • Allow pure love to come through by choosing to be the most loving channel you can be. If you are not feeling the energetic support and connection, it is likely that you are overly attached to what you believe needs to come through.  Know that when you are choosing to connect to the Beings of Purest Love and Light (such as your Akashic Record Keepers or Guardians of Your Soul’s Records), it is only love that can come through.  It is energetically and mathematically impossible for anything else to come through than pure love and compassion (loving kind acceptance of the totality of who you are and non-judgement in a compassionately detached way).




  • Feel free to ask your questions! The infinite stream of the most loving consciousness and energetic support is forever available to you. It will never run out. You cannot exhaust it by asking questions. In fact, you can only expand it by asking more expansive choice-love-and-action-oriented questions. Ask away. Your Guides are your most loving extension, you are their most creative extension.




  • Do not apologize for asking or for being who are you (verbally, telepathically, or energetically, such as when energetically embodying the “I am less than” energy!). You are not required to become less and certainly not worthy more by becoming less. You are encouraged to become more love, to offer more self-love so that you ask your questions from the place of unconditional love and grace, rather than the place of non-acceptance and resistance.  From the place of self-forgiveness.  Self-grace.  This is how you are sure to connect to more of who you truly are – your Highest All-Knowing Self – who has a direct link to your highest level of guidance!  This also trains you to take action from the place of love and compassionate detachment.


  • Take action based on the insight received in the best way you know how. Take inspired action daily.  This will amplify the clarity of messages received and they will become more actionable wisdom in addition to “You are loved and protected” guidance that we receive when we embody some type of lack – of confidence, energy, worthiness, self-love.



Intro to Akashic Records

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Join me, Milada Sakic, transformational teacher, intuitive healer, and astrologer, on MONDAY DECEMBER 7th at 7:30pm EST (Eastern) for a spiritual activation and a group clearing experience to help you embody more love, grace, forgiveness, and joyous expansiveness!




I will introduce you to the soul-level healing wisdom of the Akashic Records, share what information can be accessed in your Record, and most importantly why accessing the Records (also known as the Book of Life, or the Book of Knowledge) can maximize your life experience as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey.




The Akashic Record, which is the etheric library of light-coded information, is vibrating the purest and highest love, light, and truth.  It holds an infinite well of sacred information about your soul and its creation story through all dimensions, planes, and times.  This sacred information is always available to you for your alignment, highest good, evolution, and the deepest level of healing.




You can register for this December 7th free call HERE:









Looking forward to sharing with you on December 7th!




Many brilliant blessings












Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer




Mars in Libra

MARS in LIBRA: November 12, 2015-Jan 2, 2016 – The Diplomat, The Strategist, The Summit Convener

Just as the world leaders are coming together in a series of summits this and last month, their efforts are powerfully supported by the current cosmic climate (including the now exact Saturn/Neptune square activating a control/loss of control dilemma of choices over the most pressing world issues).




Who can you come together with in the next 30 days to reconvene and collaborate?




Mars rules our will, stamina, courage, action, and how we express our assertiveness…and energy in its most raw form.




Mars in Aries would be ready to take on conflict and sprint forward without waiting for others to catch up, however in Libra it is encouraged to cultivate more graceful manners, with a whole lot more diplomacy and strategy to creating alliances gathered around a common goal.





Mars in Libra



Launching overly assertive or aggressive campaigns during Mars in Libra is more likely to get one kicked out of the sandbox and sent to “the anger and manner management bootcamp”. It’s as if the collective soul and collective consciousness is more in tune with the art of teamwork and getting along.



Although, we can also see that the pressure to come to an agreement and compromise will likely come to a head between now and December 12th during the intense Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square of tremendous power to bring about a deep-reaching transformation and change.






Can we expect some overreactions during this time?






It helps though that Mars is in a strategic Libra during this, sometimes difficult to manage, transit.




How we manage our own power and our own energy in December will be a critical contribution to our and the lives of those we are connected to.





Nonetheless, it is easier to compromise during this time when working together to put aside our differences and reach a common goal, and with these very potent alignments in the next few weeks.



Shall we dare hope to co-create a historic palpable shift in our consciousness?





Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer






You mean what is the purpose of life- It is Joy. What is the reason for life- It is JoyWhat is the basis of life- It is FreedomWhat is the result of life- It is Expansion (1)

GEMINI FULL MOON of November 25, 2015 and the SACRED SQUARE of Saturn & Neptune – When the Training Wheels Disappear

The Full Moon in Gemini is here to support the fine-tuning of what we are here to master and teach:



how to best share our soul-aligned message that was seeded in the emotional depth of the Nov 11th Scorpio New Moon.



The Full Moon at 3° Gemini 20’ will be exact on November 25th at 5:45 pm EST.



It has been an intense month in the world.



Have you unearthed another layer of the “I can’t” resurfacing?



…mirroring the collective fear (and resulting pain) of what it means to be a foreigner, an outsider, or the misunderstood one?



The Full Moon is delivering the message of the sacred boundaries/boundlessness represented by the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square, now loud and clear.


The sacred square will be intensely in effect until December 5th, but felt throughout December.



It is time to embrace the paradoxes in your life that allow you to ask some really heart-expanding questions.  And to ask those unlearned questions beyond the self-limiting view of your own immediate reality.


“Both will bring to the surface many fears, phobias, and numbing addictions that are ready to shift, so that we can see them for what they appear to be.”





Saturn respects morals and ethics, hierarchies, boundaries, rules, regulations, and also lawmakers and limitations!



Neptune simply says: All is One. There is only energy. Go beyond I. Where I becomes We. And beyond beyond. Nothing is constant but ever-changing. There is flow. And everything in between.



Saturn will help bring a reality check to any dream (or really to the fear and the excuse behind it) that has been afraid for too long.



Think of the specific life dreams that you have put on hold because of “not feeling ready” or “not having enough” (time, energy, money).



Neptune helps erode and wear down every unbending belief that is evolutionary outdated.



Saturn will hold accountable many magical stories (and wishes) that have no solid grounding and firm footing in your existing reality.



Neptune softens any rigidity that has hardened in a dogmatic and judgemental attitude of self-importance (Saturn in Sagittarius).



Both will bring to the surface many fears, phobias, and numbing addictions that are ready to shift, so that we can see them for what they appear to be:



our own past-borne stories of “I can’t” packaged into the excuses of “I won’t”.




You mean what is the purpose of life- It is Joy. What is the reason for life- It is JoyWhat is the basis of life- It is FreedomWhat is the result of life- It is Expansion (1)





Don’t Forget to Question Your “Fear Guru”



This is the time when we will be challenged to release our co-dependency to anything (that promises to bring false security) outside of us.



If we desperately hold onto, or attempt to compulsively control the sense of false security, we may see those artificial safety structures around us suddenly dissolving.



Or we may proactively choose to let go of the training wheels and safety nets that no longer serve the highest growth.



Seek to go directly to Source within for inspiration.



Allow in what supports an expanded view of your reality.



Release whatever supports a limited fearful view of the world.



Ask:  What does one need to believe deep down in order to choose to make oneself wrong (and believe someone else more)?



And release…









When That Which We Absolutely Believe No Longer Works



Beliefs have a purpose, to keep the existing reality in place.



But what happens when you desire to change the existing reality?



Then we need to release one belief and replace it with another.



Let’s release a fear-based program.



Such as any self-defeating views of the world (e.g. I am unlucky, I am a victim of my unlucky circumstances; it is fate; the world is doomed to suffer).



You are meant to challenge your inner world as you know it.



To evolve beyond what you have been taught.



And to grow faith in life.


24856096_woman holding the sun_BB





Giving Back in a Big Way



This month we are invited to give back most abundantly, and to do that while letting go of the egoic need to compulsively advertise our good deeds.



Whatever you had given in service monthly, shared, contributed, given back in the past, let’s double or triple that for December 2015.



In my Astrological Timing Keys audio for October-December, I suggested launching significant projects earlier in November rather than later in December…



…unless you are putting out tons of free offers.



For most of November and December, we will have several planets hanging out in the not-so-comfortable territories – in the signs completely opposite of their natural rulership and very foreign to their natural affinities, thus very very very mind-and-heart expanding to their comfort and familiarity zones:



Jupiter in Virgo since August 2015, Venus in Scorpio as of December 5th, Mars in Libra since November 12th, and Mercury in Sagittarius November 20th-December 9th.



This is a highly-transformational time for our personal and collective growth.



We are invited to stretch ourselves to the greatest depth of our human experience, to the new unfamiliar dimensions where we get to truly understand what it means to be overcoming, yet to be of service and not attached to the outcome, while continually growing:



what it means to be a foreigner



or an outsider




…for a moment, or two, before you finally release your resistance to growth, towards your full self-realization, richness of experience, highest potential and joy, most abundant and exalted path of service, while continually developing a new and better comfort zone  :)



…as an infinite being of light that you are!





Are you willing?







Milada Sakic



Transformational Teacher

Healer & Astrologer